Trying to choose a good gift for Mother’s Day is always going to be tricky, but thankfully this year, there are some really great options which are designed to make your life a whole lot easier! If your mother is into beauty and fragrance, a subscription to The Perfume Society is a really great option. They release the most gorgeous, curated collections of fragrances which are packed full of brand new scents, indie favourites as well as iconic perfumes too!


Perfectly timed for Mother’s Day is their stunning Molton Brown fragrance box. It’s the perfect option if you’re not quite sure which fragrance she’s after, and the choice of 10 means there is a pick for everyone! The fragrances in the box run the gamut from floral, to fresh, to woody masculines, so it’s such a perfect way to find a new favourite!


The Molton Brown box is available here


So it’s not exactly a secret that I’m a bit of a skincare geek, so I got rather excited when I got the chance to try MyChelle’s Fruit Enzyme Cleanser. Rather than my regular foaming cleanser which I use every day, MyChelle’s offering means I don’t need to bother using exfoliator as well as a cleanser, as the fruit enzymes in the formula gently slough skin leaving it smooth and radiant.


If you have sensitive skin, using fruit enzymes as an exfoliant are such a great way of preventing irritation. MyChelle’s offering is perfect for regular use, and my skin has been super soft and smooth since I’ve been using it. The formula, as well as being chock-full of enzymes, encourages skin hyaluronic acid production, meaning that it really normalises dry skin.

MyChelle’s Fruit Enzyme Cleanser is priced at £8.50 and is available here.


So I’m absolutely astonished it’s coming up to Mother’s Day already – 2016 is completely whizzing by (I’m still guilty of writing 2015 about 50% of the time!) and it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to treat your mum! Appleyard London‘s bouquets are a sure-fire hit, and they make it super easy to earn a whole lot of brownie points without trying too hard.


When Appleyard London kindly allowed me to pick out of of their glorious bouquets of mother’s day flowers, so I went for the Lemon Drizzle. It’s a mix of bouquet of pink  sweet avalanche roses, lemon carnations, crisp white blooms and lemon flair hypericum berries. I just adore the mix of flowers and berries, and it looks so special in a beautiful crystal vase in the breakfast room.


Appleyard London have an absolutely incredible selection of bouquets to choose from if your fancy treating someone to some mother’s day flowers. They run the gamut from spring-fresh, full of daises and lilies, to full blown glamour filled with roses.


As well as being absolutely beautiful, I am just obsessed with how much of a great gift they are! They come posted in a huge big grey box which keeps the flowers absolutely pristine, and they come wrapped in layers and layers of tissue, meaning you don’t even need to wrap them!


I also love the attention to detail from Appleyard London. Not only are the flowers an absolute knockout, but they come with plant food, a card and instructions on how best to care for them. It’s really these little touches which make the whole experience an absolute joy.


Appleyard London flowers are also as long-lasting as they are beautiful. I got six days of perfection, then I just picked out the blooms which were looking a little tired, and got an extra four days!


If you’re looking to really make someone’s Mother’s Day special, I couldn’t recommend Appleyard London enough! Even better news is that I have a sneaky discount you can use! Just enter BLOGGER33 at checkout for 33% off your bouquet!




So this weekend was the first one which truly felt like it could be the start of spring. Sure, it was ridiculously cold, but it was beautifully sunny with bright blue skies and no clouds in sight! And to celebrate I broke out my bottle of Michael Kors’ newest fragrance – Sexy Sunset.


Before I even get to the perfume, I have to comment on how beautiful the packaging is. Much like Kors’ other scents, it comes in a beautiful glass bottle topped off with a golden cap. Unlike its predecessors though, Sexy Sunset’s glass bottle is a kind of pinky-orange ombre, and it’s so pretty, I’ve been keeping out on the vanity.


Thankfully though, the perfume itself is as pretty as the packaging. Described as being inspired by ‘the radiant glow of a sunset’ this is one of those perfumes which makes you feel like your off on an exotic beach somewhere.

When you first apply the perfume, you get a whoosh of light fruits. It’s a juicy blend of pear, freesia and blackcurrant which smells almost edible. Then, once the fragrance settles down, the heart notes of gardenia, peony, jasmine and rose become more noticeable. This mix of white florals and fruit feel so light and fresh to wear, and I easily get 4-5 hours of wear before I needed to freshen up. The base notes combine cedar, sandalwood, ambrette and vanilla, which give a lovely warmth and longevity to the perfume. Sexy Sunset is such a gem of a fragrance, I can’t wait to keep wearing this well into the Spring!

Michael Kors Sexy Sunset is priced at £58 and is available here (UK) and here (US)



Ok, so I know that a new makeup sponge might not be the most exciting part of a beauty toolkit, but it’s a seriously important one! For the past 18 months or so, whenever I’ve not been using my fingers to apply foundation or concealer, invariably, I’m using my Dior Backstage Blender (review here). So, when I found out that the brand was releasing a brand new sponge to accompany their brand new Forever Foundation, I popped down to the nearest Dior counter to check it out!


Unfortunately, the Forever Foundation was too heavy for me, so I grabbed a bottle of my go-to Star Foundation and I was kindly gifted this sponge when I asked about it. Unlike the Backstage Beauty Blender, the Forever Sponge is white and it has a tighter, denser feeling. It’s also got a new shape, with a new, flat edge which is designed for getting into hard to reach areas. Unlike a lot of sponges, the Dior Forever doesn’t seem to suck up a tonne of product, although the fact that it’s white, means it does look super messy from the first time you use it.

If you’re at a Dior counter, I would definitely try it out, and see if they can give one to you too! If not, it’s priced at  £14.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)