When I went to visit Margaret Dabbs’ salon in Alderley Edge (review here) I could not take my eyes off the collection of polishes. Rainbows of every shade imaginable were sprinkled throughout the salon, and each of the colours were prettier than the next.


Packaged in gorgeous gold-capped bottles, my shades, Peony and Larkspur are absolutely glorious for summer. I love the pink and purple shades – they look fabulous as a mani and pedi combo – especially with a tan!


The consistency of the polishes is dreamy – it goes on smoothly, and it’s almost opaque in a single coat. Two coats gives the perfect finish – rich colour, fast drying and a serious shine. You can even get away without wearing a top coat if you’re in a rush!


The polishes’ wear time is also incredible – I got four full days prior to any tip wear, and six days before I had a chip. For someone with nails as awful as mine, this is incredible! I used the polish for a pedicure over a week ago, and they’re still absolutely perfect!

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polishes are £14.00 and are available here.



When it comes to summer makeup, Bobbi Brown has your back. With a line up filled with perfect bronzers, subtle highlights and juicy glosses, the brand is basically the only thing you’ll want to wear in hot weather.


Packaged identically to the brand’s iconic Foundation Stick, is the new Glow Stick. Available in a choice of eight shades, ranging from champagne (Beach Babe) to deep eggplant (Island Plum) every skin tone is going to be able to find a Glow Stick to suit!


Mine, Sunkissed, is a golden-toned tan, which is perfect for adding a subtle beauty glow to both makeup and bare skin. After I’ve applied my regular foundation and a bit of bronzer, a little of the Glow Stick pressed into my cheekbones  gives a believable glow.


Applied to eyes, it’s a great alternative to cream eyeshadows, and I love the subtle finish. The Glow Sticks have a beautifully smooth consistency, and they can be easily built up if you want a stronger finish. They also last all day long, so if you’re headed out in the evening, you can add some glow in the morning and know it will still be kicking around for after-work drinks.

Bobbi Brown Glow Sticks are priced at £26 and are available here (UK) and here (US)



What would you say if I told you that you could now buy a serum which was tailored specifically to your skincare needs? No more hovering around beauty counters smearing numerous creams on the back of your hand, no more guessing, and no more half-full pots littering your drawers. Sounds too good to be true, but the stunning Wilmslow MediSpa has made it reality with their new Universkin treatment.


I popped down to the spa a couple of weeks back to give the whole process a go, and I have to say, I’m absolutely obsessed! The Wilmslow Medispa is one of the few places in the entire country where you can get your hands on Universkin. The spa itself is something of a local hot spot, and it offers a whole range of treatments, from skincare to fillers.


The spa itself is an absolute dream – all white and crystal, there is even a fish tank underneath the reception desk! IT’s got to be the most glamorous spot to take care of yourself, and I’m already plotting what my next trip will be for!


My visit was to try out the new Universkin service, and honestly it couldn’t be easier. After sitting down with a cup of tea, I was given a questionnaire. A comprehensive look into every aspect of my skin and my routine questions ranged from how my skin reacts in the sun to which products I use on a daily basis.


Most importantly, the form asks you what you’d most like to address with your skin – for me, I wanted to tackle hydration and redness. Then the spa whip up a serum which is perfectly tailored to you. It feels seriously bespoke, and I love the way that you can adjust each supplementary bottle depending on the season and how you’re feeling. The whole service only lasts 40 minutes too!

Universkin serum starts at £95 and you can find out more about Wilmslow MediSpa here



When it comes to beauty trends, I don’t think anything has been more popular than the matte lip. I’ve never properly gotten to grips with the liquid lipsticks which seem to have taken over – they always feel too drying or too gloopy, so when I got my hands on a tube of Le Metier De Beaute’s Moisture Matte Lipstick it felt meant to be!


Packaged in a chick little dinky bullet, the Moisture Matte Lipstick falls somewhere between balm, stain and regular lipstick. Available in 16 shades which range from nudes to inky violets – there is a colour for everyone.


Mine, La Vie en Rose is a stunning baby pink. The perfect hint of colour for those days when you want to look natural, but still pulled together, it’s also great for nights when you’re rocking a slightly soccer eyeshadow. Applied straight from the tube, it gives licks an opaque lick of colour, or dabbed on with a finger, it gives a gentler stain.


With a formula as smooth and comfortable as this one, it’s no surprise that this has quickly become a real favourite. It feels nourishing and smooth to wear, and never feels drying like the other matte formulas I’ve tried.

Le Metier De Beauté Moisture Matte Lipstick is priced at £26 and is available here



At this time of year, I kind of feel the need to update my daily scent. The light citruses I’ve been wearing all season don’t feel quite enough, but I’m still far away from the heavier notes of my winter perfumes. So when Floris sent over their Night Blooming Jasmine Eau de Toilette, it felt like kismet.


The perfume feels seriously old school, and similarly luxe. It looks beautiful on my dressing table, and it smells even better! Inspired by a Floris scent from 1906, Night Blooming Jasmine is a lighter way to enjoy a white-flower fragrance.


When first applied, you get a huge whoosh of jasmine and orange blossom. It’s the perfect day scent thanks to how clean and soapy it feels. It smells clean rather than ‘perfume-y’ and it’s one of those fragrances where people tell you that you smell good, rather than ask what you’re wearing.


As Night Blooming Jasmine dries down, the notes of gardenia (my all-time favourite) as well as jasmine and narcissus become more noticeable. As the day goes on, you get wafts of white flower, and it smells absolutely glorious. Floris also offers the scent as a Bath & Shower Gel and a Moisturiser – it’s the most decadent way to layer up a fragrance for maximum wear time!

Floris Night Blooming Jasmine Eau de Toilette is priced at £75 and is available here



When it comes to cleansing balms, I don’t think you can find one much more iconic than Eve Lom’s original. It revolutionised skincare when it came out , and I can remember being baffled at the need for special muslins back when I explored the shelves of Scotland’s original store in Glasgow. Since then I’ve kept a jar of the stuff handy. It’s what I turn to whenever my skin is feeling a little sensitised, and now Eve Lom have released a new version of the stuff – a Gel Balm Cleanser.


The new take on the balm comes packaged in a sleek pump-top tube. It’s marketed as a lighter version of the classic – an option for mornings, or perhaps post-gym. A single pump massaged into skin with warm water gives the balm a light, milky consistency, and it has the same beautiful herbal scent as the original.


Unlike it’s older sister, the Gel Balm cleanser doesn’t feel like a ritual to use – it’s faster and easier, and you can use it in the shower. Despite this, it doesn’t feel any less indulgent to use, and skin still feels heavenly. It can dissolve even waterproof makeup, and it’s super moisturising, thanks to its Shea Butter base. It’s such a welcome addition to my skincare regime – and for now, it’s available exclusively at SpaceNK.

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser is priced at £45 and is available here



When it comes to bad habits, I am the worst at picking at my fingers. I do it subconsciously; when I’m on the phone, if I’m a bit nervous or stressed or if I’m just not really thinking about it. Ive tried to stop myself – my main line of defence has been regular nail appointments with Buff CS, but on a daily basis, I also like to keep a great hand cream handy.


My newest favourite is Tisserand’s Neroli & Sandalwood. A nourishing cream which feels rich without being sticky. As you might expect from the brand, the hand cream is filled with pure essential oils which are designed to be both soothing and uplifting. The mix of Sandalwood and Neroli feel like I’m visiting a spa, whilst aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba soothe and moisturise skin.

Tisserand Neroli and Sandalwood The Hand Cream is priced at £7.95 and is available here.



When it comes to beauty tools, no brand comes close to Tweezerman. I’ve had a few pairs kicking about my makeup bags since before I knew tweezing your eyebrows was a ‘thing’. I’ve gone through hundreds of the designs – I’ve had candy canes, skulls, hearts and even leopards print, but in an effort to feel a touch more adult, I’ve been on the look out for something a little more refined.


So when I caught sight of Tweezerman’s new Rose Gold Slant Tweezers I knew I had to have them. Brushed metal, these look super sleek, and feel lighter than the tweezers I’ve tried before. They’re super easy to handle, and they make jobs like keeping eyebrows in check an absolute dream.


If you’re looking to update your toolkit, there is a whole rose gold range which include a magnifying mirror, eye lash curler and even a makeup bag!

Tweezerman Rose Gold Slant Tweezers are priced at £22.95 and are available here (UK) and here (US)



When it comes to phone covers, makeup bags, and anything else I can get away with adding a little bit of whimsy, I usually end up at Skinny Dip. The brand have some of the cutest, kitschiest, glitteriest bits imaginable, and to be honest, who doesn’t love a sparkly phone?

So, when I saw that they had teamed up with cult favourite Carmex, I knew I had to get my hands on a tub! There are two designs to choose from; the original formula is swatted in ice lollies, whilst mine, the cherry flavour, has cherries all over the lid. There is no change to what’s inside – it’s still the balm that we all know and love. Now it’s just in an even cuter packaging!

Carmex X Skinny Dip balms are priced at £3 each and are available here.



I’ve always been a bit of a lipgloss queen. At school I collected them in the top pocket of my blazer, and I’ve always got one or two on my at any time (even if I do tend to favour a lip balm on a daily basis). So, I was intrigued when Too Faced released a whole new line of glosses.


Bucking the whole matte lip trend, the Melted Latex glosses are all about the shine. It’s not a subtle sheen either, it’s a full-on slick which you can really build up having a glass-like shine. It’s a fun concept, and one which I’m kind of in love with!


Since they’re marketed as being super shiny, I thought that the Melted Latex glosses would be seriously sticky. Thankfully though, they’re nothing of the sort. Too Faced have worked some sort of magic to make these feel more balmy to apply. There is no discernible scent (surprising from the brand), but the gloss is smooth and even to apply – with the colour staying opaque, even from a single coat.


The first shade I tried was Hopeless Romantic. It’s a warm-toned browny neutral which looks sleek and pulled together. There are 16 shades to choose from, which run the gamut from subtle nudes to the most stunning vampy reds and purples. There is even a take on the iconic Unicorn Tears (a stunning shimmery blue) if you’re feeling adventurous enough!

Too Faced Melted Latex Lipgloss is priced at £19 and is available here (UK) and here (US)



I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to buy indulgent bathroom treats, I tend to focus on bath products. Bubbles, soaks and bombs, I’m all over them, but products for the shower? Somewhat less. Despite the fact I hop in every morning and most nights, I usually keep my most boring products in there. So, when Jo Malone sent over their new Exfoliating Shower Gel, in one of my favourite scents, Lime Basil & Mandarin, it felt meant to be!


Packaged in the brand’s signature sleek tubes, the Exfoliating Shower Gel is absolutely everything you’d hope it to be. A rich foaming gel, which smells incredible – it’s just the thing to wake me up on early mornings. There are a choice of three of the brand’s most popular fragrances: Pomegranate Noir if you’re feeling dramatic, Geranium & Walnut, or my favourite Lime Basil & Mandarin. The exfoliating particles leave skin feeling soft and smooth without being too harsh, and, if you’re feeling particularly ritzy, you can even follow up with a slick of the matching body creme!

Jo Malone Exfoliating Shower Gel is priced at £30 and is available here (UK) and here (US)