Kerastase – Blond Absolu – Bain Ultra Violet


As a not-quite-natural blonde, I seem to be fighting either roots or brassiness at any one time. If it’s not one it’s the other. So, when Kerastase released their first ever purple shampoo, I may have said a prayer in thanks. I’ve been a nervy purple shampoo user for a while – I’m always worried about leaving myself with a violet rinse rather than creamy blonde (purple really isn’t my colour). Thankfully, Kerastase’s newest offering doesn’t disappoint. It’s a vibrant purple straight out the bottle, but it foams easily, and it smells absolutely beautiful. As with all toning shampoos, I leave this on for a minute or two longer than a normal shampoo, then rinse out and follow with copious amounts of conditioner.

The result? Hair which looks freshly coloured weeks after leaving the salon. It it also super nourishing to strands, leaving hair bouncy, shiny and without a hint of warmth or yellow – exactly how I like it!

Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra Violet is priced at £23 and is available here

Gorgias London Honey & Rosehip Oil Moisturiser


With the uptick in the weather, I’ve felt the need to give my skincare regime a bit of an update. Out are the heavy, moisture-rich balms I rely on in the winter, and in is fabulous new Honey & Rosehip Oil Moisturiser from The Gorgias London. Designed to both hydrate and soothe skin, thanks to its clever mix of honey and reship oil, this is the moisturiser to try if you’re after soft, glowing skin right in time for spring and summer.


Packaged in a dark glass jar (so that the product doesn’t brake down so quickly inside), I only need a finger full each morning. Smoothed directly on to skin after cleansing, the cream is beautifully rich, and sinks right into skin. After applying, skin feels instantly hydrated, as well as a good bit plumper. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a cream to use as an almost primer – foundations and skin tint absolutely glides on after using it!


The effects last all day too – there is no dryness or tightness by the end of the day, and it works so well in keeping my skin looking fresh and glowy, even when I’m not wearing makeup. I just adore the use of natural, organic ingredients and the cream is a must-have for Spring Beauty!

Gorgias London Honey & Rosehip Oil Moisturiser is priced at £39.95 and is available here



Whenever we go to the Cotswolds, there’s one spot we have to make a pilgrimage at least three or four times per trip – Daylesford. I’ve written about visiting the Kingham location for lunch here, and it’s a spot I just adore. Whether you’re after a coffee, breakfast, a hearty meal or just looking for a beautiful spot to spend an hour or so,  I’d heartily push you in the direction of Daylesford.


When we were down last week, we made sure to head over for lunch (twice) as well as for some spa-time and a little home-wear shopping. In between picking cups and plate, I stumbled across their Cosmos Organic Rosemary Hand Balm. I’ve long been a fan of sister-brand Bamford (I even blogged about them waaaay back here so I was excited to try something new, and I’m so glad I did!

DSC_0681As you would expect from a brand which curates every element of life, the Hand Balm’s packaging is beautifully chic – it would look as beautiful left on the kitchen counter as it would in your handbag, and I just adore the the fresh rosemary scent. You can also get the balm in Bitter Orange (I have this too, and it’s wonderfully fresh) as well as Geranium. The formula itself is ideal for when you’re busy and on the go – it’s hydrating without feeling too sticky or goopy, and it sinks in fast, leaving just the beautiful scent behind. Over the past few days of using the balm, I can already see an improvement in my hands – they feel better, and I’ve not been picking away at my cuticles like normal!

The best part might just be how affordable the Hand Balm is – it’s priced at £10 and is available here

Misslyn Chocolate Brow Duo*


Still in the midst of a post-Easter chocolate coma? Yep, me too, which is why I thought it was the perfect time to talk about Misslyn’s gorgeous new Chocolate Brow Duo. Packaged in a handy little cardboard booklet, the duo comes in a choice of three shade options (Light, Medium and Dark) and there is even a dinky little brush in there which is perfect for using on the go.


I’m a big fan of brow powders in general, and I’ve been absolutely loving using Misslyn’s version each morning. The two powders are great for creating a natural-looking defined brow. Using my trusty Benefit Brow Brush (this one) I brush my brows up then get to work with the powders. I use the lighter tone in front end of my brows, and work in the darker tones as they taper out. The powder gives brows an easy definition which looks polished but not overdone. I finish things off by coming through a little Boy Brow (here) and I’m good to go!

Misslyn Chocolate Brow Powder Duo is priced at £8.75 and is available here.

Visiting Elan – London’s Most Instagrammed Cafes


As much as I love finding a hidden jewel when travelling, I don’t mind heading for the more ‘basic’ options too. After all, a coffee shop which is entirely pink, and covered from floor to ceilings in velvet and flowers basically sounds like heaven – so I had to to visit.


Elan Cafes have become a popular spot in the city, with six locations in central London to choose from. I’d been warned off the Selfridges’ in-store cafe, so when we were heading to the V&A to visit the Dior exhibit, we stopped into the Brompton Road branch, to see what all the fuss was about.

From the oversized floral heart in the window, to the full-sized cherry tree draped over the bar, the cafe truly is dreamy. Jewel-like confections sit in the window, and you can enjoy everything from coffee to full-on meals from morning until late evening. There are some real instagram-only confections (I’m looking at you Lucky Charm Latte) which you’d be pushed to actually order, but there’s everything from avocado on sourdough to patisseries to enjoy.

Since neither of us are particularly breakfast-y people, we opted to enjoy a couple of iced lattes, which were delicious, and I even headed back for their Lime Iced Tea when I needed to sit and deal with a few emails for an hour.


Since the cafes are so busy, they operate on a walk-in basis, so if you’re planning those instagram shots, you might want to get in early!

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