Every year DKNY releases a batch of limited edition fragrances, and this year, they literally, couldn’t be brighter! The first of the three that I tried is Bright Crush, inspired by the neon lights of New York City at night.


Packaged in the brand’s signature apple bottle packaging, Bright Crush is a soft, fruit scent which is perfect if you’re looking to update your perfume choice for spring! When first applied, the top notes mix honeydew melon, bergamot, plum and black currant which create a super juicy effect which is mouth watering! Then the heart notes of frangipani and peony mix to give the fragrance a lovely clean floral edge.


The base notes of vanilla, amber and wood give DKNY’s Bright Crush a surprising amount of longevity. It’s a really unusual mix of notes which are surprisingly easy to wear. It’s a great choice if you’re after a little beauty update for the better weather.

DKNY Bright Crush is priced at £37 and is available here


Last week I was very kindly invited to attend Harvey Nichols Edinburgh’s Evening of Beauty, a semi-annual event which celebrates the best in new season beauty, and gets you completely ready for the new season.


Greeted with rows and rows of Harvey Nichols’ own prosecco (seriously, it’s delicious and I currently have three bottles of the stuff in my fridge) the Evening of Beauty is simply the most glamorous way to treat yourself to what’s brand new in beauty as well as really treat yourself!


The Harvey Nichols’ beauty department is something of a makeup lover’s dream at the best of times, but for the Evening of Beauty, they really went all out! Experts were posted at every beauty counter, to best advise on which products to go for, as well as offer wonderfully luxurious little treats.


Getting to wander around, prosecco in hand really made for a wonderful atmosphere, as everyone gathered round to see the best ways to fill in brows, get hand massages and sample the newest products.


There was also a serious incentive for treating yourself – at the moment, if you spend over £200 on two or more products in a single purchase, you get the most glorious of gifts. A gorgeous little makeup bag, curated by Violet Grey which contains some real must-haves! Even better? If you spend over £200 at Sisley you get an additional makeup bag absolutely packed with Sisley favourites. I’m still trying to decide what to go for – I’m thinking a pot of my Shea day cream, their lip balm and a new Phyto Twist?!


Another counter I’m thinking of treating myself at is, of course, Creme de la Mer. I’m a big fan of the brand, and I’ve kept a pot of their original cream in my stash since I was about 16. It’s a serious investment, but nothing calms and evens out my skin like it, and I’ve been dying to try out their makeup line!


The new perfume niche was also a rather wonderful place to spend a little time. Not only was the Creed display absolutely beautiful, but the selection of perfumes to choose from is incredible. They have such a well-curated department that holds brands like my favourite Atelier Cologne, they also have Killian fragrances, as well as of course, Creed.


As if all the beauty treats weren’t enough, a seriously impressive fashion illustrator was on hand for the prettiest portraits you can imagine! Unfortunately, I had to dash off for my lift before I could secure a spot, but I so wish I had gotten one – can you imagine how good these would look framed!?

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols Edinburgh for having me!


After opening earlier this year, Byron North Bridge has quickly become my favourite burger haunt in Edinburgh.


From the gorgeous restaurant itself, to the mouthwatering array of burgers, it’s one of those rare no-fail locations. No matter what your craving – burgers, killer salads or even the best milkshakes, Byron has you covered!


Whilst we debated over burger choices, we shared a plate of nachos, which was such a great choice! The tortilla chips ware warm and crispy, and there was the perfect balance of guac, salsa, jalapeños and cheese – nothing was too much or too little, and the little kick from the chilies was perfect!


Then we got onto the main event – the burgers. I decided to try Byron’s newest offering – The Bunzilla. Inspired by the head chef’s trip to Japan, the burger has quickly become a favourite of mine (I may have already gone back for another) and it’s such a unique twist, you just have to go check them out!


A bit of a take on the brand’s much loved B-Rex burger, the Bunzilla has quickly become my go-to. It’s up there as one of my favourite ever burgers thanks to the mix of soy-glazed burger patty, miso roasted bacon, an onion ring, wasabi mayonnaise and shredded white cabbage for crunch.


Cooked to Byron’s medium perfection, the burger was absolute perfection. I love the attention to detail with the accompanying homemade Japanese Pickle. The mix of flavours was absolutely divine, and I couldn’t be more obsessed with the wasabi mayonnaise. It was equally parts sweet and fiery, giving the burger a real blast of flavour.


Of course, we couldn’t just have burgers! We grabbed an order of fries and onion rings, and of course, we sampled some of Byron’s to-die-for milkshakes!


I can’t imagine a yummier way to end a meal than with one of their incredible ‘hard shakes.’ This time I tried the vanilla with a shot of bourbon. Even though I’m not the world’s biggest drinker, these are the definition of delicious!

Byron Bunzilla are available now!


Curling my lashes has always been one of those things that I know I should do, but rarely get around to. I think it’s a combination of the added time it takes, combined with the fear that I’m going to either clamp my lid in the tool, or rip out half my lashes. Seriously, I’m a klutz at the best of times! Thankfully though, YOSO have made it super simple to rock curled lashes with their heated eyelash curler.


Packaged in a super-sleek golden tube, this is something way cleverer than your average curler. Rather than just clamping lashes like a regular tool, YOSO Heated Lash curler is perfectly designed to volumize lashes using heat.


To give the Lash Curler enough time to heat up, I usually just flick it on when I sit down to get ready, and by the time I get to my lashes, I’m good to go. First of all, I brush my lashes upwards using the top section of the curler. I keep the curler at my lashes for  3-4 seconds for maximum volume, then brush through. Then, I use the top section to work on my outer and inner lashes. Again, holding the curler on my lashes for around 3-4 seconds.


Then I apply my mascara as normal, and brush through the comb side of the curler. The difference this makes to my regular mascara is insane! The curler gives you a real false-lash effect which is ridiculously easy to get every day! I’m such a convert!

YOSO Lash Eyelash Curler is priced at £15.99 and is available here


Ok, so you may have noticed, I’m more than ready for the start of spring. I’m over dark mornings and nights, snow flurries and general chilliness, so, in an attempt to brighten myself up, I’ve been absolutely adoring the new releases from Mavala. Originally released for Valentine’s Day, my three polishes are the perfect segue-way colours to take me from my winter super-darks to the brighter polishes I wear during spring.


MyPassion is the brightest of the trio, and it’s a stunning true-red. It’s a really beautiful shade, that I’ve been wearing as a pedicure. I cant wait to rock this polish with a navy breton sweater and jeans for a little French-inspired look in the better weather! The formula for the polish was wonderfully creamy, and I got a bright, creamy, opaque finish in two coats.


MyAngel is the darkest of the three shades I have, and it’s a must-have vampy red shade. It’s the perfect stepping stone for making your manicure feel brighter. I love the pink toned shade, and it looks super chic on my perennially short nails. Again, I only needed two coats for creamy, opaque coverage.


MyLove is the pinkest of the shade, and it’s definitely a must-have shade. I love how fresh it looks, and I can’t wait to wear this regularly when the weather gets better. It’s a really flattering shade to wear in the better weather. The brightness of the shade coupled with the creamy formula is an absolute dream!

Mavala polishes are priced at £4.95 and are available here.