Gift Guide: Philosophy Pure Grace Gift Set*

Philosophy Full of Grace Gift Set 4

Ok, we’re hitting the countdown until Christmas, so, if you’re still looking for a lovely little something to leave under the tree tomorrow, I’m not sure you can do better that Philosophy’s stunning Pure Grace Gift Set. Bonus? It even comes complete with a  bow!

Philosophy Full of Grace Gift Set 3

As if the stunning white and silver box wasn’t pretty enough. Once you get inside, the box comes with everything you need to smell absolutely divine! Containing a bottle of shower gel, jar of body lotion and a bottle of eau de toilette, all in the iconic Pure Grace scent, the gift set is such a treat for a much loved family member (or perhaps, for yourself!)

Philosophy Full of Grace Gift Set

I absolutely love having luxurious shower gels like this Pure Grace one. It’s such a treat, and it definitely makes my mornings feel easier! The scent is so fresh and clean, and I just think it feels like such a treat to start the day off smelling so fresh!

Philosophy Full of Grace Gift Set 2

Once I’m out of the shower, I love applying a good handful of the Pure Grace Whipped Body Creme. Again, it smells absolutely beautiful, and my winter-dry skin completely drinks the formula up. The whipped texture means that it feels light enough to apply each morning, and I just adore the way it delicately scents my skin.

Philosophy Full of Grace Gift Set 1

Last up in the trio is the bottle of Pure Grace Eau de Toilette. Since the fragrance is so light and fresh, it’s absolutely perfect for wearing during the day. It’s so lovely and soapy clean, if you’re facing a grotty commute in the new year (and I know I am) a couple of spritzes of Pure Grace keep me feeling fresh all day!

You can find the gift set here.


Arran Aromatics – Fill Your Boots Velvet Isle*

Arran Aromatics Fill Your Boots Velvet Isle 1

I think Arran Aromatics are completely hitting it out of the park this year. They’ve got easy gift giving down, and an absolutely adorable option is their ‘Fill Your Boots’ gift sets.

Arran Aromatics Fill Your Boots Velvet Isle

Packaged up in an adorable little stocking which I’m going to be pulling out year after year. It’s an adorable little red and white number, and it’s the complete embodiment of Christmas!

Arran Aromatics Fill Your Boots Velvet Isle 2

Inside is absolutely packed with goodies. Mine were from the Velvet Isle collection which smells almost tropical, with notes of coconut, honeyed fruits and velvety greens, it’s the perfect way to fight off the winter chill. The stocking contains everything you need for a wonderfully indulgent shower – the bath & shower gel is a stunning violet and smell completely divine!

Arran Aromatics Fill Your Boots Velvet Isle 5

The Enriching Soap is a gorgeous moisturising hunk for the shower. It foams up beautifully, and leaves skin feeling so soft – which is super important at this time of year!

Arran Aromatics Fill Your Boots Velvet Isle 3

For after you pop out of the shower, there is a bottle of Arran Aromatics’ gorgeous Body Lotion. It’s texture is the perfect for applying in the mornings – it sinks into skin super easily without feeling sticky or gummy. Instead, my skin just feels super soft, and it leaves a wonderful veil of scent.

Arran Aromatics Fill Your Boots Velvet Isle 4

Last up with the Hand and Nail Cream which has been a permanent fixture in my handbag since it came through the door! It’s a wonderfully rich and nourishing cream, which is just what my hands need in the cold weather. Again, the scent is really beautiful, and it’s a great little gem to use throughout the day.

The Fill Up Your Boots Sampler is priced at £12.50 and is available here

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel*

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel

Over the past week or so, the weather has been absolutely crazy! One moment it’s pouring down with rain and then it’s grey, hot, and sticky. With all of these temperature changes, I can feel a little grim and grotty, which is why I’ve seriously been relying on what is possibly my favourite shower gel – Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante. This is the cleanest and zestiest way to start the morning, and it feels so luxurious to use. You only need to use the tiniest little squirt, and you get mountains and mountains of the most glorious scented bubbles which leave your skin feeling perfectly soft and refreshed. Every morning, using Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel also leaves my bathroom smelling incredible – it’s still scented with the citrus notes hours after I’ve showered, and I keep the experience going with a couple of squirts of Eau Dynamisante spray.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel is priced at £19.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US).

MOA Fortifying Bath Potion*

MOA Fortifying Bath Elixir

So, I’m not quite sure where all the good weather went, but at least the colder temperatures mean that I can fully enjoy MOA’s Fortifying Bath Elixir. Packaged in a cardboard tube decorated with the most darling illustrations, the Elixir is perfect if you want to enjoy a good soak!

MOA Fortifying Bath Elixir 1

I’m absolutely obsessed with the Fortifying Bath Potion – the mix of Peppermint, Fennel, and Fir Needle oils feels so restorative to soak in, and I love the overwhelmingly ‘green’ scent. I tend to pour about four cap-fulls into as hot a bath as possible and just lay back and breathe in the steam. It’s like a spa treatment, as I can feel all my muscles relaxing and even my airways feel cleared out. The herbal scent feels really restorative, and once I’m out of the bath, I feel incredibly clear-headed. I also sleep like a baby after using it, so win win!

MOA Fortifying Bath Potion is priced at  £27.50 and will be available soon.

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