Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set*


I’m a big believer in getting your base right, and then everything else will follow. It’s true in most things, but especially in makeup. Start off with a streaky or blotchy base, and there’s no way your makeup is going to look right! So, with that in mind, Real Techniques have released a limited edition Ultimate Base Set.


The set contains the trio of tools necessary for perfecting your base – the much loved miracle complexion sponge, expert face brush and a deluxe concealer brush.


I’ve never tried a Real Techniques sponge before, and I’m not really too sure why. It feels soft and firm to the touch, and it expands when damp, feeling a little springier than when dry. It applies foundation smoothly, leaving me with a medium coverage, and it doesn’t soak up too much product either!


To be honest, I was a little apprehensive before using the Expert Face Brush. It’s described as extra firm, and I’m never really a foundation-brush fan. Usually it takes me an age to buff foundations in using the regular ones, but this one has completely changed my mind! Super soft acrylic bristles don’t soak up my foundations, and I only need a pump or two each morning. The brush doesn’t leave any sort of brush marks in my makeup, and leaves me with the perfect level of natural-looking coverage.


Last up is the Deluxe Concealer Brush – another tool I had no idea I needed! At the moment, I’m pretty lucky in the fact I’m only wearing Diorskin Star concealer under my eyes (review here) I’ve upped my green tea consumption, and I’m sure it’s made a difference to my skin! So, after applying a light base, I paint on the concealer-triangle under my eyes, then use the Deluxe Concealer Brush to buff everything in. It feels so soft, and doesn’t pull or tug on my delicate eye area. Instead, it just erases dark circles, leaving me ready for a dusting of bronzer and a slick of liner and mascara and I’m good to go!

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set is priced at £20.99 and is available here (UK) and similar here (US)

Real Techniques Cheek & Lip Set*


Real Techniques is one of those brands that I hadn’t really tried out until relatively recently, but I’m now somewhat obsessed by! If you’ve not come across them yet, head over to your nearest Boots or Superdrug, who will undoubtably have some and you can start your collection too! They’re the brainchild of top beauty bloggers Pixiwoo (otherwise known as Samantha and Nicole Chapman) and it’s not an understatement to say that over the past few years, they’ve really taken the world by storm!


Slowly but surely I’ve been creating something of a collection, so when I saw the Cheek & Lip kit I couldn’t resist. Consisting of a big fluffy powder brush, a contour brush and dinky lip brush, the trio is a real workhorse which you can reach for every morning.


The Cheek Brush is an exclusive addition to the set, and it’s the thing that your brush-dreams are made of! First off, the size is absolutely perfect if you like to sweep your bronzer or blush on. The bristles feel super soft, and fan out to effortlessly apply bronzers and blushes in a believable wash of colour. I’ve been using the brush for bronzer application (so not just on my cheeks) and I’ve really fallen in love. It doesn’t shed bristles and it’s so comfortable to use. The kit is worth it’s weight in gold for this brush alone!


The contour brush is probably the one I was most excited to try from the kit. I’ve not had a dedicated contour brush before, so the idea itself feels novel, and Real Techniques makes my most-used highlight brush, so I had super high expectations. The contour brush is a duo-fibre one, so the base of the brush is made from shorter, more densely packed bristles, whilst it ends in longer, super soft fibres. The brush makes contouring ridiculously easy, I swirl the brush in my contouring shade, apply a little under my cheekbones, around my chin and a little to my temples and around my hairline and I’m good to go. The brush leaves a soft, almost airbrushed effect which looks super natural. You’re not left with a dirty looking smudge, instead, it’s just a pretty and believable amount of definition.


Last up is the lip brush, which, if you’re loving a defined, matte lip this season, it’s your must-have tool. The fibres of the brush are pleasingly firm, allowing you to easily control your lip colour, it’s absolutely invaluable for creating a perfect statement lip.

The Real Technique Cheek & Lip Set is priced at £19.99 and is available here.

HD Brows Angled Brow Brush*


When I went to Holly Blue’s open evening a few weeks ago, as well as having a fabulous time meeting Gemma and learning all about the salon (it’s a perfect little Edinburgh jewel box, which has quickly become my nail go-to), we were very kindly sent off brandishing goodie bags packed full of some of my favourite goodies. If you follow my instagram (I’m here) I gave you a sneak peek, but one of the many gems in there was this HD Brows angled brush. I’m currently in that awkward in-between, growing my brows out phase which just looks a little all over the place. So, in an effort to clean everything up a bit, I’ve been contentiously using this along with my much-loved UD Brow Box (here), and the brush has quickly become a favourite. The bristles are perfectly stiff, so applying brow powder is an absolute breeze. The brush lets me define my brows easily, leaving the perfect amount of product on them, and the stiff texture means that it’s easy to control, meaning I don’t get left with scarily dark brows!


Gift Guide: Real Techniques Eyelining Set*

Real Techniques Eyelining Set

Now that we’re in the run-up to Christmas, I’ve been falling in love with a whole host of eyeshadow palettes. I’ve got my posts on them coming up, but something that’s been really important in me getting the most out of my new acquisitions has been the Real Techniques Eyelining Set.

Real Techniques Eyelining Set 1

The set features four must-have brushes complete with an adorable little silver pouch to keep them in. If you’re a big eye makeup person, it’s a real investment product!

Real Techniques Eyelining Set 6

On a daily basis, I don’t tend to use the silver pouch, but it’s incredibly handy to have if I need to do my makeup away from home. Each of the brushes just slot in, and then the flap keeps every safe and tidy.

Real Techniques Eyelining Set 4

First up is the Pointed Eyeliner Brush, a wonderful little brush if you’re a fan of a softly defined eye look. The bristles are long and flat, meaning that it’s super easy to control, and it’s a great option for days when I want to use a gel liner.

Real Techniques Eyelining Set 2

The Precision Liner Brush might just be the dinkiest in my collection. The super defined shape coupled with the point means that it creates the perfect line. It’s a real perfectionist’s tool, and if you’re a fan of a cat eye or flick, this is the brush for you!

Real Techniques Eyelining Set 3

I tend to use the Angled Eyeliner Brush for filling in my eyebrows, as it creates a really great, natural look. The bristles are lovely and stiff, and the brush picks up the perfect amount of pigment.

Real Techniques Eyelining Set 5

Last up is possibly my favorite from the lineup – the Smudge Brush. It’s a small, densely packed C shaped brush which is really wonderful for creating a smudge-y smokey eye. I love to dip it in a darker shade and push it into my lash line for a casual look.

The Real Techniques Eyeliner Set is priced at £19.99 and is available here

Kiko Cosmetics Midnight Siren Face Brush*

Kiko Cosmetics Midnight Siren Face Brush

I’ve been falling in love with Kiko’s new makeup releases – the themes they come up with are incredibly beautiful, and their newest, Midnight Siren, is no different.

Kiko Cosmetics Midnight Siren Face Brush 1

Packaged in an absolutely adorable dinky little black chin mail pouch is the Face Brush. With a stunning black pearl base, the face brush is a dream to use, with the softest, densely packed two-toned bristles you can imagine, it’s the perfect brush to use for bronzers and finishing powders.

Kiko Cosmetics Midnight Siren Face Brush 2

Thanks to the size of the brush, you only need a few swipes to cover your face and neck, and it distributes powders perfectly evenly! I’m just obsessed with how pretty it is!

Kiko’s Midnight Siren Face Brush is priced at $17 and is available here

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