Diamond Whites Black Edition Liquid*


Undoubtedly, the most fashionable things in the world of dental care have to be coconut oil and charcoal. They’re a seemingly odd combination (after all who would think that something completely black would whiten teeth?!) but rather amazingly, Diamond Whites have managed to combine the two in their new Black Edition Liquid.


The Black Edition Liquid basically makes oil-pulling incredibly easy, as it’s a mix of coconut oil and charcoal. Diamond Whites recommend swishing it about for 15-20 minutes, but that can be a little hard, so I normally use it for around ten. Since it’s liquid already, you don’t need to faff around in the bathroom melting coconut oil. Instead, it’s ready to go, and within a single use I can see and feel the difference. Teeth look whiter and my mouth feels incredibly clean.

Diamond White Black Edition Liquid is priced at £9.99 and is available here.

Ishga Rejuvenating Eye Balm*


Considering I’ve been pretty much obsessed with skincare since I could walk, it’s probably no surprise that I’ve tried a few eye creams in my time. By the time I was about 14 I slathered the stuff on nightly (much to my mother’s amusement) and I’ve kept up my routine ever since. Recently though, I’ve started to apply eye cream in the mornings, a little massaged in prior to foundation and concealer leaves my skin hydrated all day, and it keeps my makeup in place too!


My current favourite for day use is Ishga’s Rejuvenating Eye Balm. The Scottish skincare brand, which uses Hebridean seaweed as the basis of all of their products, is so gentle on delicate skin, and I have just fallen in love with their products! The Rejuvenating Eye Balm is a new release for Ishga, and it’s perfect if you’re in need of a little hydration! I use a single pump of the formula, and massage it into my under eye area. Then, I’m good to go – I apply my makeup as normal, and I can’t even tell you how smoothly it applies! Even well into the afternoon, when I normally require a bit of a touch up to  feel human, but after using Ishga, my eye make up still looks freshly applied.

Ishga’s Rejuvenating Eye Balm will be released soon!

Dermalogica launches their new Phyto Replenish Oil at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh*


When an invite arrived in my inbox inviting me to the launch of a brand new Dermalogica product at Harvey Nichols, you can imagine how quickly I RSVP’d. I love a good skincare evening – the chance to learn about new products, as well as have a bit of a play around with them is always great fun, plus I just love learning insider tips from those in the know!


So, on Thursday I popped into Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols store for the pre-launch of Dermalogica’s brand new Phyto Replenish Oil. Not only was it a chance to have a bit of a play with the new oil, but it was also something of a launch for the Dermalogica counter which has only been around for six or so weeks.


It’s an absolute beast of a counter, full of hi-tech corners with iPads mounted on the counter and informational videos. It’s a counter like no other – if you pick up an item, an accompanying screen lights up and tells you all about it, as well as how to best apply and use it. The whole experience is very interactive and educational, and I can’t wait to head back in to play around with it a bit more!


So, after sitting down with a glass of Harvey Nichols Prosecco (which, I should add, is just delicious) we were introduced to Jean-Paul, Dermalogica’s only male skincare expert, who was leading the evening’s presentation. As well as learning about the new oil, we were treated to a demonstration of a FaceFit treatment, and taught all about facial massage.


As someone with dry skin, I’m a big fan of facial oils – I apply one most nights, and I use a drop in my foundation daily, but I can understand why some people might be nervous. It’s easy to assume that using an oil will automatically make skin look wet or greasy, but since Dermalogica’s is non comedogenic, it doesn’t clog pores, instead it just disappears into the skin.


The Phyto Replenish Oil is filled with goodness from Chia Oils among many other super hydrating and lightweight ingredients, and I can’t even tell you how good it feels on the skin. After passing a couple of bottles around the audience, we were instructed in a number of facial massages which have been specially designed to hydrate and moisturise.


I’ve already started to include a little facial massage into my evening routine, so I’ll let you know if I start to see a difference! Then, we were all treated to some facial mapping. It’s a great little service that Dermalogica offer to see what and where your skin needs a little more TLC, and it’s nice to know your doing all the right things! Then, it was time to head home, laden with the most generous of goody bags – I was very kindly gifted a full size bottle of the Phyto Replenish Oil, which I’ve been testing all weekend. I’ll have a full review up soon, but spoiler alert – it’s a gem!

Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil launches on September 1st

*Thank you to Harvey Nichols Edinburgh and Dermalogica for inviting me to the event.

Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil*

DSC_0967 (1)

As someone with perennially dry skin, I’m always on the lookout for products which leave me feeling soft and hydrated, and my newest find is Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil, an oil designed to protect skin from Free Radical damage whilst renewing skin’s appearance.


It’s a super lightweight oil which is great for both dry and oily skin types – it won’t clog pores, and it just disappears into skin when applied. Every evening, after cleansing with a foaming face wash, I pat my skin dry, then press a couple of drops of oil onto my face.The Recovery Treatment Oil sinks into skin almost immediately, leaving it feeling super soft and smooth.


I don’t just use Malin + Goetz Treatment Recovery Oil at night though. Since the formula is all about protecting skin from harm, I like to add a drop or two to my morning routine too! Prior to applying my regular moisturiser, I press a two to three drops into my driest areas, to keep skin hydrated throughout the day. Then, when I’m applying my foundation, I add a single drop to the base prior to applying. It gives foundation the perfect amount of glow, and it sheers it out a little, making it perfect for summer makeup!

Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil is priced at £62 and is available here

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist*


Last year I was lucky enough to experience one of Omorovicza’s incredible facials, when Harvey Nichols Edinburgh invited me for an afternoon of relaxation. Apart from glowing skin, I walked away with a skincare wish-list as long as my arm, and right up at the top was the Queen of Hungary Mist.


In addition to a name that makes me feel akin to Marie Antoinette (or perhaps Empress Elizabeth of Austria aka Queen of Hungary), the Facial Mist is just a study in luxurious perfection. As if I didn’t love the mist enough, Omorovicza have just released this new limited edition bottle, and it’s more than fair to say that I’m in love!


The glass bottle feels thick and sturdy to hold, and the designs which swirl round it are just beautiful. I don’t think it could look more summer-appropriate, and I’m just aching to throw it into a beach bag! As well as looking the part – my Queen of Hungary Mist is a real skin-saver. Last week we had some record temperatures, and a quick spritz of the mist kept me looking and feeling fresh all day, despite my trampling around three different towns and cities.


The mist is super-fine, and wouldn’t mess the most intricate of makeup looks. Instead, it just delivers the most perfect, cooling spritz that feels absolutely heavenly to apply. Scented with neroli and rose, a quick application is a super quick way to both relax and freshen skin. As well as using it as a way to cool down, the Queen of Hungary Mist can also be used as a gentle toner. It’s wonderful to use if your skin is slightly dry or sensitised, and I love a quick mist prior to applying a sheet mask.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist Limited Edition Bottle is priced at £25.00 and is available here (UK) and regularly here (US)

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