Glossybox December 2015*

Glossybox UK December

I think we all have rather high expectations for the last beauty boxes of the year, and thankfully, Glossybox haven’t haven’t disappointed! Teaming up with blogger ReallyRee, this month’s offering is a study in rose gold, and covers everything from skincare to lipgloss!

Glossybox UK December 1Glossybox UK December 2

The box itself is such a joy to open – a metallic rose gold emblazoned with wintery sayings. It feels wonderfully seasonal, and it’s just so pretty!

Glossybox UK December contents

Once you get inside, you can see how well thought out the box is. With everything from a face mask to highlighter, the box really does contain everything you need to get through the festive season!

Glossybox UK December decleor

I’m always rather happy to get Darphin samples – they’re a brand I’m pretty much in love with, so getting to try the new 8 Flower Nectar Oil Cream. It’s a super rich formula, that just sinks into dry skin, so my winter-ravaged skin has really been enjoying the treat! It is quite heavily fragranced, but it’s such a gentle cream that I don’t really mind.

Glossybox UK December 3

Etre Belle is a brand I don’t think I’ve come across before, but their Caviar Eye Gel sounds rather luxurious! Packaged in a golden roller ball, the gel smoothes, relaxes and refreshes tired eyes, so it’s perfect for using after late evenings. The gel itself is lovely and lightweight, and I keep my rollerball in the fridge for some extra refreshment.

Glossybox UK December 8

The final piece of skincare in the box is a Starskin Red Carpet Ready Face Mask. I absolutely adore these paper masks, as they force me to sit still and actually relax, so I’m looking forward to trying out this one! It promises to smooth, rejuvenate and hydrate skin, so I can’t wait!

Glossybox UK December 4

I don’t think I could love the colour of this Essence Liquid Lipstick any more if I tried. Even though I wear neutral shades daily, this pinky red is just so pretty, and it provides a much needed pop of colour during grey evenings.

Glossybox UK December 5

It’s a full size tube, and it has a beautifully glossy finish on the lips. It’s not the longest-wearing colour I’ve tried, but it’s a great colour and doesn’t feel drying to wear.

Glossybox UK December 9

In grey December days, I like my skin to look as healthy as possible, so this So Susan Skin Highlighting Crayon was very warmly welcomed. I think it’s another full size product, and it’s a great little makeup bag staple.

Glossybox UK December 10

Packaged in a crayon stick, the highlighter itself has a chiselled tip for precise and easy application, and on the skin it gives a luminous golden sheen. If you’re a mid to olive tone, I think this will look absolutely stunning, as it does look a little yellow on my pink-toned skin.

Glossybox UK December 6

The last little gem in the box is a full size nail colour from the Cheeky brand. It’s the diffusion line from the Cowshed Beauty Line, and the shade is Candy Shop – a true bubblegum pink.

Glossybox UK December 7

To get an even, opaque coverage I needed three thin coats, but it’s such a staple shade, I can see myself reaching for it well into the Spring.

Glossybox subscriptions are priced from £10.00 per month +p&p and are available here.

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliate & Hand Treatment*

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator & Hand Treatment

Now we’re squarely into December, and the temperature has taken a rather seasonal downward turn, I’m all about hiding indoors and giving myself a bit of a pamper. So, these brand new goodies from Molton Brown couldn’t have arrived at a better time!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Exfoliator & Hand Treatmen 1

Packaged in some seriously slick silver tubes, the Alba White Truffle duo are designed to really treat and soothe winter-ravaged hands, and they could feel more luxurious to use! They really are a must-have if you like a do-it-yourself manicure!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Exfoliator

Once or twice per week, and before painting my nails, I’ve been using the Hand Exfoliator. It’s a super thick scrub which smells absolutely incredible! The formula contains a rare Alba truffle extract to soften skin, and since it has such a rich texture, you only need to use the tiniest amount per application.

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Exfoliator 1JPG

The duo has to be one of the best smelling products I’ve tried all year! The fragrance contains a blend of myrrh, nutmeg and vanilla, and it’s ridiculously yummy. It’s the perfect gourmand scent, and I really can’t get enough of the stuff! I wash off the exfoliator using warm water and a clean flannel, and my hands are so, so smooth. If, like me, you suffer from cuticles which peel and hands that need a little pampering, you have to try it!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Treatment 1

After giving my hands a good slough, I’ve been slathering them in the delicious Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment. It’s one of the thickest and most luxurious hand creams I’ve tried, and it’s absolutely glorious!

Molton Brown White Truffle Hand Treatment

Despite the incredibly thick consistency, the Hand Treatment really soaks into skin quite quickly, and it leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated rather than sticky. Again, the scent of the cream is divine – heavily vanilla-based, but in no way too sweet or cloying. It’s a beautifully festive option! Using the duo feels like such a treat, and my hands are really showing the benefit of using them!

Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator is priced at £14.00 and is available here. The Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment is priced at £14.00 and is available here

LiquiLift Bioactive Facial Mask at Harvey Nichols*

Liquilift Harvey Nichols 1

So my adoration of the Harvey Nichols Beauty Department isn’t exactly a secret. Show me a glossy hall chock-full of the most luxurious of products, and I’m there! But, what I think what really sets Harvey Nicks apart though, is the store’s dedication to finding amazing new products which are just waiting to become part of your skincare regime. The store’s newest acquisition is Liquilift – a brand new line of skincare which is a real world first!


The Liquilift Mask is described as a Bioactive Face Lift in a Jar, and in a word, it’s amazing! I was very kindly offered the chance to head over to Harvey Nichols last Thursday where I got to try out the mask, as well as chat to the brand’s awesome founder Tammy Hollis.

Liquilift Tatler

What I loved is how passionate Tammy is about the brand – she has a seriously impressive resume, and just chatting, you could sense how much work has gone into the products. Since she was little, you could say that Tammy has been more than a little obsessed with cosmetics and beauty – she slept with soaps under her pillow when she was little, and her sense of smell is so good, her mother tried to get her on Blue Peter identifying scents! Whilst she was at university, she studied Human Anatomy and Physiology, and debated whether to become a vet, or work in plastic surgery. Thankfully for us, she chose the latter! After working with reconstructive tattooing, as well as using vascular lasers, Tammy moved more into education and development for salon-only brands, and her work has taken her everywhere from Russia to Florida!

Liquilift Harpers Bazaar

She told me that Liquilift was originally intended for use only in salons, so the ingredients are incredibly pure as well as very active, and that you can use the Bioactive Facial Mask as an alternative to Botox! Of course I had to try it out! After cleansing, a layer of the mask was applied to my face and neck. At first there is the tiniest tingling sensation as the mask’s active ingredients travel into your skin. I won’t get too sciency (purely because I can’t explain it as well as Tammy did) but the active molecules penetrate skin, meaning the mask works inside, rather than being a topical cream. The mask is made of the purest ingredients, and the cucumber and aloe in it make it smell amazing!

Liquilift Vogue

I then lay back for forty minutes and chatted to Tammy about all things skincare whilst the mask got to work. I say chatted loosely – the formula begins to dry and tighten, so that five minutes in I could barely move. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, just kind of weirdly fun. To be honest, I just loved feeling that something was definitely happening to my face! After leaving the mask on for the recommended 40 minutes, I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin – it felt super smooth and soft. On Friday I could still see the difference – no puffiness, and my skin still felt lovely! What’s super exciting is that the mask works over time to help skin look younger, and if you’re suffering from sagging skin, this is the mask for you! It creates the most insane before and after photos – so it’s perfect if you’ve got something special planned!

Liquilift Harvey Nichols

As if a mask wasn’t enough Liquilift are in the process of expanding their product line to include a daily moisturiser as well as body strips. I was kindly gifted both, so I shall diligently try them out and report back! But my experience of the mask was amazing!

Liquilift Bioactive Facial Mask is available from Harvey Nichols and is priced at £90.00

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols and to Tammy for my treatment – it was awesome!

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