Electric Hairdressing ºC7 e.Spray*

Electric Hairdressing C-7 e-spray

Last night I had the incredible opportunity to meet Electric Hairdressing founder Mark Woolley as well as the incredible members of the Electric Hairdressing team from the Harvey Nichols salon in Edinburgh. As well as a rather exciting unveiling which I will tell you all about very soon (I have way too many photographs to edit), the night was also about celebrating the launch of the brand’s newest product – ºC7 e.Spray which is basically the best hairspray on the market!

C-7 e.spray Electric Hairdressing

The texture and performance of the hairspray has been inspired by on-set work done by the Electric Hairdressing team, so it provides hold and shine without feeling sticky, clumpy or gloopy. It applies to hair dry, so it keeps hair soft and sleek, and it can be used to create the most incredible styles. We saw the spray in action last night, and it created the most incredible big bouncy curls, bedhead waves and sleek ponytails in seriously quick succession. It’s also an amazing choice if you have coloured hair – rather than using alcohol like many other hairsprays, which can fade hair colour, Electric Hairdressing have opted for Cotton Oil Extract and Jojoba so lengths and ends will stay soft and conditioned and your colour will be safe! I’ve been reaching for my (huge) tin of ºC7 e.Spray ever since it came through the door. Since it’s been rather humid lately, the e.Spray works to keep my frizz-prone ends smooth, and it protects against the dreaded frizz! I absolutely love it for when I’m doing something a little special with my hair too! A few nights ago I popped a couple of rollers through the top layers of my hair, and gave them a blast of spray. My volume stayed all night, and the e.Spray never gives hair that weird stiff look. Not only this, but it’s perfect for summer as it contains ingredients which protect agains UV damage, meaning colour will stay fresh for as long as possible. Electric Hairdressing ºC7 e.Spray is priced at £17.50 and is available here.

Harvey Nichols A Beautiful Mind Event


Whenever I feel like treating myself to something a little luxurious, Harvey Nichols Edinburgh is always my first stop. The beauty hall is something to behold – all white and glossy and filled with the most marvellous cosmetics you can imagine!



So, you can understand how excited I was when I heard about last night’s A Beautiful Mind event. To allow you to  fully get to grips with everything new in the world of Beauty, Harvey Nichols sometime hosts evenings like this. They are such a wonderful idea – the rest of the store is closed, so you feel like you’ve been let loose in the department, which is just filled with experts and people as obsessed with beauty as you are!


Absolutely every brand in-store takes part, which means you get to have a chat with everyone from Chanel to Sisely, and if you are interested in any products, they are more than happy to let you play about with it!



Since most of the brands have new releases at this time of year, it is the perfect way to learn about the newest lotions and potions.



Throughout the evening there were demonstrations on everything from how to contour to fillers thanks to the store’s own MediSpa, and it was just blissful floating from counter to counter learning about what’s new!



Prosecco helped the evening to start with a pop, and those who were after a slightly more healthful option were catered to with Kale shots courtesy of Nails Inc and a whole selection of drinks from Tea Pig. (On another note, how awesome are the Nails Inc girls’ sweatshirts! I was severely jealous!)



I could have spent the entire evening swatching away, chatting about all the new and beautiful things which are new in for Spring! I have now added several items to my (already overly long) wish list, and I may have purchased a few of my new must haves!

*Thank you to Harvey Nichols Edinburgh for inviting me to A Beautiful Mind evening*

Parissa Hot Wax*

Parissa Hot Wax 1

To say I can be picky is a bit of an understatement, and when it comes to things like my eyebrows I get a bit ridiculous. I think it stems from an experience with a rather over-enthusiastic nail salon where the girl literally razored my eyebrows when I had my eyes closed. Since then, I’ve gathered a few beauty gurus I can really trust, and in the mean-time I tend to get a little self sufficient.

Parissa Hot Wax

Thankfully, Parissa is making stretching the time between waxing appointments super easy with their Hot Wax kit. It’s salon-quality, so it really catches even the shortest or most stubborn hairs, and the set is designed to be used on eyebrows, face and bikini lines. Honestly, I haven’t been brave enough to try my bikini line myself, but one of my old roommates swears by it for at-home brazillians, so there’s that!

To use, you first need to heat the wax until it achieves a honey-like consistency. Parissa do make a wax warmer, so if you’re a regular diy-er, it’s definitely a sound investment. Since I only do small areas, I just heat it over my stove, until half is runny, then mix with a spatula until the entire pan is honey-esque. The wooden spatulas included in the kit are perfectly sized, and the double ended one makes careful application an absolute breeze. Before using the wax, I pencil them in so I can see the shape, and then, disclaimer alert, I get my mother to apply the wax to everything else whilst I lie down. To make application easy, leave a thick edge around the wax, and let it harden. Once the wax has cooled a little to become pliable, yank off in the opposite direction to hair growth. If any wax is left, just dab a little of the used wax on it to stick to it and clean the area. After I apply a touch of the blue oil to calm the area.

As if the wax wasn’t awesome enough, Parissa is an all-natural brand, and it’s also vegan!

The Hot Wax costs £7.27 and is available at Boots.

Tria Hair Removal 4X*

Tria Laser Hair Removal

Since it’s getting warmer, I thought it would be a good time to do an update on my progress with my Tria Hair Removal 4X Laser. You can read my original post here, so since February I’ve been super careful, reaching for it every two weeks and using it after shaving. Since the laser is small (it’s the small inner circle in the photo) I’ve been concentrating on smaller areas which are a pain to keep in check during the summer – namely my underarms and bikini line (spoiler alert, this is in no way a glamorous post). So when I’m in the shower, I make sure to exfoliate well and shave, and when I come out I dry everything off, and since it can take a little time, I load up an episode of something good to distract myself. I load up the laser to its highest setting and get to work. I work through the selected area in a methodical manner, placing the laser on the skin until I feel and hear the bleep. Honestly, it’s not too painful (it’s quite uncomfortable on the bikini line, but it’s bearable) and it just feels like a hot prick.

So, onto results, Tria says that it takes 3 months to start seeing a difference, and I have to agree. Although I’m not completely hair free, I’m getting there, and considering this is a nearly permanent solution, I am over the moon! My underarms, which I used to shave every 2-3 days can go a week before I need to tidy up, and my bikini line looks professionally dealt with. Since the light destroys the hair follicle, hair can be considered gone (although it can change with hormones etc) so I’m over the moon to have mine!

The laser costs £392 and is available here.

Tria 4X Hair Removal Laser*


So hair removal is never going to be a glamorous or fun past time, but Tria is making it a whole lot more bearable with their new hair removal laser. View Post

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