I have previously written about my enthusiasm for Laura Mercier’s Spring 13 collection. I like pink, and it dominates the collection’s colour palette.

I have to admit, I love a good pink lip; but it is surprisingly hard to find: many are too frosted, too peach or brown, and some just don’t look right. Laura Mercier’s newest offering is pretty bang-on. It is a sheer pink-peach which applies smoothly and lasts for around 2 hours on me. It does feel slightly drying, but I combat this with a smear of Korres lip butter.

My one little gripe with this product is the packaging. The lipstick comes in a slick dark brown metal tube, the corners of mine have already lost colour after about 3 days, meaning my tube is looking a little battered already.

Despite this I can see the colour becoming one I reach for throughout the warmer months, when I need a lip-colour which looks natural but better!

Lipstick £18.50



I had seen a lot about the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm on other blogs, and the idea of a cleansing balm sounded like what I needed. With all the wintry weather my skin has become dry, and even more sensitive than usual – my regular foaming cleansers seemed a little too harsh to use on a daily basis.

This cleansing balm, however, is a dream. With a soft consistency and the most wonderful scent (courtesy of the moringa oils) this little pot cleansed my skin without stripping it, meaning it has quickly become a favourite. The formula is softer than other balms I have tried, meaning that it sinks into the skin easy and doesn’t leave any sort of film.

Not only this, but the face cloth which accompanied it was heavenly – linen on one side and fluffy on the other, I felt like I could give myself my own little spa treatment!

The cleansing balm is priced at £34.00 for 100ml and is available at



I have to admit I was excited to try the Laura Mercier offering of baked mineral eye shadows. Who wouldn’t be? A girly mix of taupes, blues and pink seemed the perfect way to tweak my everyday makeup into a more spring-like palette.

The shadow colors don’t exactly re-invent the wheel, and frankly, I’m ok with that. I am a taupe shadow addict – at least 95% of my numerous shadows and palettes are brown, the rest are black; I am really not adventurous when it comes it color.

Back to the palette in question, the palette holds six shadows which can be used dry or wet depending on the intensity, and for day, used dry, this palette is pretty perfect. For day I like to layer the lighter taupe with the darker brown for liner, with touch of the blue shadow for emphasis. The lighter blue and pink however are languishing in their respective corners – they are a touch too frosted for my liking.

The palette comes with a double ended brush – this is my highlight of the product – both ends are bristle and are a shadow and liner brush. I do wish more high-end palettes would follow Laura Mercier’s lead – nothing ruins the experience of a new Chanel or Dior palette more than those dinky little sponge applicators tumbling out.

In short, the palette is a fun buy – cute colours and a lovely brush make for a pleasant purchase, but if you own similar colours you don’t need to splash the cash.

The Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow Palette is priced at £30

Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum*

Even though I’m still pretty young, the importance of skincare has been impressed on me from an early age, and I have tracked the rise of serum popularity quite keenly.

With the horrific weather my skin has become quite dry, and even more sensitive than normal. Rather than loading up on extra creams, I felt it was finally time to dip my toe in the serum pool.

Eve Lom’s offering is very impressive – thicker than others I have tried, and has no scent. The bottle has a dropper which allows for easy application and stops me taking too much. Not only this, but the bottle is slick – all shiny white with gold lettering. It makes me want to reach for it morning and night.

And the results? Buh bye dry skin, my face feels soft and balanced, and my skin tone has definitely improved. I need less makeup and it applies better than normal.

The serum is really wonderful and a great gateway into the Eve Lom brand.

Intense Hydrating Serum is priced at £75 and available here (UK) and here (US)


The Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh was one of those places which I wanted to check out, but had never really gotten round to going to. So, when I was invited to check out their new Valentines package I jumped at the chance. The spa use Eve Lom, Natura Bisse, and Aromatherapy Associates products, so I knew I would be in for a good time!


The hotel is situated in ‘Old Town’ Edinburgh – think castles, medieval streets and shops which sell impressive amounts of tartan, so parking was a little worry for me, but the hotel provides a valet service, which was most appreciated as it was really disgusting weather when I drew up. The doorman, complete in Missoni kilt greeted me at the doors, and knew my name (always impressive!) and was super lovely, showing me up to the spa on the hotel’s second floor and taking my keys. The hotel itself is super fun – the lobby is all graphic stripes and bold colours – not like anything else in the city.


I was a little early, but Zoe, my therapist was ready for me, and talked me through the treatment and let me change into one of the fun housecoats and slippers which were waiting in the changing rooms. The decor of the spa isn’t like anything I have seen before – like the hotel itself, Missoni stripes dominate, with bright greens and blues, but don’t worry, it makes for a surprising but fun experience. Before and after treatments, guests can make use of a relaxation room with drinks, snacks and magazines on hand allowing you to linger and fully relax.

So, onto the treatment itself. I was led into the smaller of the treatment rooms which was filled with candles, lovely and cosy, and sat on a stool whilst enjoying a foot soak and foot and leg scrub. The products were chamomile and spearmint scented and left my legs and feet soft and moisturized, then it was time to hop up on the (heated) massage table.

Asking for a hard massage, I was not disappointed – this is one of the best massages I have had – ever. Using Ylang Ylang and Rose oils (this is a Valentines treatment after all) I was kneaded into submission. Not knots were left out in the full body massage. It was blissful. Starting on my neck and back (my tight spots) and then moving onto my legs and arms, there wasn’t a bit of me which felt neglected. And after the main event, Zoe moved onto an Indian head massage using Jasmine oils on my face and neck. This meant it felt as if I had a bit of a facial as well, as all the oils felt thick and luxurious, and left me feeling moisturized rather than sticky, which is sometimes the case.

After 90 minutes I was in heaven, and basically asleep. I floated back into the relaxation area and enjoyed some cucumber water then (reluctantly) got changed. You see, the experience doesn’t end here. As I was leaving I was given the cutest gift, an Aromatherapy Associates box with essential oils for day and night – these are usually reserved for couples which book the treatment together, and are a really adorable way to continue the experience. Not only this, but there is a cocktail which is included in the package – white chocolate and vermouth, which I had opted to have down in the hotel bar. As I got down there the bartender apologized for not having one of the cocktail’s ingredients – to be honest this was probably a good thing, I was basically comatose from the massage, and I’m not sure vermouth is a tired girl’s best friend when trying to negotiate Edinburgh’s crazy road system.



Instead I opted for a non-alcoholic option – to be honest I can’t remember the name – but it consisted of fresh peaches and yoghurt, and it was a yummy way to end a wonderful morning of pampering. The hotel is definitely the city’s trendiest spot, and the staff were all really accommodating and helpful.  As for the Valentines package – grab a partner and run to the spa – seriously! It was genuinely one of the best massages I have ever had!

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