Try it: Otterbeck Cotton Gin*

When it comes to my favourite tipple, not much matches the perfect G&T. Whether it’s enjoyed as a sundowner after a glorious spring or summer day, or savoured after a busy work day, I like to keep things classic, with a simple tonic, lots of ice and a wedge of lime. Obviously the quality of gin seriously counts, so I’m always on the lookout to find new options to try, and one of my newest favourites comes from the Yorkshire-based Otterbeck distillery – Cotton Gin. The name itself is inspired by the machines which once filled the building it’s now produced in, and their magnificent hand engineered four hundred and fifty litre copper still, has been christened Eliza – named after the mill owners wife!

With the distillery itself nestled in the stunning moors of Yorkshire, Cotton Gin is flavoured with hand-foraged botanicals and distilled slowly to produce the best possible flavour. Scented with delicate floral notes, the gin itself is beautifully smooth, with fresh citrusy notes – making it perfect for seasonal sipping! I love the slight pine notes, and it makes for the most refreshing treat to end to a busy day with! The brand recommend serving alongside a ribbon of fresh lemon peel and with a sprig of rosemary – so it’s looking like my at-home drinks are about to have a bit of an upgrade!

Cotton Gin is priced from £37.95 and is available here.

Take out from The Radhuni – Loanhead*

I’m not sure about you, but I am seriously bored with the handful of dishes I rotate through on a weekly basis. Whether it’s a roast chicken, steak and broccoli or even a crowd-pleasing ragu, I feel like I’ve had it a thousand times over the past few months. I’ve spent hours going through the New York Times recipes as well all my old favourites, but I think I’m just ready to get back out and about to restaurants. So, when an email popped up inviting me to dinner from Loanhead’s famous Radhuni Indian restaurant, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

When it comes to spicing up supper, the team behind The Radhuni certainly know what they’re doing. The restaurant has been named amongst the 100 best UK Indian restaurants, and received numerous awards including Scotland’s Best Restaurant, so to say I was excited to pick up dinner is an understatement. After popping my order in through Facebook (super convenient), I headed through to find out what all the fuss was about.

With easy on-street parking, I popped in at my chosen time to pick up supper – The Radhuni have set up a COVID-19 secure pickup desk, kitted out with screen and santizer and the team decked out in masks, perfect for staying safe during these testing times. After picking up our goodies, we practically raced home so we could get everything plated and tuck in.

Since it’s been a while since our last curry (like, a year while) it was such a thrill to be greeted with the scents of a really fabulous meal, and we plated it all out as quickly as we could. Greeted with a veritable feast, we had decided to go all-out and sample dishes with a bit of a kick, so leaving my normal Butter Chicken behind, we plumped for a Chicken Tikka Badami Korma and a Chicken Tikka Khumbi Dupiaza for our mains, with a Peshwari naan, poppadums and dip, a Murgh Chicken Kebab and Onion Bahjis to share.

Everything came securely packaged, and once it was all plated up, we realised what a feast we’d ordered, and it was a mouth-watering couple of minutes whilst I took photos before we dug right in. Each dish was delicious – absolutely bursting with flavours and spice, and we couldn’t even come close to deciding on favourites.

The Chicken Tikka in the dishes gave a real burst of smoky flavour, and the sauces were bright and full of spice. I loved pairing the soft, sweet naan with the punchy curries, and it was such a treat to enjoy such an indulgence! As you can imagine, we easy had enough leftovers for a delicious lunch the next day.

If you’re in the mood for something a little special, I’d heartily recommend a supper order from The Radhuni. Not only was the food absolutely delicious, but the restaurant has a beautiful outdoor area, which is perfect for summer evenings once we’re allowed back out and about.

Thank you so much to The Radhuni for supper, if you’re tempted, you can find their whole menu here.

Celebrating Easter with Betty’s*

This year I feel like Easter has completely sneaked up on me. It’s come from nowhere, and all of a sudden, the shops are full of chicks, lambs and tulips. I don’t mind though – I love the Spring, and I think it’s a holiday which is seriously underrated.

When it comes to celebrating the weekend, I like to keep things low key, but fun, and I’ve fallen in love with Betty’s range of treats. The iconic tearoom always has the prettiest range of goodies, and this year is no exception. Their Milk Chocolate Happy Easter egg is a real showstopper. Whether it’s the crowning glory of your centrepiece, or a fun gift for friends, I just love the traditional detailing, and the chocolate itself is deliciously rich.

If you’re looking for a gift which will really stand out from the pack, I’m obsessed with this box of Champagne Truffle Eggs. The mix of white, milk and dark chocolates means everyone will get to enjoy their favourites, and they’re filled with the most delicious silky smooth champagne ganache.

Decorated with the cutest spring flowers, these make the most stunning gift, or, even table setting, if you’re inviting people round to the garden this weekend. The chocolates themselves are absolutely delicious, and are a fun twist on a seasonal classic.

You can get all your Betty’s eggs here.

Celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat*

When it comes to going all out this Easter, I don’t think you can do better than by heading to Hotel Chocolat. Whilst their stores might still be closed, their website is chock-full of goodies to help you indulge in over the holiday weekend.

I couldn’t resist trying the Extra Thick Patisserie Chocolate Egg – much more than your average Easter goodies, this behemoth has two different chunky chocolates halves, and is filled with the brands’ signature Patisserie chocolate truffles to enjoy.

An absolute feast of an egg, so it’s big enough to share, and the rich and indulgent chocolates are a real treat to enjoy. The fact that it comes in a beautifully fluted tin means that it makes the most perfect Easter gift too. I loved all the different flavours and textures, and it’s such a fun update to the classic egg.

I also got the chance to try their Dozen Quail Eggs – a collection of 12 delicious truffles dressed up as tiny eggs. With two of each flavour, it was a real delight to enjoy everything from plain chocolate to a fruity raspberry and heavenly chocolate. Best enjoyed with a steaming hot cup of coffee, one or two of these were the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

You can find these, plus a whole host of other goodies on the Hotel Chocolat website here.

Press Health Foods & Juices*

When it comes to forming healthy habits, I’m a big believer in keeping things as simple as possible. Make a habit enjoyable, and it’s even easier to incorporate into my days. When I got the chance to try Press London’s Health Foods and Juices, I absolutely jumped at the chance. After all, we’re coming out of Lockdown in a matter of weeks, so I want to feel as good as possible, as I have a feeling that this summer might just be a busy one!

Getting Press London goodies couldn’t be easier – just head over to their website, and you can choose from a range of diets, cleanses juices and food packs, all of which are nutritionist-designed to be vegan, and as healthy as possible, and even better, absolutely everything I tried was absolutely delicious! I loved the mix of juices, soups and even dinners including curry and chilli, so if you’re looking for a couple of fridge fillers to enjoy on nights when you just don’t feel like cooking, Press London have your back.

Delivered in a climate controlled box via courier, the bits and pieces are all well secured, and I only had one casualty in the form of a slightly leaking soup. Not bad when you consider it made its way all the way from London to Edinburgh during the height of lockdown! Once I unpacked everything, I had about a week’s worth of morning juices and delicious suppers, it was such a treat not have to think about what I was going to have for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. The Fiery Coconut Curry was a real favourite – not too spicy, it was filled with vegetables, and paired perfectly with a bowl of brown rice.

Probably my favourite product from the whole box with the Berry Boost. A seriously delicious mix of lemon, mint, strawberry and apple, it tasted like a Strawberry margarita without the booze or calories! Seriously fruity, I had mine for breakfast, and it really set me up for the day, and I wasn’t even close to peckish until well after lunchtime.

The fact that the products are all vegan is such a plus, and this is a super simple way of cutting meat and animal products out of your diet without trying too hard. The fact that you can have your order shipped right to your door is incredibly convenient, and I’ve already placed a few orders as I just can’t be without them now!

You can find out more about Press London here.

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