Leighton Denny Tribal Collection*


When it comes to nail brands, you know it’s going to be great when it comes to Leighton Denny. From colours which just feel perfect, to formulas which have to be used to be believed, you can see Leighton’s expertise in every aspect of his polishes!


The first colour that I pulled from the line up was Desert Rain. It’s a perfect, punchy, cobalt blue which verges on neon, and is perfect if you’re after something that’s bright, fun and a little bit different. I’ve actually been looking for a shade like this one for a while – a couple of years ago I splashed out on an YSL Arty Ring in blue and gold, and I’ve been looking for a run manicure colour to wear with it, and this one fits the bill beautifully.


One coat of the polish leaves nails with a rich, colour saturated, opaque coat of varnish, whilst a second coat gives an extra sense of richness. The varnish is incredibly easy to work with, and dries quickly to a high shine. I got three days of wear with Tribal Rain.


Possibly the most challenging colour of the collection is Tiger Tamer, which is a rich, mustard yellow, which, in certain lights, almost hits neon. Since I’m really not a yellow type of person – it’s not my colour in the slightest – I passed it on to a friend to use and review, and I’m seriously glad I did.


On her, it looks gorgeous, a seriously cool green-tinged yellow that shifts in the light, and looks all round awesome. She raved about the formula too! Like Tribal Rain, the formula was rich and creamy with serious lasting power.


Tribal Survival was the third polish I tried, and is an exclusive to M&S colour. a stunning, subtle tone-shifting lilac, this is a polish like no other in my collection. If you’re looking for something soft and pretty, but which feels modern to use, this is the one for you!


Depending on the light, Survival Instinct flits between a soft grey and lavender, and it looks great if you’ve got a hint of a tan. Surprisingly, for such a light colour, it applies wonderfully – almost opaque in a single coat, and with a second your left with smooth, glossy digits.

Leighton Denny polishes are priced at £12 each and are available here


Nails Inc After Gel Hangover Cure 10 in 1 Nail Treatment

Nails inc After Gel Hangover Cure 10 in 1 Nail Treatment

Despite my best intentions, my nails never really get to the stage of looking really good. I know that it’s partly my fault – I do sit and pick and my cuticles a bit, which is a habit I do need to break. But, my nails are also quite thin, with a propensity for breaking and peeling, so, in an effort to grow them, I snapped up the new Nails Inc After Gel Hangover Cure.

Nails inc After Gel Hangover Cure 10 in 1 Nail Treatment 1

Even though I’ve sworn off gel nails (I got them done once about five years ago, and my nails were paper thin for months after getting them removed), most of my nail problems seem similar to the ones caused by gels, so this seemed like a rather perfect product!

Nails inc After Gel Hangover Cure 10 in 1 Nail Treatment 1

Packaged in one of Nails Inc’s signature bottles (although they change so regularly it’s hard to keep up!) the After Gel promises to be a ten in one product. The lofty claims include strengthening, hardening and protecting nails, all whilst leaving them with a pretty gloss.

Nails inc After Gel Hangover Cure 10 in 1 Nail Treatment Brush

In between manicures (as well as painting my nails myself), I’ve been painting on a light layer of the treatment onto clean, bare nails, and leaving it on for a day or so. It applies exactly like a regular polish, and it does leave a lovely glossy shine. The formula is filled with ingredients like Kale, Keratin and Argan Oil to hydrate and nourish, so it’s perfect if you’ve got iffy little nails like me!

Nails inc After Gel Hangover Cure 10 in 1 Nail Treatment 3

I have to say that I’ve been rather impressed with Nails Inc’s offering. Sure, I haven’t grown talons of my own yet, but my nails do feel sturdier. They aren’t peeling as much, and they’ve grown a little, allowing my to wear some cute red and pink polishes (when I normally stick to darks and neutrals). It’s such a great and easy way of taking care of your nails, and weirdly, I love the fact that they’re acknowledging the damage gels actual do – I’ve been told so many times that I should opt for a shellac or gel instead of my regular varnish that it’s so annoying to go through my weakened my nails actually are. I’m not sure it’s really a ten-in-one treatment, but it gives real strength to weakened nails, and that’s all that I’m after!

Nails Inc After Gel Hangover Cure 10-in-1 Treatment is priced at £9.50 and is available here.

Deborah Lippmann Undressed Nail Polish Set*


Ok, so I know I just complained about how bad the weather has been in Edinburgh, but even though it is freezing cold, it is still the middle of April, and I am so in the mood to ditch my dark nail varnishes!


I feel like I’ve been wearing variations of black polish since about September, and even though I do love a dark mani (so sleek, so shiny) I’ve been really feeling the need to lighten up. So, I couldn’t resist when Deborah Lippmann’s Undressed Nail Polish Set arrived!

DSC_0349 2

Containing six of the most beautiful nude shades, the set pretty much has every skin tone covered. If I’m going for a real ‘mannequin hands’ look, the two lightest shades are pretty much spot on. The darker tones look super sophisticated on short nails.


As much as I adore the colour selection, I just can’t get over how cute the bottles are! They’re mini versions of Deborah Lippman’s regular varnishes, and they are just the cutest, dinkiest little things!


Skin Deep is the richest of the six shades, and would be the perfect natural nail colour if you have darker skin. It’s a stunning chocolate-milk shade which feels so sophisticated to wear.


The formula is perfectly creamy, and almost opaque in a single coat. This feels like a new way for me to wear a neutral nail colour, and I’m sure it’s an absolute god-send if you’re looking for a deep-skin nude tone.


Described as a full-coverage almond nude, Natural Woman is the most beautiful tan shade.


Like all of the polishes, Natual Woman is a smooth full-coverage creamy formula, which needs just two coats to look beautifully shiny. I absolutely love wearing this when I’m wearing camel colours, it feels like an almost 1970’s chic take on nail colour



Bare it All is the polish I reached for first when the set arrived, as the warm mauve-nude shade is just so pretty and unusual.


It’s a beautifully toned-down way to wear pink nails, and it’s super work appropriate too! Again, creamy opaque coverage was achieved in two coats.


Born This Way is probably the brightest of the six polishes, and is a stunning peachy-apricot shade. It’s a really stunning choice to wear if your nails are looking or feeling a little dingy (mine sometimes do after wearing super dark polishes) as it’s just an easy neutral.


I was pleasantly surprised at how rich and opaque Born This Way, and I only needed two coats. Usually when I’m wearing colours like it I have to layer three or four coats, so two feels like an absolute breeze!


Totally Nude is the closest of the collection to my own skin tone, and it’s described as a fair pink nude. This has been the polish I reach for the most out of the six as it makes my fingers look super long and thin, and really, who doesn’t want that!?


I absolutely love wearing Totally Nude, as it really is just the perfect nude polish for my skin tone. It’s also a great choice if you’re travelling, as not only are Deborah Lippmann polishes wonderfully long-wearing, but chips, if they do appear, hardly show up with this polish.

Last up is Flesh for Fantasy, which is just the most heavenly alabaster nude shade. If you’re a super pale girl, this is going to be the nude polish for you! I absolutely adore how cool and creamy the shade is, and it just looks divine on short nails!


I don’t think I’ve got a shade quite like Flesh for Fantasy in my stash, and it feels like a perfect Springtime neutral. Even though it’s lighter than my skin tone, I just love the contrast, and I think it would look just incredible worn with a tan. It’s almost a take on a white manicure that way!

Deborah Lippmann’s Undressed Nail Varnish Set is priced at £27 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliate & Hand Treatment*

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator & Hand Treatment

Now we’re squarely into December, and the temperature has taken a rather seasonal downward turn, I’m all about hiding indoors and giving myself a bit of a pamper. So, these brand new goodies from Molton Brown couldn’t have arrived at a better time!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Exfoliator & Hand Treatmen 1

Packaged in some seriously slick silver tubes, the Alba White Truffle duo are designed to really treat and soothe winter-ravaged hands, and they could feel more luxurious to use! They really are a must-have if you like a do-it-yourself manicure!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Exfoliator

Once or twice per week, and before painting my nails, I’ve been using the Hand Exfoliator. It’s a super thick scrub which smells absolutely incredible! The formula contains a rare Alba truffle extract to soften skin, and since it has such a rich texture, you only need to use the tiniest amount per application.

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Exfoliator 1JPG

The duo has to be one of the best smelling products I’ve tried all year! The fragrance contains a blend of myrrh, nutmeg and vanilla, and it’s ridiculously yummy. It’s the perfect gourmand scent, and I really can’t get enough of the stuff! I wash off the exfoliator using warm water and a clean flannel, and my hands are so, so smooth. If, like me, you suffer from cuticles which peel and hands that need a little pampering, you have to try it!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Treatment 1

After giving my hands a good slough, I’ve been slathering them in the delicious Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment. It’s one of the thickest and most luxurious hand creams I’ve tried, and it’s absolutely glorious!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Treatment

Despite the incredibly thick consistency, the Hand Treatment really soaks into skin quite quickly, and it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated rather than sticky. Again, the scent of the cream is divine – heavily vanilla-based, but in no way too sweet or cloying. It’s a beautifully festive option! Using the duo feels like such a treat, and my hands are really showing the benefit of using them!

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator is priced at £14.00 and is available here. The Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment is priced at £14.00 and is available here

Essie Prêt a Surfer*

Essie Pret a Surfer

To say that the weather has been could for the past couple of weeks is something of an understatement. The sun has hardly peeked out, and as a result, I’ve been at something of a quandary about what colour to choose for my pedicures. I feel like black is a bit dull considering we’re in the middle of July, and my usual bright reds and pinks just feel a little tired. Essie’s new Pret-a-Surfer shade, though feels incredibly fresh to wear.

Essie Pret a Surfer 1

Described as ‘marine blue,’ Pret-a-Surfer is a stunning creamy shade which veers from almost denim to milky depending on the light. The application of the polish was perfect – almost opaque in one coat, and completely in two. The colour applied evenly, and it dried to a glossy finish – everything you could ask for in a summer polish!Essie Pret a Surfer swatch

Essie Prêt a Surfer is priced at £7.99 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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