Pukka Peace Organic Tea*


One of the benefits of lockdown is being able to enjoy a few extra minutes each evening to relax and unwind, rather than just plopping into bed and passing out. I’ve started to enjoy using a face mask with my gua sha, and pour myself a cup of tea before retreating upstairs – which is where Pukka’s Peace Organic comes in.


Like all of the brand’s offerings, Peace comes beautifully packaged, with each plastic-free tea bag coming in its own recyclable envelope which helps to retain the essential oils in the organic herbs. The result is a cup of tea which is not only delicious, but filled with goodness. Peace is perfect for an evening treat. A blend of chamomile flower, spearmint leaf, licorice root, lavender flower, hemp (Cannabis sativa, and  ashwagandha root the tea is absolutely delicious, with a vaguely soft herbal flavour.


Enjoyed alongside a great book – a cup of Pukka’s Peace Organic Tea is the perfect antidote to a busy mind. Being able to take a few minutes to enjoy a cup really helps me to relax and unwind, and I’ve been sleeping so much more deeply as a result.

Pukka Peace Organic Tea is priced at £2.99 for a box of 20, and it’s available here.

Starting the week with Lizi’s Super Muesli*


It’s the first Monday in May, which in normal life, means I’m glued to Met Gala coverage, but today, just means I’ve set out my goals for the month. Obviously, this month isn’t exactly normal, and despite not knowing what it has in-store, I’m trying to stick to my ‘normal’ routine of creating some goals for the month.


One of my May goals is to enjoy a delicious (and healthy) breakfast each morning, as usually I live purely on coffee until about 3pm. Lizi’s, is making mornings far more delicious with their selection of Super Mueslis, which are designed to give your morning a head start. With four options to choose from, you can enjoy an easy breakfast with gives you a boost, helps you focus, supports your cleanse and even gives you an extra bit of glow!


Paired with some greek yoghurt, and a piping hot cup of coffee, Lizi’s Muesli makes for the perfect start to the morning! Absolutely delicious with added ingredients like Vitamin B2 and selenium help to fight signs of tiredness and keep your hair and nails looking tip-top, Lizi’s Muesli is a breakfast powerhouse!

I love the mix of oats, crunchy nuts, and some of the mixes even have fruit in there – perfect if you’re in the mood for a sweet (yet healthy) treat! I’ve been enjoying alternating between the Focus and Glow options, and they’re absolutely delish!

Lizi’s Super Muesli is priced at £3.69 a bag and are available here

Long Tail Premium Mixers*


So, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has gotten a bit more adventurous in the kitchen during lockdown. Instagram is full of everyone attempting sourdough and cinnamon buns, so much so it’s starting to feel like a Covid-meme. So, if you’re looking to expand your regular line up, why not upgrade your drinks selection?


When it comes to making drinks at home, I admit I can be a bit boring, but Long Tail Mixers have really upgraded my game with a selection of their delicious drinks. Designed to complement dark spirits, but just as delicious enjoyed on their own, Long Tail Mixers feel like the chicest upgrade to weekend drinks.


With the addition of a bit of lime juice and a wedge, as well as a shot of Duppy Share Rum, the Island Spice mix becomes the most delicious of Gold Fashioneds. A bit spicey and citrusy, it’s perfect to enjoy on the balmy evenings we’ve been having, and let’s face it, it’s the closest I’m getting to the Caribbean for a while!


A Spiced Mule is just as simple to concoct, with a glut of Pirate’s Grog Spiced Rum. The Ginger and Lime pairs perfectly for a summer tipple, which feels super fancy, but really takes the minimum amount of effort. Honestly though, as delicious as the mixers are paired with spirits, they’re just as delightful enjoyed by themselves. As a pretty light drinker, I can sometimes get a little fed up of sticking to water, so these drinks are the perfect alternative. Full of flavour, and not too sugary sweet, they’re perfect for summer evenings!

Long Tail Mixers are available here

Edinburgh’s Bross Bagels launch Bross Deli Delivery Service*


If a few weeks back, you’d have asked me what my favourite weekend treat was, a bagel from Edinburgh’s iconic Bross would probably be number one. With five stores located throughout the city, you’re never too far away from a real taste of Montreal.


Now that we’re living under lockdown, like the whole of Edinburgh, I’m missing my bagel-fix, but happily, Bross have launched their new Deli Delivery service, bringing the very best of Bross directly to your front door! You can enjoy everything from the Leith’s shop’s famous jalapeño schmear to Mama Bross’ own chicken salad (one of my personal faves). You can get your pastrami & turkey sliced in the Bross deli and they’ll even deliver it for free! Vegan food lovers don’t have to miss out on the fun – they even have pots of vegan cream cheese and slices of Sgaia’s Pastramheat so you can fill your bagel in style at home.

No matter where you’re located, whether it’s Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian or even Fife, you can fill your hole at home! Enjoy free delivery with a minimum order of only £20. When you are ready, just order for next weekday delivery to Edinburgh before 5pm. Buy a bakers dozen of your favourite bagel and whatever you don’t eat just slice, freeze, toast and fill with all your choice of delicious Bross fillings. Order directly from their website (www.brossbagels.com), click on deliveries and be the Bross!


Bolney Bubbly NV – Bolney Wine Estate*


It kind of feels like the days are running into each other at the moment, so I’m making sure that the weekend feels like a real treat. I let myself lie-in a little longer than normal, try not to check my work email, and enjoy a bit of a treat.


The Bolney Estate’s Bolney Bubbly is the perfect treat for a Friday night! From a British winery located on the edge of the South Downs, about 14 miles from the UK’s south coast, it’s a fun new option for Fizzy Fridays!


Perfect to enjoy outside, in all this good weather we’ve been enjoying, it’s a back garden staple! I can be picky with wines, but Bolney Bubbly is absolutely delicious. A light and refreshing choice, made from a blend of up to 8 grapes including the more traditional chardonnay, there are notes of stone fruits and lemon, which makes for a perfect spring tipple!


It’s such a lovely change from the usual choice of Prosecco or champagne, and I can see myself reaching for a glass of this all summer long!

The Bolney Estate Bolney Bubbly is priced at £26.50 and is available here

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