ARK SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque*

ARK SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque

As the weather is getting colder, I find that I need to put a little more thought and effort into my skincare routine to keep everything as hydrated and as moisturised as possible.

ARK SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque 1

Since I’m a big fan of face masks, I thought I would give one which focused on adding moisture rather than cleansing a go, so I opted for ARK Skincare’s SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque. Packaged in a chic minimalistic white tube, ARK Skincare promise that the masque will ‘quench skin, plump wrinkles and restore vibrancy.’ So I thought it would be the perfect thing to pop on whilst I gave myself something of an at-home spa evening.

ARK SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque 2

After giving my face a really good cleanse and exfoliation, I simply smooth the Skinperfector Hydration Injection Masque over my face, neck and chest and let the formula get to work. Depending on how dry and dehydrated my skin is, I leave it on for anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes before removing it with a hot towel.

ARK SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque 3

I love how luxurious the rich formula feels to apply, and my skin really feels pampered after I’ve applied it. The formula itself is filled with skin-favourite ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid Booster which drenches skin with moisture, optimising the circulation of water through all skin layers and providing 24-hour protection against water loss, whilst Sugar Beet and Abyssinian Oil intensely nourish the skin leaving it feeling velvety soft.

ARK Skincare’re SkinPerfector Hydration Injection Masque is priced at £35.00 and is available here.

Mavala Fabulous Lashes*

Mavala Fabulous Lashes

I’m having a serious case of Mavala love right now – I’m currently sporting a mani and pedi courtesy of the brand, and who knew that they had branched into non-nail cosmetics.

Mavala Fabulous Lashes 1

I thought a great place to start is the Fabulous Lashes set which includes a bottle of Double Lash Night Treatment and a tube of black Creamy Mascara. The duo means that you can treat your lashes as you sleep, then keep them inky black during the day.

Mavala Fabulous Lashes 2

The Double Lash treatment comes packaged in a slightly larger version of the brand’s iconic nail varnish bottles, and it’s absolutely adorable! Rather than being filled with a gorgeous nail colour though, the Double Lash formula is designed to achieve ‘longer, fuller, stronger lashes’ and all you need to do is brush it through clean lashes every evening.

Mavala Fabulous Lashes 3

Since I’ve only been using Double Lash for the past week or so, I can’t say I’ve noticed a massive surge in growth, but I have felt like they are softer and maybe even a little longer!

Mavala Fabulous Lashes 4

For day, the Fabulous Lashes duo includes a tube of black Creamy Mascara, which is just perfect if you’re looking for a pretty, lash lengthening formula.

Mavala Fabulous Lashes 5

I absolutely adore the curved brush – unlike a few formulas I’ve been trying, it’s bristly, which means every lash is really gripped, curled and coated in mascara, leaving them looking long, and very, very black. The effect lasted all day, and thankfully there was no crumbling, flaking or smearing from the formula – only gorgeous definition!

Mavala Fabulous Lashes Duo is priced at £18.50 and is available here.

LiquiLift Bioactive Facial Mask at Harvey Nichols*

Liquilift Harvey Nichols 1

So my adoration of the Harvey Nichols Beauty Department isn’t exactly a secret. Show me a glossy hall chock-full of the most luxurious of products, and I’m there! But, what I think what really sets Harvey Nicks apart though, is the store’s dedication to finding amazing new products which are just waiting to become part of your skincare regime. The store’s newest acquisition is Liquilift – a brand new line of skincare which is a real world first!


The Liquilift Mask is described as a Bioactive Face Lift in a Jar, and in a word, it’s amazing! I was very kindly offered the chance to head over to Harvey Nichols last Thursday where I got to try out the mask, as well as chat to the brand’s awesome founder Tammy Hollis.

Liquilift Tatler

What I loved is how passionate Tammy is about the brand – she has a seriously impressive resume, and just chatting, you could sense how much work has gone into the products. Since she was little, you could say that Tammy has been more than a little obsessed with cosmetics and beauty – she slept with soaps under her pillow when she was little, and her sense of smell is so good, her mother tried to get her on Blue Peter identifying scents! Whilst she was at university, she studied Human Anatomy and Physiology, and debated whether to become a vet, or work in plastic surgery. Thankfully for us, she chose the latter! After working with reconstructive tattooing, as well as using vascular lasers, Tammy moved more into education and development for salon-only brands, and her work has taken her everywhere from Russia to Florida!

Liquilift Harpers Bazaar

She told me that Liquilift was originally intended for use only in salons, so the ingredients are incredibly pure as well as very active, and that you can use the Bioactive Facial Mask as an alternative to Botox! Of course I had to try it out! After cleansing, a layer of the mask was applied to my face and neck. At first there is the tiniest tingling sensation as the mask’s active ingredients travel into your skin. I won’t get too sciency (purely because I can’t explain it as well as Tammy did) but the active molecules penetrate skin, meaning the mask works inside, rather than being a topical cream. The mask is made of the purest ingredients, and the cucumber and aloe in it make it smell amazing!

Liquilift Vogue

I then lay back for forty minutes and chatted to Tammy about all things skincare whilst the mask got to work. I say chatted loosely – the formula begins to dry and tighten, so that five minutes in I could barely move. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, just kind of weirdly fun. To be honest, I just loved feeling that something was definitely happening to my face! After leaving the mask on for the recommended 40 minutes, I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin – it felt super smooth and soft. On Friday I could still see the difference – no puffiness, and my skin still felt lovely! What’s super exciting is that the mask works over time to help skin look younger, and if you’re suffering from sagging skin, this is the mask for you! It creates the most insane before and after photos – so it’s perfect if you’ve got something special planned!

Liquilift Harvey Nichols

As if a mask wasn’t enough Liquilift are in the process of expanding their product line to include a daily moisturiser as well as body strips. I was kindly gifted both, so I shall diligently try them out and report back! But my experience of the mask was amazing!

Liquilift Bioactive Facial Mask is available from Harvey Nichols and is priced at £90.00

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols and to Tammy for my treatment – it was awesome!

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