When it comes to beauty brands, this morning saw one of this year’s most exciting launches – Marc Jacobs Beauty at Harvey Nichols. The brand, which has been internet-only in the UK for the past few years, is now available to try and buy in-store and online, and even boasts a new limited edition ‘Leopard Frost’ collection to celebrate.


I headed through to the Edinburgh store bright and early today so I could get a look, before the crowds inevitably descended on the newest counter, and I have to say, I was seriously impressed.

With lip glosses (here) which run the gamut from punchy brights to perfect nudes, and eyeshadow palettes which are the stuff dreams are made of, Marc Jacobs Beauty is a surprisingly comprehensive brand. Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols has the whole Marc Jacobs Beauty lineup available to play with – and I’ve already discovered a few new favourites.


You can try the coconut water-infused base products like the dreamy Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter (here) which leaves skin looking beautifully dewy, as well as cult favourites like the O!Mega Coconut Perfect Tan Bronzer (here).

The new Leopard Frost collection is a gorgeous mix of five frosted neutral-shade lipsticks and a brand new eyeshadow palette which showcases a stunning mix of warm-toned neutrals. The packaging is a rather eye-catching leopard print, which feels bang-on-trend, and I’m already lusting after the shade Diva!


As if a whole new collection of everyday favourites wasn’t enough, there are even a whole range of gifts which would be perfect for Christmas. From the Anything Go-Gos cracker (for a tiny £18 here) to the Enamoured with Coconut Gift Set (£79 here) there is something for every budget, and I swear, you’re not going to leave the counter empty-handed!

Marc Jacobs Beauty is available from the Harvey Nichols website here


Over the past few days, it feels like Scotland has gone screeching into autumn and winter. Gone are balmy evenings and golden sunshine, instead they’ve been replaced with lashing wind and rain. It’s a bit grim, so I’ve been trying to make the house feel as calm and as cosy as possible. Since I’m lucky enough to work from home, I’ve been burning Illume’s Boulangerie Lemon Poppyseed Candle in the office each day as I get down to work.


Packaged in the brand’s signature china pots, these are candles which smell as good as they look. Inspired by the fabulous bakeries of France, the Boulangerie range make some of the most deliciously edible scents you can imagine. Lemon Poppyseed is perfect if you’re after a soft, warming scent to see you through the autumn. Like all Illume candles, it’s made with soy wax and natural fragrance – so there is no smut or soot when burning, and the room smells incredible for hours afterwards. I’ve already got my eye on a few other scents (pumpkin shuffle or Espresso if you’re wondering) which should see me through the seasons!

Illume Boulangerie Candles are priced at £18 and are available here


I’m not sure that there is a better way to spend the evening than in the tub. If I’ve got an hour spare, I love running a hot bath, lighting a couple of candles and grabbing a book – it’s the ultimate way to recharge – especially on cold, dark winter nights.


Being by Sanctuary has made running the perfect bath even easier with their new ‘Tub Goals’ gift set. Filled with everything you need for a blissful night of pampering – it would make the perfect gift (I don’t want to mention the ‘c’ word yet, but you know …).


While I’m running the bath, I give my face a good cleanse, then I apply a generous layer of the Cloudberry Exfoliating Jam Face Mask. It’s got a fun, fruity scent, and a good amount of grit in the formula, so it leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and ready for a generous dose of moisturised.


To make sure your bath smells amazing – there is a bottle of Hibiscus and Coconut Water Bubble Bather, as well as a fun shower puff. The bubble bath smells amazing – and I love using a puff to make shower gels go a little bit further. They’re great for exfoliating skin too!


The last little gem in the kit, might just be my favourite – a blow up drinks holder which looks like a donut! It’s a fun little treat which makes bath time feel even more indulgent!

Being by Sanctuary Tub Goals is priced at £15 and is available here


When it comes to beauty purchases, brushes aren’t really the most exciting things to purchase. On a daily basis, I only tend to use a few – one for bronzer, perhaps an angled brush for eyeliner, and one for eyeshadow. Since I tend to favour neutral shades, I like a brush which can pack pigment onto lids. My current favourite is the Fenty Beauty All-Over Eyeshadow brush – a dusky pink beauty which is perfect for daily use!

fullsizeoutput_2682Like all of Fenty’s brushes, the bristles are synthetic (and super soft) so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a vegan or a cruelty-free option. As Fenty say, it’s perfect for picking up shadows, laying them down on lids, and even blending out to a professional looking finish. I’ve been using mine on everything from subtle day looks, to more dramatic effects for evening, and I’m completely smitten. The bristles are soft, but densely packed, so the brush lets you place and control your shadows easily. Thanks to the brush’s shape, you can create a stunning diffused look.

Fenty All-Over Eyeshadow Brush is price at £20 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


As someone with naturally wavy hair and a bit of a bleach habit, I’m constantly trying to find ways to keep my hair looking and feeling as good as possible. Despite my best intentions, as well as a session with my trusty GHDs, the moment I step into wind, rain, or drizzle (of which we get a lot of in Scotland) my hair tends to puff up and look messy instantly. So when Evo’s new Head Mistress popped through the letterbox, the timing couldn’t have been better.


Applied to towel-dried hair, the formula feels weightless, and wouldn’t weigh even fine hair down. I like to apply it from around my ears down, then combing through, so it’s evenly distributed, then get to work with the blow dryer. Unlike other products like this I’ve tried, Evo’s Head Mistress, doesn’t add minutes to my blow dry. Instead, hair dries quickly, and looks and feels smoother than usual. Once it’s dry, I add a little of my regular serum to the lengths and ends and finish with my straighteners. The result is a good hair day you can count on – hair is shinier, it feels softer, and it looks tidier thanks to a split ends binder too!

Evo Head Mistress is priced at £21 and is available here

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