Get Whacky On Your Wedding Day With These Unique Venue Ideas

We all know about the traditional wedding venues out there. Churches and country hotels are well and good. Today, though, we’re going to look at some places you may not have considered. Don’t let the traditional options confine you! There are so many different places for you to consider. Choosing a lesser used venue will make your wedding a day to remember for everyone. Hosting your wedding somewhere that means something to you also adds that personal touch! If your chosen location doesn’t yet have a marriage license, you could see if that can change. It’s not difficult to get a marriage licence for the day! With that in mind, the world is your oyster, so where do you start?


Marquee hire may not sound like a unique option, but the freedom this choice offers you could lead you anywhere! A marquee can make a beautiful setting for any wedding. Think how it would look once it’s decorated! It comes with the bonus of being set up wherever you choose. If you like the idea of a wedding at home, a marquee is the answer. If you’ve got large gardens, a marquee would fit comfortably. Or, you could choose somewhere beautiful like the Cotswolds for your backdrop.

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If you or your partner enjoy being on the water, why not choose a boat? Many boats offer a wedding service, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. This would be ideal for any budding sailors, or even for someone wanting to make a splash. Everybody is sure to remember the day! A boat wedding might be one for the summer months, though. You don’t want your guests drowning, after all!


If you want to go for a woodland theme, there are plenty of wooded venues that could host your wedding for you. There’s something magical about being in the woods. What better environment to confirm your love? This could be a great one for a themed wedding. Why not turn your wedding into a fairytale adventure in the wood? Remember, too, that it might be muddy! Walking down the aisle in wellies would be one to remember.

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A library venue would be a dream for any book-loving couple! Incorporating something you love into the day is a touch that will ensure your day is perfect for you. Many libraries offer the opportunity for weddings. A little searching will help you find out which ones. This option will incorporate something special into your day, and allow you to get married in an amazing setting.


If books aren’t your thing, why not get married in a theatre? This is the perfect location for any couple with a passion for acting. Maybe theatres have played a special part in your relationship? Including one in your big day would be perfect. If you’ve always dreamt of being on the big stage but never made it, take this opportunity! Theatres are stunning buildings, and would look amazing in those wedding photos!

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