Urban Decay XX Vice Reloaded*


Whenever Urban Decay release a new palette, it’s almost as if you can hear the world’s intake of breath. There have been a couple lately, and I got my hands on the brand new XX Vice Reloaded Palette, and spoiler alert – it’s a good one!


Packaged in a slick black compact, complete with jewelled logo, XX Vice Reloaded is something special to behold. It’s big, weighty thing, with a push button which releases the spring-loaded lid. I just love it, and it looks incredible. There’s no doubt about it, this palette is all about celebrating the best of Urban Decay!


Inside there are 20 shades (to celebrate 20 years of the brand), some new, some classic, and some re-releases, as well as a double ended brush, and a huge mirror. At first I was a little daunted by the shades selection – there are some true jewel colours in there – particularly ones like Acid Rain and Asphyxia which are just breathtaking. But there is also a great selection of neutrals in there too! Perfect for using on a more regular basis.


The beauty of XX Vice Reloaded is in it’s adaptability. Day looks revolve around the colours Suspend, Shallow and Midnight Cowboy. They’re a mix of matte and satin finish shades, which provide a subtle wash of definition without looking too dramatic.


In the evenings, I’ve been smoking everything out with shades like Oil Slick, Smog, and Twice Baked. As we’ve come to expect from the brand, Urban Decay’s XX Vice Reloaded’s shadows are buttery smooth and apply like a dream. I’ve noticed that the matte shades do seem to have the very best colour payoff, whilst the shimmers and glitters are a touch sheerer, so when I want a really vivid look, I apply using a dampened brush.


Like most of the brand’s palette, this one comes with a double-ended brush which is surprisingly useful. I just love that Urban Decay include real tools in their kits, rather than the usual sponge applicators which I throw out immediately!


Since both ends have quite long and fluffy bristles, it’s a good tool for creating subtle blended looks – and what more can I ask for in the mornings?!

Urban Decay XX Vice Reloaded is priced at £43 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Lipstick Collection*

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Lipstick Collection

A few years ago, when Urban Decay teamed up with Disney to produce an eyeshadow palette, they created one of those products which go completely viral. A jewel box of colour had everyone (myself included) clamouring for one, and they’re still selling for hundreds on Ebay. So, with the new release of the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass, Urban Decay got busy, and not only is there a dreamy new palette (review to come) but five somewhat trippy lipsticks too!

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Lipstick packaging

Packaged in keliedoscope-esque tubes, the shades run the gamut from creamy neutrals to full on blue. So no matter how subtle or crazy your look is, there’s going to be something you love!

Urban Decay Alice

The shade Alice is undoubtedly the most wearable out of the five, and is described as a sheer nude with a pink shift. On the lips it gives a beautiful peachy hue with a subtle sheen. The pink micro glitter in the formula add a little warmth and interest to the formula. I can almost guarantee that you don’t have a nude shade quite like this one!

Urban Decay Iracebeth

Iracebeth is possibly my favourite colour from the collection and has been labelled as a bright matte red. Blue undertones in the formula keep teeth looking pearly white, and I just love the pop of colour against tanned skin during the summer. If you’re after a true-red lip, you should definitely check this one out! I got four hours of wear before I felt the need to touch up, and despite the matte formula, it didn’t feel at all drying.

Urban Decay MiranaMirana is one of those colours that I feel like every girl should own. It’s a stunningly vampy burgundy shade, which I am dying to wear throughout the winter. The formula has the most beautiful berry undertones which keep the shade looking fresh. It feels surprisingly balm-like, and I just love the subtle sheen that it has on the lips.

Urban Decay Mad Hatter Lipstick

Mad Hatter is definitely one of the most eye-catching shades I’ve ever tried, and I have to say, as unlikely as it is that I’m going to be popping into Waitrose rocking a purple sparkly lip, I kind of love it! The formula is so pretty and shiny, and on the lips it turns into an almost magenta-toned purple. I think this would be absolutely incredible on darker and richer skin tones than mine, so if you’re looking for a shade which is something a little different and crazy, this one’s for you!

Urban Decay TimeOf course I had to save the craziest shade for last! Time is described as a gunmetal navy with a silver finish. Honestly, this one is just so pretty, I’m keeping it as something of a collectable. On the lips it’s a true blue, and again, I’m thinking that a deeper skin tone would make this shade really come alive. Honestly, I’ve not worn this one enough to comment on wearability, but it’s just such a fun addition, I’m kind of in love!

Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland Lipstick Collection is priced at £16 per lipstick and you can find them here (UK) and here (US)

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Palette*

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Palette

When I was in Jenners a couple of weeks ago, enjoying my Bobbi Brown makeup lesson (you can read about it here), I got to play around with some of the brand’s limited edition goodies which have been released just in time for Christmas.

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Palette 1

I couldn’t resist the Sterling Nights palette, which contains nine of the most gorgeous neutral shades you could imagine. Packaged in a beautifully weighted black compact, it’s a real stand-out product!

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Palette 3

The shadows are inspired by star-studded skies, and range in textures from creamy mattes to rich, sparkle infused shades which glisten on the eyes. I just adore the range of cool toned neutrals, which make achieving a smoky eye incredibly easy.

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Palette 4

For day, I like to mix the soft taupe shades (middle left and top middle) and line my eyes with the shimmery chocolate brown (middle right side). It gives eyes the perfect amount of definition without looking overdone, and the shadow textures are just perfection. Then, if I want a more intense look, all I need to do is add a little of the darker shades.

Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights Palette 2

I absolutely adore all the shadows in the palette, but if I had to choose a favourite, I think it would be the bottom left shade Midnight Sparkle. It’s a deep charcoal which has been shot through with plum glitter, and it’s just such an unusual shade, and it’s incredibly pretty on the eye. For a more dramatic evening look, I’ve been using Midnight Sparkle as a liner, then finishing the look with lashings of mascara.

Bobbi Brown’s Sterling Nights Palette is priced at £59.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Lipstick – Whoopee Spot*

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot

By my own admission, I’m something of a neutral lipstick hoarder. For day-to-day wearing, it’s always feels a bit easier to slick on a nude or a pink than head for a colour. But, when I caught sight of Lipstick Queen’s All That Jazz Collection, I just knew I needed to branch out into a more vibrant shade!

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot 1

Before I even selected a colour, I had absolutely fallen in love with the packaging. It’s like the lipsticks were made for evenings out – the cases are a slick black and dotted with the glitziest of silver sparkles.

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot 2

Out of the four available shades, I opted for Whoopee Spot, a stunning cool toned violet, which feels like such a fun colour to wear!

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot 3

In the tube it looks like quite a daunting colour to wear, but when applied the lipstick has a semi-opaque formula. I am just in love with how glossy it is, and the formula’s glitter sparkles and shimmers in the light. It’s definitely an attention-grabbing shade, but it’s easy to tweak the colour to suit the effect you’re after. On evenings where I want something a little different, I use a single swipe, which leaves lips with a glossy, sheer layer of colour. For occasions where I want something a touch more dramatic, I’ve been applying the lipstick with my trusty lip brush. It means I can really control the placement of the colour, and build up a beautiful opaque violet shade which lasts throughout the evening.

Lipstick Queen’s All That Jazz Lipstick in Whoopee is priced at £25 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Eylure Party Lashes*

Eyelure Party Lashes

So, I think that it’s safe to say that Christmas party season is well underway, and, if you’re anything like me, the gatherings feel like the perfect opportunity to get a little glittery! Obviously Eylure agree with me, because they have just released the most stunning, limited edition range of lashes which are all inspired by winter! They are all glittery, and are just aching to be worn to the most fabulous of soirees!

Eyelure Party Lashes Snow Princess

The most subtle of the trio are probably the Snow Princess Lashes. They look like a pair of normal lashes that I would tend to wear on nights out, but, since it’s Christmas, they’ve been dusted with the most gorgeous of twinkling glitter.

Eyelure Party Lashes Snow Princess 1

Like all Eylure lashes, these come equipped with a little vial of adhesive, and they are such a great way to add a little ‘something’ to your festive makeup looks. On the eyes, the lashes give the perfect dose of flutter, and the sparkle is both incredibly beautiful and surprisingly subtle.

Eyelure Party Lashes Snow Princess Frozen Beauty

Next up are the Frozen Beauty Lashes, which might just be my favourites. Again, these are seriously fluttery, and they’ve been shot through with a holographic ribbon.

Eyelure Party Lashes Snow Princess Frozen Beauty 1

The lashes completely come alive at night, and the way they sparkle and glint feels incredibly modern and daring. I’ve been wearing mine with lashings of eyeliner and light makeup everywhere else.

Eyelure Party Lashes All Hail the Queen

Last, but certainly not least are the ‘All Hail the Queen’ lashes, and they really are the definition of festive! Long and wispy, the lashes are dotted with the twinkliest of crystals, which mean that creating a seriously impressive eye look is incredibly simple!

Eyelure Party Lashes All Hail the Queen. 1

After going for quite a bold, dark lid, I simply popped the lashes on, and I was ready to go! The crystals are nestled in the lash line, and they give the perfect amount of glint and glitter in low light. I’m tempted to grab another pair to chop into single lashes for evenings where I want a slightly more subtle look. They might just be too gorgeous though!

I’m absolutely in love with the trio of lashes! They are just so much fun to wear, and I think that they are just perfect for the festive season!

The lashes are priced at £6.95 per set and you can get them here (currently on 3 for 2!)

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