Co-Lab Active Dry Shampoo*


If you’re blonde, like me, chances are you have a few dry shampoos tucked away in your hair stash somewhere. I love how handy they are if I’m just popping out for a starbies or the gym, and can’t quite face the hairdryer. Even when my hair is freshly washed, I usually give my roots a bit of a blast just to give me some volume and texture.


Colab has just released a brand new ‘Active’ dry shampoo that’s just perfect for getting rid of post-cardio ick. As someone with naturally dry, wavy hair, I pretty much write-off my hair after working out. It’s usually big, pouffy and a bit damp. Not exactly what you’re after, but now the gym has installed a whole range of GHD dryers and straighteners, I don’t need to look like quite the sweaty mess I’ve looked like in the past. Instead, I give my roots a good blast from the dryers, mist the dry shampoo into roots, massage in, then run the straighteners over everything. My hair looks soft and fresh, and I’m not left with any sort of residue. It means lunch-time workouts are now actually a possibility!

Colab Active Dry Shampoo is priced at £3.99 and is available here


The Bardou Amplifying Mist*

Bardou Amplify Mist

I first spotted The Bardou on Instagram – their feed is filled with the most glamorous of girls, all sporting hair you would kill for. You can bet money that the next time I’m down in London, that I’m heading in for a blow dry. But, until then, I’m content with using their products daily at home.

Bardou Amplify Mist 1

All of the Bardou products I’ve tried so far are pretty much a blogger’s dream. Slick black packaging with rose gold accents look so chic in my pretty much all-white bathrooms, and I’m glad to say, they perform just as well as they look! Every morning, after shampooing and conditioning my hair as normal, I’ve been spraying a little of Bardou’s Amplifying Spray through my roots and ends then brushing through. It protects hair from heat styling, as well as providing volume and bounce, so it’s perfect for my AM blow dries! After a couple of spritzes, I get to work with a round bristle burst to get a smooth, bouncy finish. Since I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to all things hair, I do tend to finish the process with my trusty T3 straighteners. The Amplifying Mist means that my roots have lift that lasts all day, and my hair is super shiny, and has a lovely swishy, swingy feel that almost feels like I’ve just stepped out of the salon.

Bardou’s Amplifying Spray is priced at £12.00 and is available here.

Bumble & Bumble Tonic Lotion Primer*

Bumble & Bumble Lotion Primer

Even though every single hairdresser I’ve ever visited has warned me about the damage heat styling does to hair (coupled with highlights) I can’t shake my dryer and straightener habit. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to rock bedhead waves with the best of them, but if I leave my hair to dry on its own, I’m left with a weird, fuzzy mess thats messy in some spots, wavy in others, and sits at odd angles. It’s just not ideal really, so, until I pluck up the courage to go for a Brazilian Blowout, I’m stuck styling my hair every morning.

Bumble & Bumble Lotion Primer 1Thankfully though, Bumble & Bumble has been making the process so much easier since I’ve been using their Tonic Lotion Primer. I’m a big fan of the brand’s Primers in general, and I’ve been addicted to the Hairdresser’s Oil one for about 18 months, and this has been a new addition to my routine that I’m absolutely loving! After washing and conditioning my hair as normal, I squeeze out excess water with a towel, then spray the Tonic over my lengths and ends (with a small amount on my front layers that can feel a little dry). I then comb my hair through, add a little styling cream and get to blow drying and straightening the ends as normal.

The formula feels lightweight, and never weighs down my hair. Instead, the formula, which is rich in  herbs, vitamins & Tea Tree Oil which work to hydrate dried out ends and make hair look shiny and feel super soft. I love the tingle that the Tea Tree Oil gives, and it makes hair smell so fresh and clean! It’s also great if you suffer with scalp issues – it really cares for the skin and prevents flakes or dryness!

Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion is priced at £17.50 and is available here.


Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap Wand*


On a daily basis, my hair tends to be pretty same-y. I blow dry it straight, use my heated brush (review here) to add a bit of root lift and curl the ends, then I finish off with straighteners. It’s not rocket science, but when I’m up early, it’s basically all that I can manage. But, in an effort to go all out this weekend (it is Valentines after all) I thought I should jump on the curling wand bandwagon.


Vidal Sassoon’s Easy Wrap Wand, if, like me, you’re after bombshell hair with as little effort as possible. The wand even comes complete with a heat-proof glove, so klutzes like me can avoid burns whilst curling. What I just love about the Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap Wand over others I’ve looked at is the textured curling barrel – it means that hair really stays put when I’m curling it, so the waves stay tidy.


To use the wand, I blow dry my hair as normal, then section it off. Working from the back underside of my head, I then take 1 inch strips of hair, and wind them around the barrel, leaving them there for about ten seconds. Then I unwind them from the wand, drop them into my hand, and let them cool for another ten seconds before giving them a quick blast with hairspray. I work through all of my hair using the same technique, then, once my hair is cool, I just run my fingers through my hair, roughing up the curls a little, so it looks a little more natural and bedhead-y rather than perfect curls. My hair really holds the style when I use the Easy Wrap Wand, and it looks so, so pretty! It’s such a great way to amp up the glamour!

Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap Wand is priced at £29.99 and is available here

Electric Hairdressing ºC7 e.Spray*

Electric Hairdressing C-7 e-spray

Last night I had the incredible opportunity to meet Electric Hairdressing founder Mark Woolley as well as the incredible members of the Electric Hairdressing team from the Harvey Nichols salon in Edinburgh. As well as a rather exciting unveiling which I will tell you all about very soon (I have way too many photographs to edit), the night was also about celebrating the launch of the brand’s newest product – ºC7 e.Spray which is basically the best hairspray on the market!

C-7 e.spray Electric Hairdressing

The texture and performance of the hairspray has been inspired by on-set work done by the Electric Hairdressing team, so it provides hold and shine without feeling sticky, clumpy or gloopy. It applies to hair dry, so it keeps hair soft and sleek, and it can be used to create the most incredible styles. We saw the spray in action last night, and it created the most incredible big bouncy curls, bedhead waves and sleek ponytails in seriously quick succession. It’s also an amazing choice if you have coloured hair – rather than using alcohol like many other hairsprays, which can fade hair colour, Electric Hairdressing have opted for Cotton Oil Extract and Jojoba so lengths and ends will stay soft and conditioned and your colour will be safe! I’ve been reaching for my (huge) tin of ºC7 e.Spray ever since it came through the door. Since it’s been rather humid lately, the e.Spray works to keep my frizz-prone ends smooth, and it protects against the dreaded frizz! I absolutely love it for when I’m doing something a little special with my hair too! A few nights ago I popped a couple of rollers through the top layers of my hair, and gave them a blast of spray. My volume stayed all night, and the e.Spray never gives hair that weird stiff look. Not only this, but it’s perfect for summer as it contains ingredients which protect agains UV damage, meaning colour will stay fresh for as long as possible. Electric Hairdressing ºC7 e.Spray is priced at £17.50 and is available here.

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