Spring and summer picnics with Tala*


Over the past few weeks, the UK has been enjoying the best spring in living memory. Days have been warm and bright, stretching week after week, and we’ve been making the most of them by enjoying picnics at every chance. Not only has it been absolutely heavenly to be able to spend so much time out of doors, but we’ve been making a real effort to shop as locally, and as small as possible (I can’t remember the last time I was in a supermarket), so the produce we’ve been enjoying has been second to none too!


Obviously, as wonderful as picnics are – there’s always a bit of a tidy up, and since we’ve been told only to venture out when necessary, making the most of each dish is of paramount importance. I’ve been priding myself on saving every scrap and cutting down on food waste, so these absolutely gorgeous Tala Cookware Wax Wraps couldn’t have come at a better time!


Available in a range of designs – I love these fun cheese and honeycomb ones! The packs come with three sizes of wraps inside, which can be used instead of clingfilm or sandwich bags. Honestly, at first I was a bit skeptical – the wraps are cloth covered in beeswax, so on opening them they feel stiff and almost papery, but as you fold them around your leftovers (we’ve used them on bread and cheese) they warm up in your hands, and become far more malleable.


The range of three sizes means you can save even the littlest left overs, and in the kitchen, I’ve even placed the largest sheet over a pan as it cools, and it’s worked a treat!


As someone who cooks pretty regularly, it’s so great to know I have these on hand for whenever I need to pop something into the fridge or back into the cupboard. They’ve saved me from using so much plastic wrap – not to mention they’re much cuter to use too!


Not only is my kitchen now eco-friendlier thanks to my stunning Beeswax Wraps, but I was very kindly gifted this stunning glass storage container with vented lid.


Truly, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Over the past few weeks I’ve been gutting the house, getting rid of all those plastic Tupperware containers which were past their best or missing lids, so getting a shiny new one like this felt like Christmas.


The clip-top lid keeps food fresh for longer, and it’s completely airtight and spill proof. I love how multi-functional it is – not only does it keep fruit tasting just-picked, but the glass base can withstand up to 240 Degrees and it’s perfect to use for oven baked meals.

The vented lid is designed so you can even pop it straight into the microwave for easy heating. The glass base also looks slick enough for easy oven to table serving.


Tala Cookware Wax Wraps are priced at £12 and their Glass storage container with vented lid is priced at £9.25 and they’re all available here.

Facing Lockdown with Fidra Gin*


I’m not the world’s biggest drinker, but I might be the pickiest. Over the years I’ve matured slightly, leaving behind the sugary cocktails of a few years back, and replacing them with a crisp G&T, served icy cold with a wedge of lime. Of course, when you don’t have a million and one ingredients in a drink, what’s in there matters, which is exactly where Fidra Gin comes in.


Inspired by Scotland’s dramatic coastal landscape, Fidra is a relatively new offering, after being launched back in 2018. Inspired by the East Lothian coastline, the gin is flavoured with lemon thyme and thyme grown in the dreamy surroundings of Archerfield Walled Garden (you can read about my stay here) as well as hand-foraged sea buckthorn and rosehip, Fidra truly is a taste of the Eastern coastline.DSC_0890

With a slightly salty tang, it’s a wonderful treat to enjoy in all the good weather we’ve been having. Sipped with super cold tonic and a wedge or two of lime in the sunshine, it’s a real treat. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind, and I’ve been loving savouring one whilst reading a good book.


Not only is Fidra Gin absolutely delicious, but I’m more than a little obsessed with how beautiful it is too. The bottle is thinner, and more elegant than your regular gin, and the label feels like something out of a history book, with the island of Fidra mapped out, complete with iconic lighthouse underneath.


Truly a gin to relish, Fidra has earned a place on my most-loved shelf, and it feels so special that it’s inspired by somewhere as beautiful as the East Lothian coastline.

Fidra Gin is priced at £39 and is available here

Pollen No Pressure Drops*


By now, it feels like you’re pretty much guaranteed to have heard about CBD in one form or another (especially if you read here regularly – I’m a fan), as it feels like it’s really having a moment. Taken from hemp, without the psychoactive properties of THC, CBD can work to calm you down, ease anxiety and even lessen pain. For me, I’ve been taking it to alleviate some of the stress which has come with the current situation.


Pollen’s No Pressure SBD Drink Drops are one of the easiest, and most delicious ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Rather than ingesting drops directly, which can be a little strong tasting, these are deliciously fruity, and can be added to water, smoothies or fruit juice for an easy dose of calm. You can even add a little to your morning coffee, if you want to start your day with a clear head.


Each recommended dose is 5ml, and with the marked pipette, it’s easy to measure out, and it’s super quick to add to my morning drink. Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to have a smoothie for breakfast each morning, so adding a few drops of Pollen’s No Pressure is an easy addition which leaves me feeling a whole lot calmer as the day goes on. Not only are the drops super effective, but I love the berry taste too! In these photos, I added them to some cloudy lemonade, and it made me feel like I was sipping on some complicated cocktail!

Pollen No Pressure CBD Drops are priced at £85 and are available here

Pukka Peace Organic Tea*


One of the benefits of lockdown is being able to enjoy a few extra minutes each evening to relax and unwind, rather than just plopping into bed and passing out. I’ve started to enjoy using a face mask with my gua sha, and pour myself a cup of tea before retreating upstairs – which is where Pukka’s Peace Organic comes in.


Like all of the brand’s offerings, Peace comes beautifully packaged, with each plastic-free tea bag coming in its own recyclable envelope which helps to retain the essential oils in the organic herbs. The result is a cup of tea which is not only delicious, but filled with goodness. Peace is perfect for an evening treat. A blend of chamomile flower, spearmint leaf, licorice root, lavender flower, hemp (Cannabis sativa, and  ashwagandha root the tea is absolutely delicious, with a vaguely soft herbal flavour.


Enjoyed alongside a great book – a cup of Pukka’s Peace Organic Tea is the perfect antidote to a busy mind. Being able to take a few minutes to enjoy a cup really helps me to relax and unwind, and I’ve been sleeping so much more deeply as a result.

Pukka Peace Organic Tea is priced at £2.99 for a box of 20, and it’s available here.

Starting the week with Lizi’s Super Muesli*


It’s the first Monday in May, which in normal life, means I’m glued to Met Gala coverage, but today, just means I’ve set out my goals for the month. Obviously, this month isn’t exactly normal, and despite not knowing what it has in-store, I’m trying to stick to my ‘normal’ routine of creating some goals for the month.


One of my May goals is to enjoy a delicious (and healthy) breakfast each morning, as usually I live purely on coffee until about 3pm. Lizi’s, is making mornings far more delicious with their selection of Super Mueslis, which are designed to give your morning a head start. With four options to choose from, you can enjoy an easy breakfast with gives you a boost, helps you focus, supports your cleanse and even gives you an extra bit of glow!


Paired with some greek yoghurt, and a piping hot cup of coffee, Lizi’s Muesli makes for the perfect start to the morning! Absolutely delicious with added ingredients like Vitamin B2 and selenium help to fight signs of tiredness and keep your hair and nails looking tip-top, Lizi’s Muesli is a breakfast powerhouse!

I love the mix of oats, crunchy nuts, and some of the mixes even have fruit in there – perfect if you’re in the mood for a sweet (yet healthy) treat! I’ve been enjoying alternating between the Focus and Glow options, and they’re absolutely delish!

Lizi’s Super Muesli is priced at £3.69 a bag and are available here

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