L’Occitane Purifying Mask*


When it comes to weekly rituals, one of my most sacred, has to be my Sunday evenings. With music on and a few candles burning, I get myself ready for the week ahead – to do lists are written, my calendar is laid out, and I treat myself to a face mask. It’s something I’ve done since I was at school, and it lets me get my head around what’s coming up.


The newest addition to my Sunday evening lineup is L’Occitane’s new Purifying Mask – a startlingly green product which leaves skin squeaky clean, and cleansed of any makeup and gunk from the past week. Using the mask couldn’t be easier – just smooth it onto clean, dry skin, leave it for five minutes, massage it into skin, then wipe off with a clean warm, damp flannel.

The result is skin which looks and feels perfectly clean. Unlike other purifying masks I’ve tried, L’Occitane’s doesn’t leave skin feeling stripped or raw. It’s perfect for applying to areas which you want to mattify or exfoliate, and it smells absolutely incredible thanks to the freshly-cut, organic thyme from Provence which is included in the formula.

L’Occitane Purifying Mask is priced at £29 and is available here.

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter


When it comes to summer skincare, keeping everything moisturised feels just as important as sun protection – after all, nothing quite dries out the skin like seawater, chlorine and sunshine. So, in an attempt to avoid ashy elbows and knees, I’ve been on the hunt for a heavy duty moisturiser which will keep skin in top condition.


I’ve already spoken about my love for the original Skin Food formula here, so it felt like a no brainer, when Amazon suggested the body version, and I’m so glad to say I haven’t been disappointed. With the same fresh, slightly zesty scent as the original it’s perfect for the warm weather – but one small caveat. The formula is seriously thick and rich, meaning I do prefer to smooth it on before going to bed – clothes would stick if I applied it in the mornings – but it means I get to wake up to silky skin each morning.

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter is priced at £18.95 and is available here.

Soleil Toujours Hydra Volume Lip Masque – Sip Sip*


When it comes to summer beauty staples, I can’t be without a great lip gloss. It feels perfect when paired with beach-messy hair and a hint of a tan, and it’s not as high maintenance as a lipstick. Soleil Toujours takes the classic to a new level with their Lip Masques which are available in six shades which range from clear to plum.


In addition to bringing a bit of shine to your summer beauty routine, the lip masque also has an SPF 15, which means it’s perfect for popping in your beach bag, or wearing when you’re out sight seeing. Vegan-friendly and hypo-allergenic, not only does the Lip Masque protect your lips from sun damage, but it stimulate collagen so your lips always look and feel their best.


It’s possibly the cleverest lip gloss I’ve tried – the formula is infused with organic oils and the brand’s signature Hyaluronic Filling Spheres to soothe dryness and minimize the appearance of fine lines for a fuller look, so lips alway look their juicy best. It’s seriously comfortable to wear too. Silky rather than sticky, it feels nourishing to apply, just make sure you pop it on 15 minutes before heading outside to really benefit from the sun protection.

Soleil Toujours Hydra Volume Lip Masque is priced at £18 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Rodin Luxury Illuminating Powder*


When it comes to summer beauty, there’s nothing better than being bronzed and glowing. It feels so effortless when the temperatures begin to climb, and whether you’re heading for a day or want to enjoy a glitzy evening, you’re going to want to apply Rodin’s new Luxury Illuminating Powder.


Part of the brand’s summer Goddess Aurora Collection, it’s part highlighter, and if you’re brave enough, part bronzer. With a casing decorated with sunshine doodle, it’s a beautifully fun way to enjoy a little whimsy this summer, and it gives skin the most glorious, natural-looking glow.


A swirl of gold and bronze make up the illuminator, and it’s been pressed with the cartoon of a face, making it feel even more special to use. I’m obsessed with the slick acrylic case, which means I know exactly what I’m reaching for when it’s in my makeup bag.


Alongside the Luxury Illuminating Powder, Rodin also sell a beautiful brush which you can use to apply it with, but I’ve just been using my regular highlighter brush. Swept over the high points of the face, the powder gives skin a real boost. Unlike other powders I’ve tried, Rodin’s gives a really believable glow – like you’ve just stepped off the beach. There’s nothing metallic about – it’s much prettier and more subtle than that. Buffed into eyelids, it’s the perfect summer eyeshadow, whilst on the sheets, it brings the perfect amount of warmth to skin.

Rodin Luxury Illuminating Powder is priced at £38 and is available here.

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil – new shades!


When it comes to brow products, I’m ridiculously picky. I need products which help give a little shape and definition without looking or feeling too heavy. I need something which lasts all day, and which looks completely natural, and for the past few years, Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil has been my daily pick.


It’s an absolute joy of a brow pencil – one end had a great spool brush, perfect for fluffing hairs up before rustling them into shape, and the pencil is super-fine, which means creating natural, hair-like strokes is a breeze. As a blonde, I need to be pretty fussy about the colours I use too – I like my brows cool-toned, so number 3 has always been my choice.


If you’re as picky as me when it comes to brows, I have some news – Benefit have released a handful of new shades, which means there are now 12 shades ranging from light blonde to cool grey to choose from. This means that no matter if you’re a baby blonde, red head or brunette, you’ll be able to find your perfect brow match!

Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil is priced at £21.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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