Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Cologne*


When it comes to perfumes, Jo Malone tends to be my go-to. Their Orange Blossom cologne is one of my all-time favourites which I wear at least twice per week, so when I heard all about their brand new concoction, I was more than a little excited.


The mix of Neroli and Basil feels like it was made for me! Basil is one of my all-time favourite scents. I just adore how green and clean it smells. I use it all the time in the kitchen and I always wonder why it’s not used in more perfumes. In fact, it’s the first time there’s been Basil in a Jo Malone product since their iconic Lime, Basil and Mandarin.


Just as I had hoped, I fell absolutely in love with Basil & Neroli at first sniff. It’s one of those scents which makes you feel so fresh and clean to wear, and, more importantly, it smells like nothing else in my collection. At first, I get  a huge whoosh of green and basil. It has a gorgeous, almost unisex feel which feels incredibly elegant to wear.


Then, as the cologne warms up, the notes of Neroli become stronger. Anyone who’s spent two minutes on this site knows I’m into white flowers, and Neroli is one of my absolute favourites. It’s both soft and clean, yet it is noticeable. The mix feels unusual enough to stand out from the crowd whilst still feeling beautifully classic. My only gripe is that it’s not the longest lasting perfume in the world, but Jo Malone’s purse-sized bottles means that mid-day touchups are no big deal! I’ve actually bought one of the big bottles as I’m just so enamoured with it!

Jo Malone Basil & Neroli starts at £43 and is available here.

Lacoste L.12.12 Energized*


I feel like Lacoste are really killing the fragrance game these days. If, like me, your a fan of fragrances which smell clean and fresh, they’re definitely the brand for you! I love their male fragrances almost as much as their more feminine counterparts as they don’t feel too complicated to wear, not to mention that they fall squarely into ‘steal-from-your-boyfriend’ category of scents!


The L.12.12 Energized is a new take on the brand’s classic L.12.12 fragrance, with the addition of mint and ginger, L.12.12 Energized feels like it was made for summertime wear. Not to mention the pumped-up Lacoste gator, which has been transformed into a patchwork of flags, making the bottle feel like it was made to be used during this month’s Olympics.


Other than the supersized gator (and of course, the title, not much else has changed about the Lacoste packaging. It’s still a super chic white glass bottle, with the detailing on the side of the bottle as a nod to Lacoste’s iconic tennis shirts. Like the fragrance itself. the bottle is simple, fresh and clean, and really, what else do you need?


On the skin, L.12.12 Energized Edition just feels like a shower in a bottle. The top notes of mint and ginger smell so cooling and fresh – just the thing you want to wear on hot, sticky summer days! The heart note of tuberose might sound surprising for a male-oriented scent, but it rounds off the sharpness of the ginger ad mint, and gives it an over-all soapy quality. The base of vetivert really grounds the fragrance and gives is a clean, green quality. It also means that it lasts on the skin, keeping you smelling amazing all day long!

Lacoste L.12.12 Energized edition is priced at £30.08 (it’s on offer) here

Atkinsons 1799 Scilly Neroli*


When you first hear about a perfume house that was founded 217 years, it doesn’t really seem like the place to find your summer scent. But I have to say, I’ve only recently been introduced to Atkinsons 1799, and to say I’ve fallen in love is something of an understatement.


Their new Scilly Neroli eau de parfum was the first scent I was introduced to, and I’ve hardly worn anything else since it arrived. Packaged in a rather luxurious cardboard drawer, the whole box feels more like something to hold fine jewellery rather than perfume.


Inside is an absolute jewel of a bottle – the bottles are a hefty 100ml, complete with shining label and etched cap. The whole thing just feels wonderfully glamorous and grown up, and I feel like the packaging really adds a little magic to the scent.


As if the packaging wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, the scent is incredible too! Scilly Neroli is part of the brand’s Contemporary Collection, which includes seven different perfumes which have been designed to be modern takes on ingredients which are emblematic of Atkinsons 1799. I think it’s such a fun idea, as I just love the idea of an updated classic (also, I’m something of a history nerd, so the idea of wearing a perfume similar to something someone had during the Napoleonic Wars kind of gives me a kick).


The perfume itself just feels like summertime in a bottle. It’s described by the brand as ‘sea drenched’ and ‘sunlit’, and I have to say, I absolutely agree! When you first apply Scilly Neroli, there are serious citrus notes, coupled with petitgrain and a touch of salt. It’s such fresh, clean scent which straddles the lines of unisex. Honestly, this would smell as incredible on a guy as it does on me.


Then, as the parfum warms on the skin, it almost deepens into a more cologne-esque scent. The Neroli essence and orange blossom give a slight orange slant, which feels so clean and soapy – it feels so fresh to wear, and I just love the slightly fruity edge of the orange. It smells delicious, and it’s such a gorgeous, wearable scent, that it’s really tempted me into trying out more from the brand.

Atkinsons 1799 Scilly Neroli is priced at £120.00 and is available (I think exclusively) here.

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne*

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne

When it comes to fragrance, I’m something of a creature of habit. Even though I have a box stuffed full with the most gorgeous scents, I tend to rotate through the same through on a daily basis. One which has been a mainstay and a definite most-reached for has been Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom, which has to be up there among my favourite-ever perfumes. So, when I felt the need to change up my scents again I hot footed it to my nearest Jo Malone counters.

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne 1Even though I went in the hopes of finding something that was brand new, I ended up opting for one of the brand’s most iconic scents – the Grapefruit Cologne. It’s been one of those things I’ve wanted to try for what feels like forever, and now, just t the start of summer, it feels completely right! What I love about it, is how very clean it feels. At first, the cologne smells of grapefruit and orange. It’s zesty and fresh, and it feels like I’ve just stepped out of a citrus grove.

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne 2

Somewhat surprisingly for a citrus-based scent, Jo Malone’s Grapefruit Cologne is quite a complex one. As the cologne warms on the skin, subtle herbal notes of rosemary and mint become more obvious, and there is a touch of jasmine which gives the cologne a luxurious, almost soapy feel. It also wears beautifully well, as it dries down to the base notes of Oakmoss and Vetivert give a green, almost green base which feels beautifully unisex. I’ve become absolutely obsessed with the Grapefruit Cologne. It’s the perfume equivalent of a crisp white shirt, and I can’t wait to wear it throughout the summer!

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne is priced from £42 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

E. Coudray Iris Rose Perfume*


Ok, I know it’s not popular or fashionable, but I have to say, I adore Valentine’s day! From the glorious boxes of chocolates, to the luxurious bouquets of flowers dotted throughout the house, it’s a fun weekend to enjoy a little bit of luxury and pampering. To celebrate the weekend, I can’t think of a perfume better suited that E. Coudray’s Iris Rose Perfume.


Packaged in the most romantic of etched glass bottles, E. Coudray’s Iris Rose feels like it should be found on the dressing table of some terribly glamorous silent movie star. The fragrance itself is just as classic and opulent. A true rose fragrance, Iris Rose mixes top notes of Iris, Rose and Violet Leaves with heart notes of Rose, Iris Butter and Heliotrope. On the skin, the perfume smells richly floral, and I only need a couple of squirts to enjoy the almost powdery scent all day. It’s a truly special fragrance which I feel like I should enjoy on special evenings when I’m all done up! The base notes of Woods, Tonka Bean and Vanilla really round out the perfume, and give it an almost gourmand base.

E. Coudray’s Iris Rose is priced at £58.00 and is available here

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