Lush Frangipani Perfume*


It feels like an age since I updated my perfume collection, so it felt like fate when I was tidying out the garage, and found a parcel which had been tucked away by the postman back in February (!) Needless to say, I was a bit desperate to give it a go, and I have fallen absolutely in love with Lush’s Frangipani Perfume.


Like all Lush fragrances, Frangipani is completely Vegan and cruelty-free, so perfect if you’re looking for a scent which does more than just make you smell great! Packaged in the brand’s signature bottle, it’s a beautifully chic bottle which is dinky enough to slide into my handbag without feeling too bulky.


One of the newest scents in the collection, it’s described as ‘wildly sweet and spicy’, it’s a soft, musky floral which feels like it just melts into the skin. I feel like fragrances like Frangipani are the fragrance equivalent of a cashmere sweater – beautifully soft and comforting. Inspired by the Renaissance practice of scenting leather gloves, it’s a perfume which stays close to the skin and lasts all day long.


The Frangipani fragrance is perfect if you’re looking for a transition fragrance as we approach autumn. It’s such a cuddly scent, and it’s one which will have people asking you what you’re wearing all day long!

Lush Frangipani Perfume is priced from £35 and is available here

Borrow from the boys – Bulk Homme Skincare*


As much as I love all things pink and pretty, sometimes it pays to head over to the other side, and borrow stuff straight from the boys. Oversized cashmere sweaters, a light cologne and oversized shirt all spring to mind, but you might want to consider raiding their skincare too. Bulk Homme have garnered a pretty much cult following in Japan, and with their launch in the UK, I couldn’t resist giving some of their products a go.


Packaged in seriously chic squeezable bottles, the skincare line is designed as an ‘essentials’ routine which focuses on the principals of cleanse, tone and moisturise. I’m kind of obsessed with the slick, industrial vibes of the packaging, and I love how toned-tone the whole ethos is. The first product I tried was The Face Wash, and it’s seriously impressive stuff. Obviously it isn’t specifically formulated to remove makeup, but it’s perfect for removing all the grime after a busy day. With a rich, velvety foam, this left skin feeling soft and clean, but not stripped.


After cleansing, I soak a cotton pad with The Toner and then wipe over my face, neck and chest. The formula deeply hydrates skin, and since it’s designed for post-shave skin, it’s super soothing too – perfect for combatting summer redness and irritation! The last product in the trio is The Lotion – a seriously lightweight hydrator which preserves skin elasticity. It’s great if you’re looking to mattify skin too!

The trio of products are such a fabulous choice for summer skincare, and they’re definitely one to nick from the boys.

If you fancy trying the pieces out for yourself, the skincare is all available here.


Ad: Summer Updates with BoConcept


Now that we’re approaching the end of lockdown, and entering a bit of a period of ‘new normal’, it feels like the perfect time to make a few improvements around the house. Like most people, spending so much of Spring indoors let me decide on the spots which I want to spruce up, and my first port of call is the stunning Bo Concept store in Glasgow, for a little injection of Danish cool.

One of the very easiest ways to update a room is by adding a statement accessory or two. The Bo Concept furniture stores in Glasgow have an incredible selection of bits and pieces which can really give a room a perfectly styled look. I’m absolutely obsessed with this Main Floor Lamp to add a touch industrial cool to my office.


Talking of the home office, I have been on the hunt for an uber stylish desk, which is as practical as it is attractive. The brand’s Cupertino desk fits the bill – and has been pinned firmly to the top of my wish list. Since I work from my laptop, the desk has a tonne of handy storage (perfect for filing away invoices and keeping everything tidy). When work’s done, the storage compartments would also be perfect for stashing my laptop away, so that the office always looks ready for action.


I’ve also been looking for chic accessories to add a little character to bookshelves – as rows and rows of books and textbooks can look a little dull. This Belize Coral Sculpture looks like it’s been plucked from somewhere fabulously exotic, and the off-white shade fits with my neutrals colour scheme. It would look as equally at home dressing a side table, paired with a few beautiful coffee table books for an easy way to style up corner.


If you want to update your home too – you should check out their furniture stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh






Saalt Menstrual Cup*


When it comes to reducing waste as a woman, one of the best things you can do is re-think your period routine. Like most people, I’ve relied on a mix of pads and tampons throughout my teens and adult life, but when I realised how much plastic I charge through each month, I was keen to learn about how I could reduce my waste.


I’d never tried a menstrual cup until Saalt sent over theirs over. In a size small and in a pretty Himalaya Pink shade, it’s probably the prettiest way you can deal with that time of the month. Constructed out of medical grade silicon, the Saalt menstrual cup has been designed to feel as soft as possible, and incredibly, it can last up to ten years. If you think of how much waste you can avoid through a decade of use, it pretty much blows my mind!


Coming packaged complete with a discreet storage pouch, the Saalt cup can be stored in your handbag or drawer without drawing attention to itself. Available in a choice of small or regular sizes, you can even choose your favourite colours. The cup has about three to four times the capacity of a regular tampon, so they can be left in for up to 12 hours at a time. Perfect for long-haul travel, I’ve already decided to pop one in my carry-on for when travel goes back to normal.


As if the cups weren’t great enough, the story behind them is super inspiring. When brand founder Cherie tried to source re-usable period products for friends and family in Venezuela (where disposable products are not available) and couldn’t find any suitable, she designed Saalt cups herself! As if creating the perfect menstrual cup wasn’t enough, Saalt works to improve the lives of women globally. Since it’s founding in 2018, over 7,000 cups have been donated to those in need, and over a million waste products have been diverted.

Saalt Menstrual Cups are priced at £25 each, and are available here

Building confidence and connections throughout lockdown and beyond with new virtual workshops and styling sessions for women, men and young adults


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives and our perspective on how we live forever. The journey through lockdown and gradual easing has been testing and emotional for everyone, not least those who have been battling cancer at the same time. Cancer patients have suffered delays in diagnosis and treatments and their particular vulnerability during the pandemic has caused enormous anxiety.

A recent study* found that more than quarter of a million cancer sufferers have been struggling with panic and anxiety attacks during lockdown and are now facing new fears about the loosening of restrictions. In addition, patients are finding it harder to connect with vital cancer support services that help them through their difficult journey and help manage anxiety levels.

Look Good Feel Better is the only cancer support charity helping to boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of people undergoing cancer treatment. For 25 years the charity has offered support and an outlet to cancer patients during the most stressful of times through live skincare and makeup workshops in over 140 locations across the UK.

Look Good Feel Better understands the crucial importance of support networks and, with the onset of the pandemic, moved quickly to introduce online versions of their popular workshops.

The organisation has also expanded its offering to include workshops for men and young adults and, at the request of its beneficiaries, is soon to launch sessions covering haircare, wigs and scarves and body image and styling.

Look Good Feel Better’s aim is to support all cancer patients through these hardest of times with some fun, moral-boosting, positive interaction. The new Virtual Workshops help alleviate some negativity whilst giving back a degree of control and raising confidence levels.


*A study carried out by Macmillan Cancer support during the Covid-19 pandemic found that 570,000 people in the UK with cancer (19%) have barely left the house because they’re scared to do so and 270,0000 people in the UK with cancer (9%) have experienced panic or anxiety attacks or even suicidal thoughts because of the virus


Skincare and Makeup

A digital version of Look Good Feel Better’s original workshops. Online group video sessions for 8-10 people, hosted by trained experts, help people combat the visible side effects of their cancer treatment, such as the loss of brows and lashes and skin changes.

Each separate session provides a safe, welcoming and fun environment to learn skincare and make up skills. Most importantly, they also provide an opportunity to chat, ask questions, share experiences and feel supported and connected at this very challenging time.

“It was so helpful to communicate with women in a similar situation. The session was helpful in reminding us how to apply make-up and how to stay hygienic. It was also reassuring to know that there are organisations such as Look Good Feel Better which are still functioning and which are caring for people with cancer. It made a real difference to me and gave my confidence a real boost.

Joanne, attendee of the first Virtual Workshop.


Skin Fitness Workshops for men

In May, Look Good Feel Better introduced new Virtual Workshops for Men, in association with leading professional wet shave expert Mark Sproston, aka The Shave Doctor.

The workshops focus on practical, down-to-earth skincare, shaving and grooming advice, bringing it directly into the homes of men undergoing any form of cancer treatment. They also provide a supportive environment helping people feel less alone, as well as boosting self-esteem.

“I am delighted to be working together with the charity on this very important project. Men are often afraid to reach out and ask for advice, but these Virtual Workshops are easily available to any man undergoing any type of cancer treatment. All you need to do is sign up, join in and you will receive useful, practical tips on how to look and feel your best.


Hair and styling focused workshops launching soon

Look Good Feel Better listen carefully to their beneficiaries in order to provide the services that cancer patients really need. There were many requests for guidance on haircare, wigs and scarf styling to help patients through the often traumatic experience of losing their hair during treatment. New sessions tackling all haircare and headwear concerns are in trial now and will launch later this month. Similarly, cancer treatment can frequently alter body image and many patients expressed an interest in styling sessions to boost confidence. These are currently being planned and will launch later this summer.

Regular workshops for up to eight participants are available by signing up at

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