Dinner at No. 11 Brunswick Street Brasserie*


I feel like Edinburgh has a whole lot of little gems, which I’m just finding, and one of those has to be No 11 Brunswick Street’s Brasserie. When I mentioned I was heading there after work, my colleagues had nothing but good things to say about it!


No 11 Brunswick St is a stunning, luxury hideout situated in one of Edinburgh’s iconic Georgian townhouses. It’s a touch down from the Edinburgh Playhouse, so if you’re after a spot for supper pre-theatre, you’ve got to check out the Brasserie.


The restaurant itself is in the front of the property, it has views out onto the street, and it’s a gorgeously intimate affair. Painted in deep charcoal grey, it’s the perfect canvas for the chandeliers and mirrors which glitter as the night gets darker, and it has to be one of the cosiest dining rooms in the city!


I went on a Friday evening, straight from work, and the welcome couldn’t have been warmer. We were shown to a table in the corner, right next to the window, and settled on two glasses of the House Red and got down to choosing what we wanted for supper. The wine was an absolute delight – rich and fruity – it was the perfect accompaniment for what was to come!


The menu is well sized with enough variations for everyone – the first appetiser we opted for were the Chilli and Coriander Fishcake Bites with tartare sauce (£7.00). A trio of crisp spheres arrived, coupled with a homemade tartare sauce. The bites were hot and crisp on the outside, and wonderfully fluffy within. Hunks of cod and salmon studded the bites, and the tartare sauce was wonderful – filled with capers and dill, it was a delicious update on a classic.


I opted for the Grilled Queen Scallops with Bernaise sauce (£7.00) which were just heavenly. The scallops, served on the shell, were soft and sweet, whilst the Bernaise sauce had just the right amount of vinegary bite.




When it came to mains, we both opted for the Fillet Steak (£28.00) with Red Wine Jus (£2.75). As you can probably tell, it was a wise choice. The Brasserie at 11 Brunswick Street really aim to serve as much local produce as possible, and the beef was just delightful. Rich in flavour, yet incredibly juicy and tender, we both agreed that it’s one of the best we’ve had in a long time. The Red Wine Jus was the perfect accompaniment – I don’t usually add sauces to steak, but this was a delight.


To go alongside the steaks, we shared three of the side dishes – it was a touch call, but we went for the Red Cabbage and Chilli Coleslaw (£3.00), Garlic Buttered Greens (£3.00) and Mascarpone and Parmesan Mash (£3.00). Honestly, the whole thing was perfection. The Coleslaw was light, and crunchy – just as it should be. The Garlic Buttered Greens were delicious – the garlic was light enough to let the freshness of the vegetables shine through, and the Mash was heavenly. We should have guessed, thanks to how light the Fish Cake appetiser was, but the potatoes were wonderfully creamy and flavourful. Exactly what you want to have alongside such a heavenly cut of meat!



Then, after giving ourselves a good while to ponder the dessert menu (and to digest the rather delicious meal) we both opted for the Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice cream (£5.50). I had wavered over the idea of Creme Brûlée, which, of course, sounded divine. But by this point it was pitch black outside, and the dining room was positively sparkling, and a cosy pudding sounded pretty much heavenly. What was served has to best the very best Sticky Toffee Pudding I’ve ever even thought about. With a swirl of homemade vanilla ice cream and doused in rich caramel sauce, the pudding came already crowned in pear soak in mulled red wine. The sponge was airy in texture, and incredibly moist. The sauce was incredibly moreish, and the ice cream just superb. It was the perfect way to end one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time. So then, after a pot of green tea, we positively bounced out of the dining room, full of wonderfully fresh, Scottish produce, promising to return soon.

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club at Harvey Nichols*

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 2

I’m sure like everyone in the run-up to summer, I’m far more aware than normal of what I’m eating and how much exercising I’m doing. As it goes, thanks to long hours in the office, I’m not in the gym as often as I would love to be, and as a result, I tend to grab a cup of Pret soup or a sandwich and call it a day. So it felt more than serendipitous when I was incredibly kindly invited the Madeleine Shaw’s Supper Club which was held on the store’s Forth Floor last Wednesday.

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols

Over the past month or so, Madeleine has been on a tour promoting her ‘Get the Glow’ cook book – it’s filled with delicious and healthy recipes which are perfect if you’re looking for meals which are as yummy as they are good for you. Before Wednesday, I hadn’t tried out any of Madeleine’s recipes, but after the awesomeness which was the meal, I had ordered it before I even got home! The night was one of the last of the tour, and it was a sold out event, and before Madeleine even got to introducing herself and the book you could feel how excited the room was to get stuck in!

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 6

Before everyone was let into the dining room, which was absolutely decorated, I got to meet Madeleine for a bit of a chat. She is an incredible advert for her recipes – all smiles and toned limbs, and we discussed what got her started on her healthy journey. After leaving school Madeleine travelled to Australia, and began to work cooking in a cafe. Like most of us, she was focused on counting calories and choosing low fat and fat free options – think diet cokes and rice cakes, and she developed a multitude of digestive issues. After consulting with multiple doctors, but having no luck, she really ‘cleaned up’ her diet, focusing on eating what was fresh and in season rather than what’s low calories. Protein plays a big part in Madeleine’s diet, and her cook book is filled with the most delicious and wholesome recipes which feature everything from great cuts of beef to detox smoothies. Throughout our chat, her enthusiasm and knowledge for the subject was seriously inspiring, and I learned how important a truly balanced diet is. Along with her nutritional knowledge, Madeleine is also a bit of a gym class buff, and regularly practices Pilates and Boxing, so I think I might be dusting off my gloves soon!

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 7

Once Madeleine took to the stage, you could just feel how excited everyone was to hear her tips and test out her recipes. The night’s menu featured sharing dishes of some favourite recipes, as well as just about the yummiest mix of cocktails and mocktails!

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 5

Even though I’m a bit of a drinks-lightweight, I couldn’t resist the passionfruit cocktail which mixed together two kinds of vodka with passionfruit and raspberry. It tasted heavenly and such an incredible drink for summer, the whole table commented on how easy they went down! For those being incredibly virtuous, or driving, there were strawberry mocktails, which although I didn’t try, looked delicious – all frosty glasses and pink puree!


The whole night, the entire dining room was buzzing with conversation, and the room itself was absolutely beautiful. If you’ve never visited Harvey Nichols’ Forth Floor before, you’re definitely missing out. The entire front of the restaurant is plate glass, and you can see the Edinburgh skyline, and the castle absolutely glowed in the evening light. The main courses were a fabulous mix of dishes with Thai beef salad, salt and pepper cashews, Spicy salmon, cucumber and yoghurt, Mexican BBQ-grilled corn and quinoa, chilli salsa and Green goddess salad. With the plates popped into the middle of the table, everyone oohed and ached over the choices, and we all had our favourites.

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 8

The Thai beef salad was to die for, with succulent strips of beef topping a crunchy salad, this felt like an awesome choice for a summer barbecue. I think my favourite was the Spicy Salmon, which included a huge filet which was cooked to perfection – I’m not always a big fish fan as the flavour can be a little strong, but this was so delicate and more-ish, I’m sure I took more than my fair share! The salmon fillets were topped with a spicy paprika yoghurt sauce which was so flavourful, this is definitely bookmarked to try at home!

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 1

As if the fish and meat weren’t enough, we also got to sample the Green goddess and Quinoa salads. The Green Goddess dish was inspired by Madeleine’s time in Australia, and I challenge you to find a better tasting kale! It featured a mix of kale and spinach which had been wilted and dressed with the yummiest dijon mustard dressing. I could have just plowed through the entire plate it was so good! The Mexican BBQ-grilled corn and quinoa, with chilli salsa was such a fresh tasting dish – I could easily enjoy this for lunch everyday! The whole table commented on how flavourful it was compared to regular Quinoa which can taste a little ‘blah.’

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 10

Our whole table absolutely devoured the sharing plates, and after an hour or so of chatting, laughing and enjoying the dishes, we were served up with the most glorious dessert. Saying a pudding is healthy sounds a little too good to be true, but the dairy free coconut ice-cream with raw chocolate cherry fudge was absolutely incredible. The coconut ice cream was so light and fresh, and I loved seeing the little vanilla beans in it! I honestly can’t believe that this was dairy free – it just tasted so creamy! The raw chocolate fudge was amazing too – this was another dish that just tasted decadent. It was so rich and chocolately, I can’t wait to try whipping up a batch myself! It went so well with the ice cream and was such a decadent way to end a fabulous meal!

Madeleine Shaw Supper Club Harvey Nichols 3

Getting to meet Madeleine, as well as try out her delicious recipes was such a fun experience. The food was absolutely divine, and I had the best evening filled with awesome people! Seeing an entire dining room so enthused about healthy eating, and enjoying the delicious dishes was really lovely, and as you can probably tell, I had an absolute ball!

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols for an incredible evening, and thank you to Madeleine for her yummy recipes and great inspiration!

The last of Madeleine’s Harvey Nichols Supper Clubs is happening tonight in London, and if you can you should definitely go! You can also check out the yummy dishes as part of Harvey Nichols Get the Glow menu (find out more about it here)

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