SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream*

SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream

So, it’s not exactly news that summer tends to be sandal-season, so I always make a special effort to make sure that my feet are in as good condition as possible.

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Even though I like to get pedicures as often as possible, it’s important that between appointments I keep problem areas like my heels as soft and smooth as possible – there’s nothing grosser than janky feet! After I shower I like to give my heels a good sloughing so that they’re always soft. I’ve found the best thing for this is a basic foot file from Sally’s. (I purchased the Dr. Scholl foot slougher and it was seriously disappointing!) Then, I slather a thick layer of SenSpa’s gorgeous Foot Therapy Cream.

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It’s a seriously luxurious cream which feels rich and cooling to apply. When I’m going out, I rub a small amount into my heels, but if I’m going to the gym or to bed, I cover my feet in a thick layer then pop on a pair of cotton socks. It’s super simple, and it lets the cream get to work softening skin and leaving feet feeling refreshed. I love the light, herbal fragrance, and even better? I can pick it up when I’m buying my groceries!

SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream is priced at £5.50 and is available here

Aveda Foot Relief*

Aveda Foot Relief

After extolling the virtues of the recent good weather we’ve been having, I’ve been rewarded with a Wednesday that is as wet and rainy as it is as grey and pretty miserable. Secretly though, I quite like days like this. They force me indoors to tackle my to do list, and I get to try out new recipes as I tick my tasks off one by one (Martha Stewart’s chilli recipe is currently bubbling away on the stove).

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I also feel rainy days like today are perfect excuses to pamper yourself. I’ve got a bit of an at-home facial lined up, but I think I’m most excited (lame I know!) about giving myself something of a pedicure, where Aveda’s Foot Relief cream will feature prominently.

Packaged in an easy to use squeeze tube, Aveda’s Foot Relief is designed to soothe and moisturise feet thanks to a rich formula packed full of active herbs, exfoliating fruit acids and plant-derived oils like jojoba and castor. I’m obsessed with how nourishing the cream feels, and it’s almost cooling to apply, so if you’re on your feet all day, you have to try this out! The cream has a gorgeous, slightly herbal scent thanks to the use of rosemary.

To use the Foot Relief, I like to exfoliate my feet whilst I’m in the shower, using a really gritty formula (like my Gordon Castle Salt Scrub) and then once I’m out, I towel dry them, then give them a good go over with a large foot file (I use one from Sally Beauty Supply). Afterwards I file my nails and clip cuticles, then absolutely smother them with Foot Relief. The yummy scent coupled with the great texture means I feel like I’ve just visited a spa, and I then just pop on some cotton socks and head to bed. I then wake up with feet which feel like I’ve spent an afternoon at a spa, and then I usually just pop into a local salon for a file and polish, so that they look sandal-ready!

Aveda Foot Relief is priced at £19.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US).

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