LuxeList Gift Guide: Fenty Beauty Two Lil Stunnas*

I’m not sure that there’s a better time to rock a red lip than Christmas Day. It just feels so perfectly festive, and no matter whether it’s a family meal or a more glamorous affair, it’s always so fun to wear. Obviously this year is going to be a little quieter than normal, but I don’t think that’s an excuse not to have a little fun!

The Two Lil Stunnas has two of the most perfect reds, which will see you right through the festive season. The first, Underrated is a pink-red, which I love for daytime use.

It’s a gorgeous mix of berry with true-red, and the blue undertones make teeth look pearly white. Both of the lipsticks dry down to a comfortable matte finish, which lasts all day long without drying lips out or flaking away. Both of the lipsticks let you apply then forget about them – crucial for enjoying the very best of Christmases!

Unmatched is a true orange-toned red, which is perfect for more glamorous evening looks. I love it for adding an easy pop of colour to my normally monochrome outfits, and the packaging alone is too beautiful not to enjoy!

Fenty Beauty Two Lil Stunnas is priced at £22 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

LuxeList Gift Guide: The Whisky Exchange Personalised London Dry Gin*

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for loved ones, I’m a big fan of personalised surprises. I think they’re so lovely, and show how much thought you’ve put into their gift – plus, you know they’re not going to receive 3 of the same thing from other people! The Whisky Exchange have an incredible service, which allows you to personalise a bottle of London Dry Gin or Scotch Whisky. Since a G&T is my cocktail of choice, I opted for their London Dry Gin, and couldn’t resist adding a bit of LuxeList branding! You can choose everything from the decorations on the label to the name on it, and it comes beautifully packaged too – so one less present to wrap!

The gin inside is absolutely delicious – traditionally made with a small, select mix of botanicals it’s got a lovely, dry finish with notes of grapefruit, coriander seed, liquorice root and juniper, and makes the perfect base for a seasonal G&T!

The Whisky Exchange personalised London Dry Gin is priced at £39.95 and is available here

LuxeList Gift Guide: Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz*

I’m not sure about you, but at this time of year, I love experimenting with recipes. Whether it’s a fun idea for dinner (I’ve only just gotten round to trying Alison Roman’s The Stew) or a new cocktail it’s a really lovely way to spend an evening, and you get to enjoy the spoils, which is always fun!

A really gorgeous new addition to my drinks cabinet, which feels seriously festive is Four Pillars’ Bloody Shiraz Gin. Batch distilled then steeped with Victorian shiraz grapes, the gin has a gorgeous festive berry and spice scent. Flavour-wise, it’s got delicious hits of juniper, raspberry, plum and clove. It’s a lovely, wintry gin which pairs perfectly with a great-quality tonic water. I am obsessed with how seasonal it feels, and I think a bottle of this would make the perfect gift this festive season!

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is priced at £37.47 and is available here.

LuxeList Gift Guide: L’Occitane Festive Beauty Crackers*

As you might have gathered – I’m a big fan of gifting. I just love ferreting out the perfect gift for loved ones, and I can spend weeks hunting out something special; but I love sharing little gifts too.

I think it’s so important to let people know how much you appreciate them – so little tokens, like these adorable Festive Favourite Crackers are such a seasonal treat! I also love these as little surprises for overnight guests (when they’re allowed) as not only are they cute, but they’re super handy to have too!

The packs come in fours, and each of the crackers contain mini shower gels and hand creams in four of the brand’s iconic scents: Cherry Blossom, Almond, Lavender and Shea Butter. Thanks to the differing fragrances, the crackers are completely unisex, and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t absolutely love to receive one of these!

L’Occitane Festive Beauty Crackers are priced at £22 and are available here (UK) and similar here (US)

LuxeList Gift Guide: MyMask London*

Who knew that 2020 was going to be the year of the mask?! I’ve barely looked at my shoes and bags this year, but you can absolutely bet that I’ve got a drawer of masks, sorted from favourite, to not. The mask which has taken pride of place at the very front of the drawer has been this beauty from My Mask London.

Hand made in the UK by independent businesses, My Mask London is a 3 layer silk face mask, made of 100% silk with ProEco, and inside there is 100% Organic Cotton Filter with SilvadurTM so it’s as safe as possible to wear. The mask is super comfortable to wear, and it comes with adjusters on the ear loops, so you can fit it snugly to your face. It comes in an absolute rainbow of shades, but I love this black option as I usually wear this one when I’m a bit more dressed up, so it matches my mainly black winter wardrobe.

My Mask London are priced at £49.99 and are available here.

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