By now I think all of my friends would like me to stop talking about sheet masks. If I’m not waxing on about how much I love them, I’m asking about skin concerns and pressing the appropriate masks into their hands and getting them to promise to try them. Honestly, sheet masks are just amazing, and I’m not quite sure how I managed before them!


The newest brand I’ve been trying out is When, who have a range of masks suited to a whole range of situations which might stress out skin – if you’re up late or travelling for example, they’ve got a sheet mask for you! I was kindly sent two to try out – Travelmate and 10:00PM.


Unlike most of the Korean sheet masks I’ve tried, When’s are cellulose, and feel almost like a thick gel when they’re on. Both of them are all about cooling, calming and hydrating skin, and really getting it back to top condition. I’ve been using them every couple of nights after cleansing, and they’re such a treat. Since my skin can sometimes feel hot and dry if it’s irritated, I like to keep the sheets in the fridge so they really calm everything right down. They’re also amazing at combating puffiness – a quick 15 minute session revives tired eyes and disguises any signs of a late night!

When Sheet Masks are priced at £25 for a set of 4 and are available here



Blush is one of those products which I probably play around with most. Depending on the weather, and what kind of look I’m after, I tend to rotate through a few favourites, and I have to say – a new blush can really change your look!


For easy everyday looks, a bright pink blush is my usual go-to. I love the brightening qualities it has, but if I’m wanting a more dressed up look, I usually plump for a rose or coral shade.


Obviously the clever people at Sleek Makeup feel the same, as they have just released a line of Blush by 3 palettes which include a range of three different blushes which are perfect for creating a variety of stunning natural looks. There is a mix of colours and textures, all of which are stunning, and, if you’re looking for a suitcase friendly blush, this has got to be a serious contender!


Pink Lemonade is a trio perfect for those wanting a pretty, natural finished looked. The mix of two pinks as well as a bronze based shade feel perfect for summer, as well as being pretty much the colours I rotate through anyway! The first thing I noticed though, was the shade on the far left looked awfully like a dupe for Nars’ Orgasm. It’s the same mix of pretty pinky-peach with golden shimmer. Considering how closely the Sleek packaging resembles Nars, I don’t think the similarity is a coincidence. Happily though the swatch is pretty comparable – on the skin Sleek’s peachy pink is pleasingly colour saturated with a good colour payoff. The golden shimmer is subtle enough just to give skin a glow and it lasts all day.


The centre shade is a sunny rose pink cream blush which feels like it was made for wearing every day. When applied with fingertips, it just melts into skin, leaving cheeks looking believably peachy. I love a quick swipe of this on days where I want a no-makeup look as it really brightens my complexion without looking too done. The last shade is the tawny, almost bronzer shade on the right hand side of the palette. It’s a really beautiful shade if you’re looking to add a little warmth to your skin. I can’t wait to use this one more when I’m tan (I’m currently Casper-white at the moment) as I think it will look super pretty!

Sleek Blush by 3 is priced at £9.99 and is available here.



When it comes to Kiehl’s, I’ve never come across a product I didn’t love. I rely on their body creams on a daily basis, their face cream is a real HG item, and I’ve adored the lip balm since I was in my teens. But, for some reason, I’d never gotten around to trying the brand’s hair care.


So, post my double hair bleaching, my ends have been feeling in need of a little TLC, and I’ve been using a much gentler routine than normal. One of the brand new products I’ve started to reach for on a daily basis is Kiehl’s Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave In Concentrate. It’s an absolute godsend if you’ve got thick, dry or frizzy hair, and the great thing is how versatile the product is.


Two pumps of the Concentrate combed through wet ends is perfect for preparing my hair for a smooth and bouncy blow out. It doesn’t weigh hair down, instead, after blowing my hair dry with a large barrel brush, ends feel soft and smooth, and it doesn’t puff up like usual either. Instead, a quick flick of the straighteners (I know they’re bad for hair, but I can’t live without them) is all I need to corral my hair into place!

Kiehl’s Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave In Concentrate is priced at £19.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


What I think I love most about Bobbi Brown make up is how pretty and easy it is. You’ll never see a Bobbi girl looking too made-up, too forced, or like she took hours to do her makeup. Instead, the brand is all about easy prettiness – like you on a really good day. And in the summer, what more could you want?


I’d never tried Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Color Cheek Tint before, so when a stick of it popped through the letterbox, I got rather excited! Available in a range of three shades which encompass a bright candy floss (the aptly named Bright Pink), a deep berry (Sheer Lilac), and mine, a warm toned bronze (Telluride).


If you’ve been lucky enough to spend a few weeks sunning yourself in more exotic climes than Edinburgh, you’ve pretty much got to treat yourself to a stick of Telluride. It’s the perfect warm bronze which will highlight your tan, and make the beach feel like it’s only a step or two away. Whilst, for those less fortunate, Telluride adds the perfect amount of subtle sheen and colour to let you convincingly fake that vacation glow.


Using the Sheer Color Stick couldn’t be easier. After applying a lightweight base (my current favourite is Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua with a couple of drops of oil in it) I swipe a couple of dots of the blush over the apples of my cheeks towards my temples, then, using a dampened Beauty Blender I blend it in, making sure that it buffs seamlessly into my skin. I absolutely love how easy it is to control the colour – if I want a sheer wash of colour I just need a quick swipe, but a more intense look is easily achieved with a firmer sweep and less buffing. On the skin, it looks so natural, and leaves a subtle glow behind which is seriously stunning. It’s also a great little multi-tool to pop into your handbag when you’re out and about. I love a little of the formula dabbed onto lips and eyelids for a little subtle definition.

Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Color Stick is priced at £19.50 and is available here.


I’m not sure about you, when I’m a little bored, or trying to kill some time, I usually end up on Twitter. I’m not terribly witty in however many characters you get, but it is quite a spot for stumbling over new brands, and that’s exactly where I came across Maggie Anne nail polishes.


With a choice of 24 stunning shades, I opted for one of the lightest, and one of the darkest. I figured that they’re the polishes that are the hardest to get right (plus I swing from neutral nails to dark almost weekly). The first polish I tried was Scarlet, a perfect neutral beige which is the definition of chic.


The formula applied evenly, although I did need three coats to achieve a fully opaque finish. The varnish dried quickly to a high shine, and it looks so pretty on! Scarlet is definitely a shade to try if you’re in the mood for something toned-down but still beautiful.


Tansy is the shade I was probably most excited to try – it’s a deep midnight blue, with a generous sparkling of glitter. I’m a sucker for sparkly nails, especially in the winter, and I’ve been dying for something a little different, and Tansy is an absolute stunner.


The mix of navy with fine glitter shot through the formula, it kind of feels like it’s galaxy inspired, and I just love it! Depending on the light, Tansy can shift from looking blue to violet, so it’s a fun choice if you’re in the mood for something a little different!


Tansy took just two coats to be entirely opaque, and I got four days of glossy wear before it started to chip! I have to say, I’m impressed!

Maggie Ann polishes are priced at £10.50 each and are available here.

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