Halo II Headband – Camo*

Halo Headband Camo 1

I’m something of a creature of habit, and it extends to everything from my makeup bag to my gym bag. When I’m heading off to the gym, I try and keep everything simple. That means, on any given day you’ll find a pair of black Lululemon leggings, a black V neck tee and my Nike Free Runs. It can get kind of dull. That’s why Halo II Headbands are perfect – not only do they work seriously well, but they look great too!

Halo Headband Camo

Made from two layers of Dryline fabric, the Halo II is brand’s best selling style, and it’s great, if like me, you have hair which you need to keep out of your face and eyes. Before starting a workout, I simply pop my hair up into a ponytail, and slip the Halo II Headband just above my hairline.

Halo Headband Camo 2

The underside of the bad has a line of yellow rubber which keeps the band in place and stops it slipping around no matter how hot and sticky you get! I have something of a big head, so sometimes headbands can feel a little tight on me or give me pressure headaches. Thankfully though, the Halo II fits snuggly and comfortably, and keeps me looking tidy no matter how red and out of breath I get!

The Halo II Headband in Grey Camo is priced £14.95 and is available here

Electric Hair Dispensary Launch – Harvey Nichols Edinburgh*


As I hinted at in my last post (here) two nights ago I enjoyed a wonderful evening in Harvey Nichols with Mark Woolley and his incredible Edinburgh team to celebrate the launch of the new Electric Hair Dispensary. It’s the only one of its type outside of London, and it’s a great idea. You can buy a duo of generous 500ml bottles (which have limited edition designs released each season) which is filled with your choice of Electric’s shampoo and conditioner in the salon from the achingly cool apothecary-esque dispensers.


Once you’ve worked your way through the bottles, you can then return to the salon to get them filled up again complete with a discount compared to the price you would pay for the regular bottles. Every season, Electric Hairdressing are going to team up with an artist to create a limited edition design, and at the moment Paloma Faith (an Electric Hair client) is currently designing the next duo! I couldn’t resist the gorgeous design coupled with their amazing Hydrating Shampoo, so obviously had to pick one up!


As if the unveiling of the dispensary wasn’t exciting enough, Mark and his team were also kind enough to give a couple of styling demonstrations which showed off how amazing the new Electric Hair Hairspray is! (You can read my review of it here.) The models gave the entire audience some serious hair envy, as Mark transformed the first girl from rollers, to sexy bedhead, to some incredible volume and then ended with a couple of ponytail ideas.


It seemed that all he had to do was spritz the hair and give it a few strokes with a brush to take it from one style to the next.


It was incredible to watch, and has rather inspired me to try to mix things up a little when it comes to my own hair as I do have a tendency to just opt for the same thing all the time!


We then heard from Steve Robinson who works out of Electric’s Oxford salon, and even though he had had an awful time trying to travel up to Edinburgh, he performed an incredible demonstration where he recreated a hairstyle from Harvey Nichols’ fashion show which had opened London Fashion week.


Again, the new ºC7 e.Spray played a major role in the look, as Steve used it to give hair a smooth, almost plastic-y sheen which was then contrasted with a rope braid.


I adored how sleek the whole look was, and it was amazing to see such an editorial look up close! Who knew a ponytail could be so chic?! As if the evening wasn’t great enough, we were sent home with goody bags containing samples of (my favourite) Hydrating Shampoo as well as prizes which included blow outs and the special edition bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

The special edition reusable 500ml bottles of shampoo and conditioner are £55 each and are on sale in-store.

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols and Electric Hair for inviting me to the launch of the new Dispensary.

Belsazar Vermouth Masterclass at Harvey Nichols*

Belsazar Vermouth Masterclass

As a rule, I’m not the world’s biggest drinker. I’m able to nurse a drink or two throughout an evening, and I usually go for something simple and uncomplicated when I choose to imbibe. I’m not sure I’d ever even looked at a bottle of vermouth before, so when I was kindly invited to a masterclass with exciting new brand Belsazar at Harvey Nichols led by the incredibly knowledgable Fliss, I knew I couldn’t refuse!

Harvey Nichols Belsazar

If, like me, you’re not too familiar with the tipple – vermouth is a fortified wine which originally started out as something of a medicine. Typically it’s found in cocktails like Negronis and Americanos, although Belsazar is creating a vermouth which can be used in classic concoctions as well as just sipped on its own with a little ice. We started the evening learning about the history of vermouth, and quickly got round to tastings – Belsazar is a German company, and get their grapes from the South Baden region. The company use only the highest quality, and carefully blend the wines with brandy and a touch of botanicals for flavour. Belsazar are the only people to produce German vermouth, and it’s such a discovery! We first tried all of the four variations (Dry, Red, Rosé and White) making sure to really notice their scents and flavour notes, I was seriously surprised at how delicious all four were!

Belsazar Vermouth

 We started with the Dry, which had notes of chamomile tea and fruit thanks to the inclusion of apricot brandy in the mix. We then moved onto the Rosé which was delicious! I think this one was my favourite thanks to creamy and fruity notes in it. Since it has the lowest alcohol content, it’s perfect for sipping on summer evenings, and it was absolutely delicious when mixed with ice, tonic water and a twist of grapefruit. My whole table thought it just tasted so light and refreshing, I think we all pledged to buy a bottle! Next up was the White, which is probably the most traditional of Belsazar’s vermouths. The refreshing and fruity notes would be a perfect accompaniment to spicy and oriental dishes, and it was incredibly refreshing when mixed as part of a classic martini. We finished up by tasting the Red vermouth. By far, this had the fullest and spiciest flavour, and when sipped alone it just tasted like mulled wine and Christmas. I think my most unexpected find of the evening came courtesy of the Red vermouth mixed as part of an espresso martini. When combined, the Red gave the cocktail a delicious depth of flavour, whilst the notes of cinnamon and cloves really sparkled with the coffee notes, in a word, it was incredible!

Prior to the masterclass, I’d never really considered vermouth as a drinks option. Usually I just go for something like a G&T or glass of champagne, but I’m a complete convert! Thankfully, the Harvey Nichols Forth Floor bar is already stocked up with Belsazar, whilst the Food Department will soon be filled with all four varieties of the vermouth available for purchase. I think I’m going to start with the Rosé whilst the weather is nice, and start experimenting with some mixes!

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols and Belsazar for inviting me! You can find Belsazar vermouth here

Helly Hansen W Active Headband*

 Helly Hansen Active Headband

I can’t really believe that we’re nearing the end of June, although I am relishing the long nights which mean I have ample time to get out and about to enjoy the golden light.

Helly Hansen Active Headband 1

To keep me looking tidy, and to brighten my otherwise monochromatic workout gear, I’ve been loving Helly Hansen’s W Active Headband in Neon Pink. It looks so bright and fun, and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. After securing my hair in a high ponytail, I just pop the band on. It’s super stretchy, so it fits my big head comfortably, and thanks to the double straps it stays in place, and keeps all my flyways neat and tidy.

Possibly the best thing about this awesome hairband? It’s only £ 8.00 and it’s available here.

10 Over 10 Salon – Tribeca


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post my review of 10 Over 10 salon which I visited when I was most recently in New York.

I had been aching to head down to Tribeca and try the salon for ever! It’s a perennial favourite of the who’s who of the fashion industry, and I had heard only good things about the place. Located between Duane and Reade Street, you have to look out for a cute little neon sign, and then head up the stairs. Even though I didn’t have an appointment, I was accommodated for a mani pedi, and I got to work choosing my colours, whilst sipping on green tea.


The sheer choice of colours available was beyond impressive. As well as having every Essie shade I could think of, as well as many, many more, I could choose from Chanel, Nars and 10 Over 10 own brand polishes – I was in heaven. I’m so picky when it comes to polish, and I really appreciated not having to tote my own along with me. I went for Chanel Fracas for hands and toes, and looked forward to the treatment.


When it was time for my pedi, I got shown to a comfy little chair and invited to relax whilst my technician got to work. The view is incredible – as warm light shone in I had the perfect people-watching spot for the entire duration. It was bliss. My feet were silky smooth afterwards, and I was super impressed with techniques used. This might sound a little odd, but the shape which my nails were filed into were perfect.


Following my pedi, I was shown to the manicure bar, where my fingers were suitably pampered – the service was blissful, and the technician didn’t blink an eye when I asked for an extra dose of acetone before polishing since my nails chip ridiculously easy. Unlike regular nail salons, there is no UV light which dries the polish, instead 10 Over 10 has developed their own special oil which dries polish quickly without bubbling or any other negative consequences. The mani lasted for around 4 days on me (a marathon by all accounts) and the pedi a week, and the whole experience was blissful. The salon is such a perfect little hideaway if city life is getting too much!

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