Pixi Skintreats Hydrating Milky Mist*

When it comes to skincare must-haves, over the past couple of years, facial mists have really become a personal favourite. I think it’s a mix of the facts that I have dry skin, and I love makeup which looks all glowy and natural – so a quick spritz solves all my problems. Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist might just be the ultimate winter skin fix – I absolutely love it. After applying my serum, I give my face a quick mist prior to applying my moisturiser, and then I use it to finish off my makeup (it makes powders melt into skin, giving it a much more natural finish).

Pixi Skintreat’s Hydrating Milky Mix gives skin a really great moisture boost thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid and Oat in the formula. I love to pop it in my makeup bag for busy days, as it’s perfect for soothing skin, whilst refreshing makeup. There’s no noticeable scent, and the spritzer covers the face with a fine mist – so you’re not left with any wet patches on your bronzer! The fact that it’s vegan and cruelty-free is amazing too!

Pixi Skintreats Milky Mist is priced at £16 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Julisis Pure Body Emulsion*

When it comes to skincare, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a routine when the temperatures start to dip. After all, keeping skin feeling silky soft doesn’t feel quite so important when it’s wrapped in layers of knitwear from now until about April. When you add lockdown into the equation, it can feel even less relevant, but over the past few weeks, I’ve been making self-care a bit of a priority, and I feel so much better for it.

After showering each morning, I’ve been making sure to apply Julisis’ dreamy Pure Body Emulsion as a way of keeping winter skin at bay. Designed to to strengthen the skin’s optimal barrier function and regulate its moisture balance – it’s a perfect way product to enjoy during the winter months. The emulsion has a lovely lightweight texture, which sinks immediately into skin – crucial so that you’re not left with cold, clammy skin post shower. Despite feeling so light, the formula is packed with great-for-skin ingredients like chestnut (extracts from roots, fruit, bark, blossom and nut are all included), together with ivy, thorny myrtle and blueberry. It’s so hydrating and soothing – I love to use it on any problem areas too – I get a little stress eczema, and this is amazing for getting rid of it. As if it wasn’t a gorgeous enough product, the emulsion smells absolutely incredible too – it’s a light woodsy scent, which feels so sophisticated, and even hours after applying, I can still smell it.

Julisis Pure Body Emulsion is priced at $246 and is available here

Road Tripping In Style – Can It Be Done?

Pexels – CC0 License

It seems as though there’s a way to twist any fun activity to make it more luxurious. Sunbathing on a beautiful beach is perhaps made better when doing so on a private beach, rented for the night by you and your partner. We all know about the ‘glamping’ phenomenon that struck and has stayed since the late 2000s. 

When people think of road tripping, they often think of something quite down to earth. Driving from one corner of the map to the other in an old VW camper van, or in a rented vehicle, or in a banged-up caravan does have some romantic appeal to it, particularly if you or a friend have an acoustic guitar, a dog, and a good amount of whisky (to drink only when parked, of course).

But can road-tripping itself be luxurious? Well, right now, road trips are a non-entity thanks to national lockdowns and travel restrictions. That said, is it possible, and worth planning for when we return to normal? Possibly. Let’s consider how that might be:

A Beautiful Vehicle

The vehicle is what makes up the majority of the road trip experience. If you find that you’re broken down or unhappy behind the wheel, you’re not going to be having a great time. Thankfully, it is possible to drive in style. It might be that you bring along your main, luxurious vehicle you usually use for professional purposes. This could be possible even if you’re worried about handling, because asking ‘what’s the cost of an Aston Martin service?’ could help you realize helps is at hand, and affordable. If you can travel in smoothness and style – odds are your luxurious travel experience is sure to be one to remember.

A Classy Journey

It’s worth making the effort for a classy journey. Dropping into certain celebrated restaurants, for instance, gives you a sense of purpose to the affair, as well as a luxurious and comfortable experience from time to bottom. Road tripping in style could also mean heading to end-destinations, such as visiting the theatre, or following a travelling artist, or even dropping into a range of gorgeous and culturally relevant European cities. It feels great to move forward with confidence in this manner, so consider where you’d love to go to and why those places.

Documenting Your Journey

While some may wish to travel in peace and privacy, it can be nice for something as monumental and unique as this experience to be documented. Even if you just take pictures for Instagram, or write in your journal, all the way up to video logging the entire event and editing the footage upon your return, road tripping in style is only aided when you can share this with the world. Who knows? You might find that you begin to inspire other people to do just the same as you.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily road trip in style – and maybe you’ll even find a worthwhile way forward.

Craghoppers 22L Kiwi Classic Backpack*

Over the first lockdown, I had a serious life clear out, making sure that everything I held on to was something I loved and/or needed. It was also a chance to realise the bits I was missing, and one of the things which really popped out, was that I didn’t have a single backpack. I hadn’t bought one since school, and for days out exploring, I’ve been meaning to pick one up for years.

Craghoppers kindly sent over their 22L Kiwi Classic Backpack a few weeks ago, and honestly, I’ve fallen in love. Made with recycled polyester construction and finished with a water-repellent finish, it’s a sturdy backpack, which feels super comfortable to wear. Inside, there’s a padded pocket which is perfect to sliding your laptop in for safekeeping, and I love how much I can fit into the main compartment, without it feeling stuffed to the brim. Approximately 10 bottles were recycled to make this product, which is just incredible and I love the details like a key clip, which keeps all my bits safe and organised. I used the backpack on a recent weekend out exploring the Scottish Highlands, and it was a lifesaver – it easily fitted all our water bottles and bits, and didn’t leave my back or shoulders feeling sore.

Craghoppers 22L Kiwi Classic Backpack is priced at £50 and is available here.

Charlie Miller Gloss Oil*

If you’re a Scottish reader, chances are you’ll have heard of Charlie Miller. Their salons are dotted throughout Edinburgh, and they’re the spot to head to if you’re trying to get your hair looking its best. A couple of weeks ago I headed to their gorgeous South St. Andrew Square salon for a bit of a trim. I’ve been babying my hair this year, so it needed a good bit of tidying to get rid of dead ends, and inject a bit of life into it. Not only was it a treat to enjoy getting all glossy at the salon (seriously, it’s gorgeous, and so COVID-19 safe) but I was also treated to some of their brand new styling products too!

With over 50 years experience under their belt, Charlie Miller Salons know what’s what when it comes to haircare, so being able to take some of that expertise home with you feels like a real treat. Their product lineup now includes everything from shampoos to finishing spray, so no matter what your hair issue, they’ve got a product to suit. One of my most-loved picks out the line up is the new Gloss Oil – a lightweight yet seriously hydrating treatment which leaves strands with a glass-like sheen. Perfect for hydrating dry or stressed ends, it seals the cuticle, leaving hair looking and feeling brand new. After washing my hair, I like to distribute about a pump of it through my towel-dried ends, and then, once it’s dry, I use a drop or two as a finisher. It smells absolutely incredible thanks to notes of grapefruit and white nectarine – so not only does your hair look it’s best, but it smells pretty incredible too!

Charlie Miller Gloss Oil is priced at £24.50 and is available here

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