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Now that I feel like we’re slipping into autumn (Starbucks are selling their PSLs after all) I’ve noticed that I’m back to lighting a candle or two in the evenings. It just makes everything feel that little bit cosier, plus I’m in the middle of Girl on the Train, so I’m taking a much needed hour or so every night to read it and relax a little. Having a candle lit in the background just makes everything feel that little bit nicer, and currently I’m in the middle of burning this gorgeous beast from Ishga.


Ishga are a wonderful Scottish skincare company, who incorporate Scottish seaweed into all of their products. I’ve been trying out some of their skincare, and absolutely loving it (of course I’ll be reviewing) so it’s not really a surprise about how much I’ve been liking the candle. Packaged in a chic, screw top jar, it’s got a gorgeously fresh, citrusy scent that feels lovely and uplifting. As the candle burns, it transforms from a solid to an oil, leaving the whole house smelling absolutely glorious!

The candle is going to be released soon, and will be available here.

Bomb Cosmetics Fleur Botanica & Vintage Velvet Candles*


Ok, so it might seem weird to be talking about candles during something of a heatwave, but I just love lighting one during the evening and relaxing in the scent. Two new favourites were sent over to me from Bomb Cosmetics, and I just had to share them with you!


Packaged in adorable little floral tins, the candles make the most perfect little presents, and I love to have a couple stashed in my drawer. Also, the fact that they have a lid means that the scent stays perfectly fresh, and have I mentioned that they’re absolutely adorable! I just love the little hearts that decorate the top – they make the candle look so pretty and really help them stand out from the competition!


The first scent I tried was Vintage Velvet which is described as truly luxurious and I couldn’t agree more! It’s a really high-end smelling candle with notes of musk, vanilla and woods which are lifted with rose and bergamot. Even though it sounds like quite a full on, heavy fragrance, it feels perfect for lighting on balmy evenings. I keep mine burning for 30-40 minutes and it gives the room such a gorgeous ambiance.


Fleur Botanica is the lighter, fresher fragrance of the two, and it’s just the thing if you’re looking for a super clean scent. The blue candle with the white hearts reminds me of fresh laundry for some reason, and I love how light the fragrance is! Notes of pineapple and lemon mix with grassy green notes as well as jasmine and lily. There is a subtle touch of white musk in there too, which gives the scent a real touch of luxe! I tend to burn this one during long afternoons where I want to relax a little and feel a little pampered. It’s the perfect accompaniment for some coffee and a great book!


Bomb Cosmetics tinned candles cost £7.99 each and are available here.

Arran Aromatics – Light Up the Season*

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season

When I was having a look around the new Arran Aromatics store (and simultaneously falling in love with everything lining the shelves), I was very kindly gifted the most festive of tins.

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 1

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 3

The exterior of the tin is the complete embodiment of the season – nutcrackers and bells are sprinkled all over it. I’ve already re-filled mine with Christmas cookies for all of our visitors!

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 4

Inside, it gets even better, as there are three Arran Aromatics candles tucked inside. The gift box is an absolute dream for people like me, who had never tried the brand’s candles before.

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 5

The scents are some of my absolute favourites – the votives are Ultimate Fig and Just Grapefruit, whilst the large, single wick candle is Bergamot and Geranium. Since I love my house feeling all warm and cosy, these candles arrived at the perfect time!

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season Fig

The first of the trio I tried, was the Ultimate Fig votive. The scent is heavenly – it’s a clear, one note fragrance which feels wonderfully luxurious to burn. The fig isn’t too fruity, but instead it just perfumes the room with a subtle fragrance which is just beautiful.

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season Just Grapefruit

The second votive is the Just Grapefruit scent, and it’s just so fresh, clean and fruity! I burnt mine during the all-too-short hours of sunshine as it’s a really wonderfully uplifting fragrance. I also love how dinky the votives are! They make layering scents incredibly easy, and they look adorable to boot!

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season Bergamot & Geranium

The large single wick candle in the trio is Bergamot & Geranium scented, and is absolutely heavenly! The mix of florals creates a fragrance which feels absolutely spa worthy to burn! It’s a really fresh, clean mix of flowers, and it burned cleanly and evenly, scenting my rooms perfectly!

The Light Up The Season set is an absolute winner of a gift! You can find it here for £28.00

Monu Spa Rejuvenating Candle*

Monu Spa Rejuvenating Spa Candle

I have to admit to being something of a candle-hoarder. I’ve got a box of them tucked away at the back of my closet, and I just work my way through them. Something I’ve never tried though, despite my rather numerous collection is a Massage Candle, so when this little Monu beauty appeared, I was rather intrigued!

Monu Spa Rejuvenating Spa Candle 1

Packaged in a handy little tin, all you have to do is light the candle like normal, then wait 10-15 minutes as the wax melts into a gloriously rich massage oil. Once you have enough, you just blow out the flame, and carefully pour into your hands, or onto the area you want to massage. I love how simple yet effective the premise is, and since the oil has been freshly melted, it’s wonderfully warm, which makes your massage feel perfectly spa like (and your muscles will thank you!).

Monu Spa Rejuvenating Spa Candle 3

I received the Rejuvenating fragrance which is a glorious blend of jasmine and yang-ylang. I love the subtle scent which intensifies with the heat of the flame, and one enough oil has melted, not only do I have a perfect massage oil, but the whole room smells heavenly too!

Monu Spa Rejuvenating Spa Candle 2

As if the scent wasn’t glorious enough, Monu have enriched the formula with Vitamin E, which makes it perfect if you’re giving yourself an at-home mani or pedi. One little trick I like to do, is give myself something of a cheat’s paraffin manicure. Once enough oil has melted, I blow out the flame then dip my fingertips into the oil. Then I work the oil into my cuticles, dip them back in then sit back and let the formula harden slightly. The heat really works the oil deep into my skin, and I can just flake off whatever is excess. My hands always feel so soft after doing it!

Monu Spa Rejuvenating Candles are priced at £5.00 and are available here

ESPA Moments of Peace*

ESPA Moments of Peace

I know that it’s super cliched to keep on mentioning how quickly 2015 seems to be passing, but I just can’t help it! We’ve hit the middle of October, and even though my head is filled with ideas for pumpkins and candy corn, the beauty world is homing in on Christmas!

ESPA Moments of Peace 1

If you’re starting to think about what everyone is going to be lusting after come December, you won’t go far wrong with ESPA’s stunning Moments of Peace gift box. All wrapped up for you, in a seriously luxe purple box, a brushed glass bottle of ESPA  Body Oil and a dinky scented candle.

ESPA Moments of Peace body oil

The vial of Soothing Body Oil is just the most luxurious of products, and it’s perfect if you need to hide away from the worsening weather. The Moments of Peace collection features a glass vial of the oil, which is enough for a good number of applications.

ESPA Moments of Peace body oil 1

I absolutely adore how rich and nourishing the oil feels to apply, and my skin absolutely drinks it up! The delicate scent features notes of ylang-ylang, myrrh and frankincense, and it’s just a joy to apply!

ESPA Moments of Peace candle

The inclusion of the scented tea light is such a wonderful addition to the gift set – lighting it absolutely fills my room up with ESPA’s sandalwood, ylang-ylang, frankincense and myrrh fragrance. Every time I light the candle, I feel like I’m in a luxurious spa, and it’s such a joy to just sit back while it’s burning with a good book, and really relax!

ESPA’s Moments of Peace Gift Box is priced at £20.00 and is available here

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