Hourglass Veil Primer*


If you’re not currently in the UK at the moment, you might not know that there is currently a bit of a heatwave. By other country’s standards, it’s typical summer weather, but in the UK it means that conversation circles around whether the temperature will reach 80 or even 90, and not a whole lot else. If you’ve been in Edinburgh this week, you’ll have seen the outside seats on George Street  positively groaning under the weight of all those sun seekers, and everyone has really just been making the most of a sunny few days – which is exactly where Hourglass’ Veil Primer comes in.

Admittedly, I’m not the heaviest makeup wearer – the thought of spending a day in a full-coverage foundation makes me itch, but when it comes to summer products, I’m always on the lookout for something which will keep everything in place when the mercury starts to rise.


A few weeks back, Hourglass very kindly invited me to a very swish brunch at Harvey Nichols, where they talked about the brand, as well as hero products and new launches. We were also sent home with some of the most generous goodie bags I’ve ever seen, and nestled inside was this bottle of Veil Primer. On a daily basis, I usually just smooth a little Skin Tint (review here) straight on to skin after moisturising, but with the increase in temperature, I wanted something which would keep everything in place, and honestly, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the primer.


Packaged in a rather chic glass bottle with pump dispenser, at first the Veil Primer looks a bit worrying. It’s white. Very white, and even as I smooth it on, I can still see it on the skin, casting a bit of a white glow. The magic only starts to happen once I layer my Skin Tint on top. Now, anyone who’s even sniffed at Glossier knows that the tint has the consistency and colour payoff of basically water, but when combined with the Hourglass Veil Primer, it transforms into an almost tinted moisturiser consistency, with higher than normal levels of coverage. The primer really seems to work to amplify the makeup you’ve already got on – keep it looking fresh and in place all day (and night) long. It doesn’t dry skin out, or leave me looking cakey, like others I’ve tried, instead it gives skin a glowing, satin finish, and keeps everything perfectly in tact.

It’s an oil-free formula, which has been designed to repel water – so if you’re looking for something to wear round the pool – this is it! With SPF 15 protection, and a vegan-friendly formula, this is the primer of choice which I’ll be wearing all summer long!

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is priced at £49 and is available here (UK) and here (US)



Taste: Prestat Releases Eight New Chocolate Bars*


When it comes to comfort food, is there anything better than a truly heavenly chocolate bar? Not one of those cheap ones with gritty chocolate or grainy fillings, but something rich, smooth and seriously chocolatey?! I certainly don’t think so, so when Prestat sent over news of their eight new chocolate bars, I had to try a couple!


As chocolatiers to the Queen, Prestat’s new chocolate bars are suitably regal. Each of the eight new are covered in the most darling illustrations specially commissioned by Storm Athill, and they look as good as they taste! Each of the new bars are made with a bespoke Domori range of single origin Côte d’Ivoire couvertures, using a manufacturing process that roasts and mills cacao beans at lower than normal temperatures to preserve their aromatics. These lower temperatures and a more natural production technique both help to make the chocolate more environmentally friendly.

The first of the bars I got stuck into was the Dark Chocolate English Mint Crunch – one of the line’s five vegan options. It’s a glorious bar to tuck into too – with rich dark chocolate speckled with crisp nuggets of mint. Since the bar is so rich, it’s perfect to enjoy a square or two with a cup of coffee for an afternoon pickmeup!


The second bar I got to try was a little more unusual – Milk Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea and Lemon. As it’s a milk chocolate, it’s not suitable for vegans, but it’s an absolutely glorious treat! Satin-smooth and with an unusually high 38% cocoa content, it’s a real foodies’ chocolate.

Delicately scented with the floral notes of bergamot, thanks to the Earl Grey. It’s an almost summery flavour, with a real hit of lemony freshness which I don’t think I’ve ever come across in a chocolate bar before.

Each of the bars are a real treat to enjoy – and I’ve already got my eye on trying another few (who could resist Dark Chocolate with Raspberry or Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt and Roasted Almonds?).

The bars are priced at £4.50 each and are available from John Lewis, Waitrose and Selfridges.

Filorga NCEF Reverse Eyes*


When it comes to skincare, there are certain products you can cheap out on (I’m looking at you sheet masks) whilst you want to throw your cash behind others (namely face and eye creams). Basically, if you take off a product within an hour of applying it, you don’t need to spend a tonne on it. Eye cream, however, is an investment. Since the skin around your eyes is the thinnest anywhere on the body, it’s susceptible to wear and tear, and for me, it’s the first spot which starts to look puffy if I don’t get enough sleep, or if I go a little heavy on the carbs or salty food.


For the past decade or so, I’ve gone to bed wearing eye cream each night, but I’ve started dotting a little cream under my eyes in the morning too, and I’ve noticed that despite tapping away in front of a laptop all day, my eyes don’t feel as dried out or tried, and they look smoother too. My most recent eye cream of choice has been the Filorga NCEF Reverse Eyes – a formula which feels lovely and lightweight, smells amazing and beats the signs of ageing too!


With a light, almost gel-like consistency, this feels like the perfect choice for summer skincare. It’s not gloopy or sticky, and it smoothes into skin beautifully. It’s got a light, slightly floral scent, and once it’s on, the skin around the eyes feels silky smooth. It means than skin feels properly primed for makeup – I can smooth on my Glossier Stretch concealer, dust with bronzer and be out the door within a few minutes.


As if the texture wasn’t glorious enough – the Filorga NCEF Reverse Eyes cream is a product packed full of skin science. Reverse Eyes works to stimulate regeneration of the eye area, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness – and really, who doesn’t want that? Just tapping the formula into the skin around the under-eyes delivers anti-ageing actives deep into the skin, transporting a powerful blend of Hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C, escin and caffeine to deeply moisturise, plump, brighten and tauten the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

Filorga NCEF Reverse Eyes is priced at £55 and is available here


Huda Beauty Lip Strobe – Angelic*


Last month, the internet’s most glamorous brand, Huda Beauty launched at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh. It’s the only counter in Scotland, and it’s situated right at the heart of the beauty store, so if you’re looking for it, you can’t miss it! All white gloss and products, it’s an alter to all things glam, so it was a real thrill to be invited to check the products out on the morning of it’s launch!


I tend to like to play with products before pulling the trigger, so it was my first hands-on experience with the products, and I was blown away. High impact formulas have been designed to give you photo-ready results, and there are some products which feel really unique – one of which is the Huda Beauty Lip Strobe. With 12 colours to choose from, and finishes which range from sheer to opaque, they’re a finishing touch for your lips, and can be worn on top on lipsticks, or one their own.

I was very kindly gifted Angelic – a full coverage peach which has the most glamorous gold shift. Applied direct from the tube, it’s something of a lipstick/gloss hybrid, and the brand recommends blotting the shine away with a tissue, so you’re left with an almost-matte metallic finish. I love how the formulas can be used to create a variety of finishes, depending on your mood. I love it in the evenings – the gold particles just come alive in gold light, and it certainly makes me feel ready for summer!

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe is priced at £17 and is available from Harvey Nichols here.


Try On: Lululemon Scrunchies


A few months ago, if you’d told me I’d be wearing scrunchies again, I’d have called you a liar. I used to have baskets of them, which I’d carefully co-ordinate with my outfit and activities, but a good fifteen or so years ago, I threw every single one of them out in favour of elastics. Since then, the only scrunchies I even touched was a black silk one, which I wore to bed to prevent bedhead.


Since I’ve been on a bit of a mission to baby my hair (who knew bleach, straighteners and wavy hair don’t mix?!) I picked up a couple of Lululemon’s Uplifting Scrunchies a few weeks back, and honestly, I’m a bit obsessed. Not only does Lululemon have a collection of cute colours on offer, and I’m obsessed with their bows (I have them in black too), but they’re so comfy to wear, and they really hold my hair in place. I’ve been rotating through them pretty consistently with both spin classes and regular workouts, and they’ve had a real impact – I don’t suffer from headaches, and my hair stays in put without pulling or snagging.

Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchies are priced at £8 each and are available here.

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