Victorinox is one of my most beloved of brands. It’s definitely not a typical beauty one, but I can’t tell you how many times their luggage has saved me from packing disasters, and no matter how hard the baggage handlers try, my suitcases from the brand come out looking like brand new, with their contents safe and dry inside. So, when I learned about their new eLLa fragrance, I couldn’t wait to try it!


Packaged in a bottle that looks like a cross between a hip flask and travel accessory, it’s a lovely subtle nod to the brand’s heritage, and bonus points for never getting lost in the depths of my handbag! The design is pretty flawless to be honest – the round disc is actually a makeup mirror which is just perfect for on-the-go touch ups!


To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from eLLa, but thankfully, I was happily surprised. It’s a lightweight scent which mixes notes of Kumquat, Fig Leaves and Ginger, with heart notes of Vanilla, Amber and Rosewood. This mix of fruity with almost gourmand notes gives the perfume a really unusual feel which is both wonderfully easy to wear as well feeling incredibly special. I easily got 4-6 hours wear before I felt the need to refresh with a light mist.



When it comes to my daily makeup, I could be described as a little heavy handed when it comes to my eyes. Don’t worry, I don’t sport anything akin to a panda, but liner, mascara and a couple of shadows all add up, and since my eyes are incredibly sensitive, I need a real powerhouse of a makeup remover which erases every trace without leaving me irritated.


I’ve been using Lancome’s Bi Facil eye makeup remover for years. It’s a bi phase formula which, when you want to use it, you just shake the bottle, mixing the two together. It is unscented and incredibly gentle, so all I do is shake it and pour a little onto cotton pads, and sweep over my eyes. I can’t even begin to tell you how quickly this erases every trace of black, and as well as being super effective, it’s also super gentle on skin. I use the Bi Facil for everything from cleaning up my eyeliner (a drop on a Q Tip is a magic wand) to removing full-on falsies.


Touch of Silver is one of those brands you wonder why you haven’t fallen in love with sooner! I use their purple shampoo incredibly regularly, as it cuts through brassiness in my hair, and leaves it super soft and shiny, so, when I saw that PRO:VOKE had released these dinky little shots, I couldn’t wait to give them a shot!


After shampooing as normal (btw the Touch of Silver shampoo smells incredible – like grape candy) I unwrapped one of the vials and got to work. You use the shot instead of your regular conditioner, and I smoothed it from root to tip. The shot has a super light texture, and Felt like it really sank in whilst I got down to business in the shower. After leaving it in for a good ten minutes, I hosed my hair down like normal, and got to work styling my hair like normal.

Although the shot doesn’t smell quite as awesome as the other Touch of Silver products I’ve tried, it really did make a noticeable difference to my hair – it felt really soft, and was far shinier than before. These are such a great, and affordable addition to your haircare regime, you have to check them out, no matter what hair colour you are!

The shots are priced at £6.99 and are available here.


Ok, I know it’s not popular or fashionable, but I have to say, I adore Valentine’s day! From the glorious boxes of chocolates, to the luxurious bouquets of flowers dotted throughout the house, it’s a fun weekend to enjoy a little bit of luxury and pampering. To celebrate the weekend, I can’t think of a perfume better suited that E. Coudray’s Iris Rose Perfume.


Packaged in the most romantic of etched glass bottles, E. Coudray’s Iris Rose feels like it should be found on the dressing table of some terribly glamorous silent movie star. The fragrance itself is just as classic and opulent. A true rose fragrance, Iris Rose mixes top notes of Iris, Rose and Violet Leaves with heart notes of Rose, Iris Butter and Heliotrope. On the skin, the perfume smells richly floral, and I only need a couple of squirts to enjoy the almost powdery scent all day. It’s a truly special fragrance which I feel like I should enjoy on special evenings when I’m all done up! The base notes of Woods, Tonka Bean and Vanilla really round out the perfume, and give it an almost gourmand base.

E. Coudray’s Iris Rose is priced at £58.00 and is available here


So, this weekend is Valentines, which invariably means it’s time to treat yourself to some rather luxurious underwear.


Even if you don’t have that special someone, it’s probably time to update your underwear drawer. We’re a month and a half into the year, and it’s a good point to go get re-fitted and treat yourself a little! I’ve been absolutely lusting after basically all of Triumph’s new collection, as I love how the pieces are comfortable enough to wear all day yet pretty enough to feel incredibly special!


I’m absolutely obsessed with the colour palette in Triumph’s Spring Summer 16 collection.  The mix of neutrals shades feels so chic and elegant to wear, and the attention to detail is spotless. From lace trims to tiny diamante finishes, Triumph’s underwear is the perfect mix of function and form.


The fabrics Triumph use are beautifully soft and comfortable, and I love the softly moulded cups, which gives the perfect amount of coverage and support, and keeps you looking perky!

Triumph’s Spring / Summer 2016 is available now, and you can find it here