When it comes down to it, I can be a bit of an art geek. I studied Art History at university, and it’s something that I’m still fascinated with. So, when everyday items get a bit of an arty makeover, I’m always keen to see the result. The most recent I’ve come across is Remy Martin, who have partnered with digital artist Matt W Moore to create a limited edition of their Champagne Cognac.


An absolutely perfect gift for Father’s Day, the special edition means that there are only 60 bottles currently available within the UK. The bottle comes housed in a gloriously colourful box, and the label is splashed with grapevine, leaf and sunburst designs. The box even features a QR code which adds an augmented reality interface to the world around you! Through use of the app, you can add the animated designs to your surroundings to Matt-Moorize your reality. It’s such a cool concept, and it makes the whole experience of enjoying the cognac so immersive.


So, if your dad is a bit of a design-freak, this special edition of Remy Martin VSOP Champagne is certainly going to go down a treat. The brand recommend that you enjoy it either at room temperature or over ice – and when it looks this good, who could resist?

Remy Martin Matt W Moore VSOP limited edition champagne cognac is priced at £44 per bottle and is available here.


With Father’s Day fast approaching (it’s this Sunday FYI), it can be hard to find the right gift. The shops might be filled with World Cup knickknacks, novelty socks and funny looking ties, but really, who on earth wants to receive that? Rather than going for something that will be shoved to the back of the nearest drawer, I’m a fan of getting something to be savoured and enjoyed. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey certainly fits the bill. Equal parts style and heritage, I can’t imagine there is a bar cart out there which wouldn’t benefit from a bottle of this being added.


As someone who isn’t the biggest drinker, buying something like whiskey can feel a little overwhelming, but Woodford Reserve make it incredibly easy to pick a classic. Whiskey has been distilled on the Woodford Reserve estate since 1812, and the Bourbon has been developed to contain over 200 flavour notes. On the nose, notes of cocoa, orange and tobacco are all evident, and the complex flavour composition contains hints of vanilla, toffee, cinnamon and citrus notes.


Thanks to such a balanced flavour profile, Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey can be enjoyed alone or in a cocktail. I particularly like the southern favourite Mint Julep (it’s perfect for summer) or when it gets chillier, a dash of it in Hot Apple Cider is just divine! It’s such a perfect gift for this weekend!

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is priced at £30.50 and is available from Waitrose here.


If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new places to head to. In Edinburgh, I feel like I have a handful of favourite spots which I rotate through. So, when I need to meet with people it’s always fun to go somewhere new.


So, when I found out that the Edinburgh Radisson Blu have started serving Morning Tea – it sounded too good to miss! Every Monday-Friday from 10am-12pm you can indulge in a whole host of morning treats, which will get your day going. As well as a great way to treat yourself, it would be a fab way to enjoy a meeting if you’ve got a lot to chat over.


We kicked off the morning with copious pots of tea, although freshly squeezed juices and coffees are also available. Rather delightfully, the tea comes from the capital’s Eteakat, which is such a lovely Edinburgh touch!

We kicked things off with the bacon rolls, because really, is there ever a better breakfast choice? These were absolutely delicious, and we wolfed them down in record time.

On the same level were a handful of freshly baked goodies – fresh croissants which we smothered in jam, as well as warm chocolate cookies, which were brought home and enjoyed with coffee later in the day.


There were also fresh pancakes and maple syrup – seriously, can every morning be catered like this?

The middle tier of the Morning Tea was filled with tea classics. Homemade scones, jam and clotted clean were too good to resist, and the fresh berries were a fabulous nod to the upcoming summer season.


We also had fabulous little parfaits to enjoy – vanilla yoghurts with granola and more chopped berries. This is probably my favourite breakfast to enjoy on a regular morning, so as you can imagine, they were very much hoovered up!

The top tier was, if it was possible, even more indulgent! With freshly baked muffins, and cream-filled Danish Pastries, these were enjoyed with the last of our teas and coffees, with the left overs boxed up to enjoy in the afternoon when we started to feel peckish!

Served up in the Radison Blu’s stunning Itchycoo bar, their Morning Tea is an absolutely glorious way to start the day!

It’s priced at £40 per couple and to book a table for Morning Tea telephone Radisson Blu on 0131 557 9797 or visit her hotel website here


So obviously this weekend is all about the Royal Wedding. Whether you’re hosting a glitzy tea party, or you’re simply wishing the couple well, it’s nice to enjoy a bit of a treat alongside a special event. So, I thought it was only right to indulge in Prestat chocolate – they are Royal Warrant Holders after all!


One of the things I just adore about the brand, is how unfailingly beautiful the packaging always is, and their brand new Ruby Chocolate Bars are no different. Wrapped in whimsical paper dotted with birds of paradise, these bars feel almost too cute to open.


What’s inside though, is too good to miss! Ruby chocolate is the newest type to gain popularity (as opposed to dark, milk and white varieties) and it’s not only absolutely beautiful, but delicious too! Rather than being overpoweringly sweet and sugary like some white chocolate can be, the ruby version has a distinct sweetness which is balanced out with a gentle sour note.


As you would expect from a royal chocolatier, Prestat’s Ruby Chocolate is wonderfully indulgent – creamy with a hint of fruitiness, it feels like a perfect option for summer treats! It’s also, obviously beautiful to look at too!

Prestat Ruby Chocolate bars are priced from £1.50 each, and are available here.


Over the past week or so, Scotland has been enjoying the most fabulous weather. Rather than the watery sunshine we normally get, it’s been nothing but bright blue skies, and temperatures well into the teens. In short, it feels like summer, which of course means, like 99% of the population, I’m trying to eat a little healthier.


Luckily I’m not lactose-intolerant, so it’s not the biggest deal in the world if I grab a latte at Starbucks, which admittedly I do pretty much daily. But I do feel better when when I cut down on the stuff, so when I found out Innocent had released three different non-dairy milks, it felt a bit like fate.


All three milks are, as you would expect from a brand like Innocent, completely natural. In fact, the almond and oat milks only have three ingredients, whilst the Hazelnut milk has four. I love the fact there are no additives, stabilisers or anything other than what’s absolutely necessary. If you’re a superhuman who makes their own dairy free milks, this means you have one less job to do! Also, important to note in today’s plastic-averse society – the bottles (and caps) are all fully recyclable. So great taste and non-harmful to the environment? Win win!


The fact that all three are absolutely delicious is a real benefit, and depending on what I’m doing, I tend to pick a milk to suit. For my morning smoothie (I’m not a big breakfast person) I blend frozen strawberries, a banana and almond milk for a blast of Vitamin C first thing. If I’m making a coffee, I have been making my lattes with the hazelnut milk – it lends a subtle nuttiness which is delicious with espresso (and saves a pump of flavoured syrup). If I’m making porridge, I use the oat milk. All three are absolutely delicious, and can be enjoyed both hot and cold, and are great to use for drinks, for cooking and even for baking!

Innocent non-dairy milks are priced at £2 per bottle and they are available at Waitrose.


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