Gift Guide: Christmas Cheerz Box


We’re getting awfully close to the big day, and if you’re still trying to find gifts which people are going to love and cherish, I’ve got a tip for you! The Christmas Cheerz Box is a gorgeous little surprise which anyone would be over the moon to find under the tree!


Coming packaged in a stunning gift box, complete with silky ribbon, the Cheerz Christmas Box is a wonderful little surprise for all of your loved ones. You can upload photos either from your computer or from your Instagram account, which are then formatted to look like an old-school polaroid.


I chose some pictures from my travels as I never get round to printing them off! They’re so pretty, and you can play about with filters so make them look as vintage as you like!

Cheerz Christmas Boxes are priced at £12.95 and are available here

Azzi Glasser at Harvey Nichols*

Azzi Glasser at Harvey Nichols. 1

Getting a perfume designed to your exact specifications feels like something out of a dream. A pinch of something mixed with your favourite notes of this and that is something that most people can only fantasise about, but for Azzi Glasser, it’s her specialty.

Azzi Glasser at Harvey Nichols. 5

For the past few years, she’s been the nose behind some of the most beautiful perfumes. If you’ve sniffed Agent Provocateur’s scents (review here) or fallen in love with Bella Freud’s perfumes (review here) you’re familiar with Azzi’s work, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out she was releasing her own line of fragrances.

Azzi Glasser at Harvey Nichols. 4

Working closely with Harvey Nichols, Azzi Glasser has released a beautifully curated line of bespoke perfumes which are available exclusively from the store. So, as you can imagine, when I got the chance to sit down with Azzi a couple of weeks ago to learn more, I jumped!

Azzi Glasser at Harvey Nichols

The opportunity was truly an incredible one – Azzi is the perfumer to the stars, and has created bespoke fragrances for everyone from Johnny Depp to Orlando Bloom, so getting to sit down and listen to her stories behind the fragrances was fascinating. Since I don’t have the £15,000 it costs to create a bespoke fragrance with her, I wanted to hear all about the 11 scents she’s created for Harvey Nichols; each one inspired by a rather glamorous character.

Azzi Glasser C

The fragrances encompass everything from the rather stately smelling Old Books (Stephen Fry is a fan), to the wonderfully sexy Mr. Vetivert (beloved by ladies man Jude Law). Azzi has also included her own signature scent in the form of Sequoia Wood (a very sexy yet wearable blonde wood) in her line up, and I was very kindly gifted a bottle of the fragrance C.

Azzi Glasser C review

According to Azzi, C is worn by Kate Moss, and it is, undoubtedly, the darkest, sexiest scent I own. When first applied, there is a whoosh of rose and blonde woods, but it settles into a rich floral subtly accented with notes of Oudh and vetivert. It’s a scent for debauched evenings and I’m not surprised – the character of the perfume is described as ‘magnetic, confident and edgy,’ and it smell deliciously opulent! Since it’s such an attention grabbing fragrance – a couple of spritzes to my hair, neck and wrists keeps me smelling amazing all evening!

As if the perfumes weren’t beautiful enough, the effort put into the packaging of them is really something special. They come in a black box with resembles a book, complete with red seal. They’re really a thing of beauty, and really reinforce the links between Azzi’s perfumes and the characters she has created them for. Not only that, but if you’re collecting a few (and once you get a sniff of them, you’ll want to begin a collection!) they look incredibly imposing. Once you get inside the boxes, the bottles come in a black pouches which are perfect for popping into your handbag.

Azzi Glasser perfumes are priced at £95.00 each and you can find them here.

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols Edinburgh and to Azzi Glasser

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible*

Anti-Aging Bible

If you’re trying to find a gift for a rather beauty-obsessed member of the family, you really must check out Josephine Fairley & Sarah Stacey’s rather wonderful The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.

Anti-Aging Bible. 1

The rather fetching bright pink book is filled with the most extensive range of reviews and tips you could imagine. Every beauty, health and well being question you can think of has been thoughtfully answered by the authors.

Anti-Aging Bible. 2

Even big issues like plastic surgery and fillers are addressed, so, if you’re contemplating some treatments, The Anti Ageing Beauty Bible is the perfect place to start your research.

Anti-Aging Bible. 3

I love how comprehensive the book is! Everything from how to best tweeze your eyebrows to the best products for your skin and hair types. Basically, the book is everything you need to stay as glamorous as possible in the New Year!

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible is on offer for £12.74 and is available here.

Victoria Green Starflower Traveller Wash Bag*

Victoria Green Folding Makeup Bag

When it comes to travelling, I never do it light! I don’t know what it is, but I have a serious arsenal of makeup and beauty items which all fall squarely under the ‘must-have’ category, so carting them around with me can be a problem! Thankfully though, Victoria Green creates the cutest (and rather importantly the roomiest) of makeup and beauty bags. My gym favorite has to be the Starflower Traveller Wash bag, which has two super generous zippered compartments,  which means that keeping my rather generous stash organized is an absolute cinch!

Victoria Green Folding Makeup Bag 1

I just love the attention to detail on the Wash bag – from the adorable polka dot trim to the starflower pattern, it’s just adorable! I can’t even tell you how many people have commented on it when I’ve whipped it out at the gym!

Victoria Green Folding Makeup Bag 2

The inside of the bag is trimmed with the cutest polka dots, and the vinyl pockets mean that it’s so easy to keep clean (and it’s super easy to see what’s what).

Victoria Green Starflower Makeup Bag is priced at £15.00 and is available here

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson at Jenners*

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson

If you’re familiar with Edinburgh, chances are you’ve been in Jenners. It has to be one of the city’s most loved haunts, and if you’re in the mood for Christmas, you won’t find a bigger tree!

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 2

Last week though, I wasn’t in town for Christmas shopping. Instead, I hit up the rather spacious Bobbi Brown Counter to get one of their Ultimate Makeup Lessons. They’re a genius idea which lets you try out products ranging from serums to lip gloss to really get a feel for what you like.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 1

I was taken care of by Natalie, a fellow pale-skinned girl, who created the most gorgeous natural look complete with a shimmery brown eye. To say I was impressed was an understatement. Natalie listened to all my skin concerns, and began by recommending some of Bobbi Brown’s skincare. I’ve loved the Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturizing Balm for years, so it was so lovely when Natalie recommended it for me.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 8

Getting to try out a whole range of new products was amazing, and there were definitely some standouts – the Color Correcting Cream was amazing at reducing redness under my base, and I was so glad to try the Skin Serum Foundation.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 6

As Natalie talked me through her recommendations (and I studied her rather impressive brush work) she wrote down all the products she had used on a face chart. It’s a really great way to remember all the wonderful products (and it serves as a rather hand wishlist, which is always important at this time of year!)

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 9

The lesson lasts for around 45 minutes (although it absolutely flew by), and it’s really the best way to find out which products are going to be right for you. I got to have a sneak peek at Bobbi Brown’s gorgeous Christmas gift ideas which include the most wonderful palettes and brushes.

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson 10

The colours are absolutely beautiful – a lot of shimmy neutrals and browns which are my absolute favourites! If you fancy a little shakeup in your beauty routine, I can’t recommend the Ultimate Beauty Lesson enough! And the best thing? They’re free!

Arran Aromatics – Light Up the Season*

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season

When I was having a look around the new Arran Aromatics store (and simultaneously falling in love with everything lining the shelves), I was very kindly gifted the most festive of tins.

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 1

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 3

The exterior of the tin is the complete embodiment of the season – nutcrackers and bells are sprinkled all over it. I’ve already re-filled mine with Christmas cookies for all of our visitors!

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 4

Inside, it gets even better, as there are three Arran Aromatics candles tucked inside. The gift box is an absolute dream for people like me, who had never tried the brand’s candles before.

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season 5

The scents are some of my absolute favourites – the votives are Ultimate Fig and Just Grapefruit, whilst the large, single wick candle is Bergamot and Geranium. Since I love my house feeling all warm and cosy, these candles arrived at the perfect time!

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season Fig

The first of the trio I tried, was the Ultimate Fig votive. The scent is heavenly – it’s a clear, one note fragrance which feels wonderfully luxurious to burn. The fig isn’t too fruity, but instead it just perfumes the room with a subtle fragrance which is just beautiful.

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season Just Grapefruit

The second votive is the Just Grapefruit scent, and it’s just so fresh, clean and fruity! I burnt mine during the all-too-short hours of sunshine as it’s a really wonderfully uplifting fragrance. I also love how dinky the votives are! They make layering scents incredibly easy, and they look adorable to boot!

Arran Aromatics Light Up the Season Bergamot & Geranium

The large single wick candle in the trio is Bergamot & Geranium scented, and is absolutely heavenly! The mix of florals creates a fragrance which feels absolutely spa worthy to burn! It’s a really fresh, clean mix of flowers, and it burned cleanly and evenly, scenting my rooms perfectly!

The Light Up The Season set is an absolute winner of a gift! You can find it here for £28.00

Rodial Beauty at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh*

Rodial Harvey Nichols Edinburgh

So Rodial might be a brand which is well known for beauty products with rather catchy names which deliver results. So, when I found out that they had a makeup range, I got rather excited! What I didn’t realise is, that, for the past year or so, Harvey Nichols in London have been selling the range, and it’s been rather successful. Thankfully, for those of us living a little further north, Harvey Nichols Edinburgh have a  brand new counter devoted to the brand’s makeup, so when I was kindly invited to get my makeup done I absolutely jumped at the chance!

Rodial at Harvey Nichols

The makeup collection is a wonderfully curated set of must-haves which include a super light Instaglam Skin Tint which is basically an Instagram filter in a tube and an Airbrush Concealer which makes any imperfections completely disappear without looking or feeling heavy. I opted for an easy to recreate natural look, and I just love how subtle the products were, and I completely fell in love with the Glamstick Lipstick in Bite. It’s the perfect nude colour, and it feels incredible on the lips!

Rodial at Harvey Nichols goodie bag

As if getting my makeup done wasn’t amazing enough, I was very kindly gifted a goodie bag filled with some of the brand’s incredible skincare. I love how generously sized they are – I’ve been getting over a week’s worth of use out of them, and I’m absolutely head over heels for them!

Rodial at Harvey Nichols Goodie bag 1

Getting to try out products like the Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum is such a thrill. The full size bottle is a rather splurge-worthy £250.00, so getting to use the serum at home is a lovely luxury!  The Bee Venom Cleansing Balm and Super Serum are a gorgeous little duo too! They smell incredible, and are such a lovely way to feel awake in the mornings!

Thank you so much to Rodial and Harvey Nichols Edinburgh for having me!

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store

Arran Aromatics Edinurgh Store 8

If you’re in Edinburgh and fancy treating your nearest and dearest, you just have to pop into Arran Aromatics’ brand new store on George Street.

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store 10

Just over a week ago, I was kindly invited into the store to get a look at all the beautiful decorations and products Arran Aromatics have for Christmas, and I’ve got say, I was in heaven!

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh store

The store itself is an absolute haven in the city centre! Painted in the most gorgeous neutral tones, it’s a dream of a store, and it is filled with the biggest selection of Arran Aromatics goodies I’ve ever seen!

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store 9

The Christmas gifts were out in full force, and there is such an awesome collection! If you’re looking for either home or beauty gifts, Arran Aromatics really does have you covered! I’ve been lucky enough to try a couple of the gift options, and I have to say, they’re amazing! I’m going to be posting my in-depth reviews as soon as possible, but you can read the first one here.

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store 7

As if the store wasn’t beautiful enough, it’s completely decked out for Christmas. The decorations are absolutely adorable – one window is filled with a rather twinkly tree, whilst the other has the cutest carousel.

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store 1

How adorable is the little carousel?! Dotted amongst the little nutcrackers were Arran Aromatics candles and fragrances. I absolutely love the little figures – a lot of the Christmas packaging features nutcrackers too, so the display was just too cute!

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store 11

In addition to all the special Christmas products, the store was absolute filled with Arran Aromatics’ regular ranges. It was so lovely getting to test and smell all of the brand’s lotions and potions!

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store 5

I can’t tell you how many products have landed squarely in my wish list! The shower products look absolutely divine!

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh Store 2

I didn’t even realise that Arran Aromatics had so many fragrances to wear! The very back of the store is devoted to them – you can pull up a stool and find the perfect scent for you or your loved ones.

Arran Aromatics Edinburgh store 12

The store is an absolute gem, so if you’re in Edinburgh and have Christmas presents to buy, you really must visit the store! You can find it at 63 George Street Edinburgh

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel*

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel 5

I have to admit to being a smudge behind on my posting schedule. Life has just been beyond hectic, so, in the thought of better late than never, I thought I would share some of the awesome events I’ve been to over the past couple of weeks.

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel 6

About 10 days ago I was very kindly invited to a night of Urban Decay beauty held in Edinburgh’s Roxburghe’s hotel. I had never been into the hotel before, but I’ve been super curious as it’s located right in Charlotte Square, one of the city’s most beautiful addresses! So, after being ushered in out of the rain, and plied with a rather delicious cocktail, I snuck into one of the hotel’s conference rooms where I was met with perhaps the largest displays of Urban Decay makeup I’ve ever come across!

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel 8

The evening was hosted by Debenhams and makeup artist Danielle Roberts, and was all about getting seriously glam in time for Christmas. Half the room was filled with tables absolutely stocked with Urban Decay makeup, and it was seriously difficult not coming away with absolutely everything!

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel 7

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel

Getting to play around with the makeup was so much fun, and you could tell how excited everyone was to be there!

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel 9

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel 2

The girls from Urban Decay were there to answer any question you could think of, as well as to apply the makeup you wanted to try, and they couldn’t have been nicer! As I debated between lipgloss colours, I enjoyed a hand massage from the lovely beauticians from the Roxburghe Hotel’s spa, and then it was time to sit down for the makeup masterclass.

Urban Decay, Debenhams & The Roxburghe Hotel 3

Considering most of the time I spend on Youtube is watching beauty videos, getting to see Danielle Roberts in action was a complete treat! Using the new Vice 4 Palette (you can see my review of it here) Danielle got to work on the gorgeous model, creating a stunning smoky eye look.


It was great to see such a talented makeup artist at work, and it gave me some really great tips and ideas for my own makeup looks. There was a chance to ask Danielle any questions the audience had, and my Urban Decay wish list has grown even longer than before! As if the evening wasn’t lovely enough, we left clutching goody bags kindly donated by Debenhams which included the most adorable dinky lipsticks and perfume samples!

Thank you so much to The Roxburghe Hotel, Debenhams, Urban Decay and Danielle Roberts for having me.

Brora Cashmere Long Fingerless Gloves*

Brora Long Cashmere Gloves 3

So this morning we saw the first snow of the year. It transformed from big, damp flakes on my windshield to an almost complete whiteout in the space of a workout, so the drive home felt more than a little perilous. So, now that I feel we’re in the midst of real winter, I thought it would be a great excuse to share one of my favourite finds – Brora’s stunning Cashmere Long Fingerless Gloves.

Brora Long Cashmere Gloves

The gloves are made of the softest two-ply Scottish cashmere, and they dreamy soft! On cold, wet days like today, they are just what your want to pull on to feel as snug as possible.

Brora Long Cashmere Gloves 1

The fact that they’re fingerless is absolutely perfect for me! It’s a pretty widely known fact among my friends that I’m a bit of a klutz, so not having to whip the gloves off every time I need to send a text or an email feels like an absolute godsend!

Brora Long Cashmere Gloves 2

The cashmere is just the softest you can imagine, and they are so warm and cosy, they are just a dream to wear! The long arm length is super flattering (not to mention cozy) too! Since I tend to rotate through a wardrobe of neutrals, the pop of colour feels super fun, and I like to wear them slouched down over my wrists under blazers and coats.

Brora’s Cashmere Long Fingerless Gloves are priced at £59 and are available here


Easton Regal Winter Hair Treat


There are a million reasons why you should visit London in the winter: the lights, the shopping, the general festive cheer. But one which is terribly tempting is Easton Regal’s new winter hair menu which has just launched.


The salon is a beautiful, super sleek haven from the city buzz, and they’re offering 45 minute hair-up sessions complete with a glass of bubbly!


You can choose from styles like ‘Regal Wave’ and ‘Regal Knot’ and they’re guaranteed to keep you looking beautiful throughout the festive period!

You can book in for a Coife and Cocktail for only £49 at Easton Regal.