Since it’s still October, I refuse to mention the ‘C’ word. I can’t stand those people who have December count downs, and play holiday music outside of the month. But, the big day is getting closer, and I have the most perfect gift idea for you – Plooms Pens.


The pens come in the most adorable of packaging (I’ve photoshopped my address out) which is all hand finished. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time something so thoughtfully package plopped through the door!


So, of course I got stuck in with the wrapping, and was presented with an array of little envelopes and packages, all perfectly wrapped with satin ribbons.


So the main attraction is in here – see, if you’re looking for a gift for someone special, Plooms have done all the heavy work!


Isn’t it gorgeous?! Plooms is the brainchild of Sally Page, who wanted to find a fountain pen which was both beautiful to look at, as well as feeling weighty in the hand. When she couldn’t find anything quite right, she produced the pens herself!


Available in five stunning colours (all inspired by incredible people in Sally’s life) I chose Mrs.Oliver’s High Heel Red, which is the most stunning pinky-rouge. In the hand it feels perfectly weighty, and I feel I should be writing beautifully verbose passages with it.


All pens arrive with two black ink cartridges, so you can start writing the moment they arrive, and they also come tucked up in a protective felt sleeve. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a gorgeous pen to use! When I was at school, we were only allowed to write with fountain pens, and to be honest I’ve rarely looked at one since. Instead I tend to tip-tap away on my computer. But lately I’ve been sending out far more snail mail, and when I’m using gorgeous stationery by brands like Mrs. John L. Strong, it seems only right to use a suitably glamorous pen too!

Plooms pens cost £59.00 each and are available here.

MFK-VAPO Globe Trotter-Oct 13LD 2

Whenever people talk about summer and exotic foreign travels, attention inevitably turns towards packing. I have to admit, I’m not one to travel light – I hate not having options, and I’m super fussy. What I also hate is having to decant all my lovely options and potions into ugly little plastic bottles. Maison Francis Kurkdjian, however has solved the problem of packing bulky fragrance bottles with his swoon-worthy Globe Trotter travel spray case which comes in either zinc or gold. I love the almost architectural detailing in them – can you imagine how chic they would look in your purse?

Maison Francis Globe Trotter

You can also choose whatever Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrance which you want to nestle inside – I’m liking the sound of Aqua Universalis for a fresh, summer-time fragrance.

The cases cost $105 and are available here.

 What's In My Makeup Bag?

I thought it would be fun to start adding a few more ‘personalized’ posts here. Just to share the things I’m loving at the moment. My little daily makeup bag is the one I carry around the most. The little bag itself is Louis Vuitton, and I’ve been using it constantly since I was 16, so it’s definitely seen better days! It came as part of a limited edition bucket bag which was decorated with cherries, and on the other side there are two smiling cherries. Unfortunately, since I’ve battered it about so much, they’re looking a little worn, but I’m still in love with it. You can just see the red stitching which was also limited edition.

Inside is where is gets interesting though! Recently I’ve tried to pare down what I carry around with me – I usually have a few other lip glosses secreted in my bag, car, and wherever else, but I’ve been trying to keep everything neat and tidy!

First up is my Laura Mercier colour-to-go compact* in the brown colour-way. I’ve featured it before here, and it’s a work of genius. The top layer has a great size mirror, three shadows, an eye liner, and lipgloss and underneath there is a blush and bronzer. There isn’t a thing in the palette I don’t use daily, and I love how tidy it is.

Then I have my MAC Proenza Schouler 129 SE Brush. Again, this is a little gem, and I’m more than obsessed with the kind of petrol-look handle. The bristles are so soft, and it fits perfectly in the blush and bronzer pans of the compact.

Next up is my NARS concealer, which is just the creamiest, densest concealer I own. It’s one of the rare ones which covers up blemishes completely but doesn’t look cakey or chalky.

My lipgloss is by Laura Mercier and is called ‘Pout.’ I got this as a little extra as a Net-a-Porter order, and I love it. It’s a creamy pink and it’s a great choice for days I want to look natural, or if I’m wearing a smokey eye it doesn’t compete. Like all Mercier glosses, it has a gorgeous vanilla scent and flavor, and there isn’t a hint of stickiness.

Last up is NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. This is one of my holy grail products. I use this under my eyes, over blemishes and to even skintone. It’s packaged like a lipgloss, and the wand makes application super easy. I had previously been scraping out my tubes I bought in New York as nowhere in the UK seemed to have it in stock. Thankfully a SpaceNK now have it online, so I’ve stocked up again! A tube lasts me a good few months, and I’m so glad I have replenished my stock!

So that’s what’s in my makeup bag this week! What do you always keep in yours?


Considering 99% of my wardrobe is pretty classic and plain, I’m always looking for fun new ways to add a pop of colour and interest, I also basically live in flats (despite a shoe wardrobe which would convince you otherwise) so when I saw these last year, I just had to have them!


The print is a kind of abstract leopard coloured an almost neon blue, tan and black, and since the shoes are kind of busy, they look great with the simple clothes I normally go for.


I’m also beyond obsessed with the grosgrain bow on the front – they just look so pretty and dainty!

I bought mine last year (at full price grrr…) but you can get them for £250.25 from Outnet


Anthropologie is one of those stores I can just spend hours in, I love the mix of clothes, accessories and home wear, and although it felt like I was only pottering around in there for ten minutes, it turned out I’d been in there for over an hour!


One of the (many) goodies I ending up leaving with were these gorgeous hair ribbons. It’s probably not news that I’m more than a little obsessed with this style of hair tie, but I don’t have anything like these.


They came in a pack of three, and they are just so pretty and sparkly – seriously, I don’t think I’ve purchased anything remotely similar since I was about eight!


Since I’m usually pretty conservative in my clothes and jewelry, I think these will be gorgeous in the summer!

The hair ties were priced at £22 but don’t seem to be available online.

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