Stop Skincare Instant Skin PerfectorWhen I met with Dr. Mckeown at Harvey Nichols a few weeks ago, the product I was probably most excited about trying with the Stop Skincare Stop & Wow! Instant Skin Perfector. It’s the first product that Dr. Mckeown developed, and when I quizzed him about the true, must have products from his line, this was the first one he picked up.

Stop Skincare Instant Skin Perfector 1

Packaged in a super slick tupe (I just love the flash of neon!) the Instant Skin Perfector is basically the primer that your dreams are made of! Described as a real-life ‘airbrush,’ it couldn’t be easier to include the Perfector in your existing skincare regime. I’ve been applying a little of the cream after my regular moisturiser, and I love how light it feels.

Stop Skincare Instant Skincare Perfector 2

Even though it completely disappears into the skin, the Perfector couldn’t really be more clever! Microspheres in the formula blur wrinkles and imperfections in the skin, whilst large pores are completely evened out. As well as all of these incredible properties, it also has light reflectors which give skin a super believable glow (without the dreaded disco ball face). As if all of this wasn’t enough, it even prolongs makeup for an extra few hours. In a word, the Skin Stop & Wow! is complete magic!

Stop Skincare Stop & Wow! Instant Skin Perfect is priced at £30.00 and is available here.


When you first hear about a perfume house that was founded 217 years, it doesn’t really seem like the place to find your summer scent. But I have to say, I’ve only recently been introduced to Atkinsons 1799, and to say I’ve fallen in love is something of an understatement.


Their new Scilly Neroli eau de parfum was the first scent I was introduced to, and I’ve hardly worn anything else since it arrived. Packaged in a rather luxurious cardboard drawer, the whole box feels more like something to hold fine jewellery rather than perfume.


Inside is an absolute jewel of a bottle – the bottles are a hefty 100ml, complete with shining label and etched cap. The whole thing just feels wonderfully glamorous and grown up, and I feel like the packaging really adds a little magic to the scent.


As if the packaging wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, the scent is incredible too! Scilly Neroli is part of the brand’s Contemporary Collection, which includes seven different perfumes which have been designed to be modern takes on ingredients which are emblematic of Atkinsons 1799. I think it’s such a fun idea, as I just love the idea of an updated classic (also, I’m something of a history nerd, so the idea of wearing a perfume similar to something someone had during the Napoleonic Wars kind of gives me a kick).


The perfume itself just feels like summertime in a bottle. It’s described by the brand as ‘sea drenched’ and ‘sunlit’, and I have to say, I absolutely agree! When you first apply Scilly Neroli, there are serious citrus notes, coupled with petitgrain and a touch of salt. It’s such fresh, clean scent which straddles the lines of unisex. Honestly, this would smell as incredible on a guy as it does on me.


Then, as the parfum warms on the skin, it almost deepens into a more cologne-esque scent. The Neroli essence and orange blossom give a slight orange slant, which feels so clean and soapy – it feels so fresh to wear, and I just love the slightly fruity edge of the orange. It smells delicious, and it’s such a gorgeous, wearable scent, that it’s really tempted me into trying out more from the brand.

Atkinsons 1799 Scilly Neroli is priced at £120.00 and is available (I think exclusively) here.


When it comes to cleansing, I’m kind of militant about the whole deal. No matter how late it is, or how tired I am, I just cannot go to bed without cleaning my face. I hate the feeling of makeup after a few hours, and there’s nothing worse than waking up with makeup smeared all over your pillowcases. Nightly I tend to use a balm or oil, then a foaming cleanser, eye makeup remover and a swipe of micellar water. It’s probably more intense than 99% of people, but I like my skin to be super clean before I add my nightly moisturiser, and if I don’t follow through, my face tends to get super dull super fast!


I’ve only ever heard wondrous things about the ByTerry brand, so when I got the chance to try their new Micellar Water Cleanser, you can imagine how quickly I said yes! To be honest, I didn’t realise that they were so into skincare as a brand – mostly my interest has centred around their lip glosses and foundations, so I was super excited to give their  Micellar a whirl.


Packaged in a chic, clear, slightly squeezable plastic bottle, the Micellar Water is delicately scented with rose. Honestly, roses aren’t usually my favourite fragrance, but this smells heavenly – it’s delicate and fresh, and incredibly pretty. To use, I simply squirt a little of the Micellar water onto a cotton pad, and sweep over my face in upwards strokes. It completely dissolves any leftover makeup, and it feels absolutely glorious on the skin. It’s so cooling and soothing, it’s an absolute godsend for people with sensitised skin like me. It also leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated – absolutely perfect for a quick moisturise and then bed!


ByTerry Cellularose Micellar Water is priced at £43 and is available here


I think it’s fair to say that currently, Scotland is enjoying it’s allocation of summer weather. For the past three or so weeks, it’s been nothing but blue skies and increasingly warmer temperatures, and I have to say, I’ve been absolutely loving it! To be honest, I don’t normally apply a dedicated SPF when I’m in the UK – all my moisturisers are at least SPF 15, and that’s normally more than enough for the paltry sunlight we get, but I have to say, the day before the Margaret Dabbs’ SPF 30 Sun Defence for Hands, I spent basically an entire day driving around with the window down – by the end of the day, my whole right hand and lower arm had sunburn!


Thankfully it was nothing too serious, but it was kind of shocking, so, you can imagine, when a sunscreen specifically designed for hands popped through the door, it felt like fate!  Margaret Dabbs’ is the authority on everything hands and feet, so I couldn’t wait to try the sunscreen. I have to say, I’ve never even thought about having a formula specifically designed for hands, but, considering everything they go through, it makes a tonne of sense!


Packaged in a sunny yellow bottle, complete with spray nozzle, I’ve actually been keeping the SPF 30 Sun Defence for Hands in the side door pocket of the car. Every time I get in, I give my hands (and arms, if I’m wearing a shorter sleeve) a quick spray, rub it in, then carry on with my day. It’s so easy and convenient to use, and if you live somewhere with more than Scotland’s couple of days of sunshine, I feel like this is a real must-have.


Unlike most sunscreens, Margaret Dabbs’ doesn’t feel heavy, or leave skin with a sticky film. Instead, it’s super lightweight, and a quick spritz is all you need for full protection. The formula is also fortified with pure Emu and Argan oils which means your hands get a does of nourishment and well as protection. I’m also a big fan of the scent – Mandarin and Geranium oils means it smells beautifully spa-like, rather than the usual giveaway coconut. It’s such a genius little product, and it’s become part of my routine every time I get in the car – if, like me, you spend a whole lot of time driving around, you need to try this!

Margaret Dabbs’ SPF 30 Sun Defence for Hands is priced at £22.00 and is available here.


Ok, so if you read here regularly (and come on, you should!) you’ll know I have a weakness for lip balms. I can’t stand the feeling of dry lips, so my life is basically littered with chapsticks and balms. I also have the aesthetic sensibilities of a schoolchild, so when I caught sight of these adorable lip balms, I just couldn’t resist!


If you’ve never tried these little gems, you’re seriously missing out. Teaming up with brands like Hershey, they manage to combine a rather hydrating balm formula, a rather yummy chocolate scent/flavour and you even get a hit of sheer colour! The Hershey Milk Chocolate Balm give lips a rather surprisingly flattering berry hue, and I love the cocoa taste.


The Hershey Kiss feels like it was made to be turned into a balm. Again, you get a similar hue and flavour, but this time it’s wrapped up in a rather pretty iridescent tube. Bonus? It’s almost impossible to lose in my handbag.


The last of my chocolate-y flavours comes courtesy of Reese’s (one of my favourite candies in the world). I think I could live entirely on Reese’s Pieces! The balm this time looks orange, but applies clear, and it smells just like the candy! I’m not going to lie, I can’t use this balm when I’m feeling a bit peckish  – it’s just so tempting!


The Pepsi lip balm is absolutely amazing too! First off, the packaging is absolutely insane, and I love seeing the little can rolling around my makeup bag. I’ve been on a bit of a ‘weird beauty product’ kick at the moment, with hand creams which look like peaches and bananas, so having a teeny little drinks can just looks hilarious! It smells and tastes just like those cola sweeties you usually grab at the cinema.

As you can probably tell, I’m loving these affordable little makeup bag updates! If you want to get your hands on them, you can get them at Claire’s. I’ve found the Pepsi Can balm online here for £3.50

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