If you’ve got a lot of family heading over this weekend, it can feel a bit stressful getting all the finishing touches finally complete. Whether you’re swaying over what to serve for your Easter roast, or if there will be enough seats for everyone to gather, Amazon has made it easy to strike the ‘need to buys eggs’ errand off the list.


They’ve helpfully gathered together three of Cadbury’s most popular eggs together in one ‘Medium’ bundle. The eggs are all the things children love at Easter – Creme Eggs, buttons and Mini Eggs. They’re not overly large either – so they’re perfect if you’re looking to give out a delicious little treat rather than a full on feast!


Each of the eggs comes packaged up in a branded envelope, and inside you’ll find a purple Cadbury’s egg, as well as a snack pack of chocolate eggs, buttons or a Creme Egg. I love how old school they feel – and I’m sure they will go down a treat this weekend!

Cadbury Medium Easter Egg Bundle, Currently priced at £10.50
Amazon stockist details: www.amazon.co.uk
Prices are correct at time of going to print and apply to purchases from Amazon.co.uk. For latest prices, please visit Amazon.co.u


No … don’t worry – the Easter spamming continues (and can you blame me? It’s got to be the cutest holiday) with M&S’s stunning Hand Decorated Hollow Egg Trio. A perfect little addition to any table this weekend, these are both stunning as well as delicious!


Each egg in the line-up is a different type of chocolate – milk, white and dark, so even the fussiest diners will be accommodated. As you would expect from M&S, these are the yummiest of treats, but I’m also absolutely obsessed with the stunning hand decoration.


Each of the eggs have been hand-decorated with flashes of colour, making them mini works of art. Clustered together they make an eye-catching arrangement, whilst paced on an individual place setting creates a chic statement. The colours also match up perfectly with my fuzzy little chick decorations, so who could resist?

M&S Hand Decorated Hollow Egg Trio is priced at £5


I know I’ve banged on about the best adult Easter eggs, and trust me, I’ll never pass up the opportunity to enjoy a boozy chocolate, but sometimes you just need a bit of cute. It is a holiday full of bunnies and chicks after all, so when I got a glimpse of M&S’s new Easter offering, I couldn’t pass up a chance to get my hands on their Burrowing Bunny Egg.


This is truly Easter at it’s best – all fluffy fun. Called the ‘Burrowing Bunny’ it’s gloriously cute – with the back end, tail and all, of the Easter Rabbit diving down a warren. I adore the use of chocolate to look like earth, and the white chocolate tail and toes are just adorable.


The mix of milk, dark and white chocolate should keep even the fussiest eaters happy, but I’m not sure who could break it enough to eat it – it’s just too cute! Rather than dig in, I’m happy (for the moment) for the egg to be the heart of my Easter centrepiece.

M&S Burrowing Bunny is priced at £15 and is available in-store and here.


It’s Monday, and with under a week to go it’s prime Easter Egg shopping time. I’ve been making my my through my favourites (tough job) and one of the most glamorous eggs I’ve found has been Prestat’s Marc de Champagne Truffle Egg.


As you might expect from an egg with a Royal Warrant, this is fit for a queen! Packaged in a stunning pink, yellow and golden box, the Marc de Champagne Truffle Egg feels like Easter in a box.


Inside the box, you’ll find a golden egg nestled deep inside – I just adore the hot pink tissue paper and silk ribbon!


The joy about an egg as beautiful is this one, is that if you’re giving it as a gift, no wrapping is needed – Prestat have sone all the hard work!


The egg is a glorious golden orb, and it’s as delicious as it is beautiful. The egg is made up of Prestat’s famous milk chocolate (my favourite) and is pleasingly thick. Breaking with the perfect snap, it tastes deliciously creamy and a shard of it with coffee makes a fabulous afternoon treat.


Inside though, it manages to get even better – 8 of Prestat’s Marc de Champagne truffles are hidden inside. Rolled in powdered sugar – these are among some of my absolute favourite chocolates ever. The mix of champagne and delicious milk chocolate always feels wonderfully decadent, and Prestat’s have a kick of booze at the end which pushes them firmly into the adult only category. If you’re planning a luxury Easter hamper this weekend, why not pop one of these in? It’s one of my favourites for sure!

Prestat Marc de Champagne Truffle Easter Egg is priced at £17.50 and is available here.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a fan of avocado toast as the next person (my personal preference is a dash of hot sauce and some chilli flakes) but avocados for Easter? I wasn’t sure.


So, when I was in doing the weekly shop and I caught sight of the egg which has taken the UK by storm, I couldn’t resist. It’s certainly eye-catching – a white chocolate shell dyed bright green, with a chocolate ‘stone’ dusted with cocoa powder and a dark chocolate back. It’s certainly the most original looking egg in my collection this year!


No matter whether you’re a millennial or not, you can’t fail to be amused by the giant avocado – it’s just a shame it won’t count towards your five a day!

Waitrose Dark chocolate Avocado Easter Egg is £8 and can be found here.

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