ARRAN Sense of Scotland Diffuser – After the Rain*

The moment the first daffodils start poking their heads through the soil, I’m in full Spring Cleaning mode. Even after a year of lockdown, where every cupboard has been ransacked at least twice, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks going through everything again, to make sure all cupboards and drawers are in order; especially since we’re getting ready for life to go back to some sort of normality. Once everything’s been scrubbed down and re-arranged, my favourite part is enjoying the order I’ve created – I know what’s in every drawer, and I always feel so much calmer when things are colour-coordinated and in alphabetical order. It’s also the point when I bring out my new bits and pieces I’ve been waiting to enjoy.

Case-in-point is ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s diffuser in After the Rain. It’s one of the brand’s signature scents, and I’m completely in love with it. With notes of Rose, Sandalwood and Lime, it’s a beautifully fresh fragrance which feels perfect for the better weather. I’ve popped mine in the bathroom so it always feels spa-like when I go in, and it’s the loveliest addition to the room, which I enjoy during evening bubble baths. The diffuser uses essential oils for the purest experience to enjoy, and it absolutely fills the room without feeling too oppresive.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland After the Rain Diffuser is priced at £30 and is available here.

Claude Bosi x BAFTA virtual dining experience | 11th April

If, like me, you’re dying for new ways to spend an evening whilst we count down to the world opening back up again, then S.Pellegrino are teaming up with Michelin-starred chef Claude Bosi of the famous Bibendum to bring a Taste of EE BAFTAs’ – a free virtual masterclass of fine dining excellence, at 5pm on 11th April 2021 straight into your kitchen, ahead of the live EE BAFTAs ceremony which will stream on YouTube.

What’s on the menu? Claude’s succulent Cod à La Grenobloise and Roasted Cauliflower à La Grenobloise

For the vegetarian option, served alongside exclusive tips and tricks from the culinary master.

A bundle of the ingredients can be pre-ordered from the Waitrose website here.

It’s such a fun event, and rather incredibly, it’s free! All you need to do is pick up your groceries at Waitrose before Sunday – see you there?!

Celebrating Easter with Betty’s*

This year I feel like Easter has completely sneaked up on me. It’s come from nowhere, and all of a sudden, the shops are full of chicks, lambs and tulips. I don’t mind though – I love the Spring, and I think it’s a holiday which is seriously underrated.

When it comes to celebrating the weekend, I like to keep things low key, but fun, and I’ve fallen in love with Betty’s range of treats. The iconic tearoom always has the prettiest range of goodies, and this year is no exception. Their Milk Chocolate Happy Easter egg is a real showstopper. Whether it’s the crowning glory of your centrepiece, or a fun gift for friends, I just love the traditional detailing, and the chocolate itself is deliciously rich.

If you’re looking for a gift which will really stand out from the pack, I’m obsessed with this box of Champagne Truffle Eggs. The mix of white, milk and dark chocolates means everyone will get to enjoy their favourites, and they’re filled with the most delicious silky smooth champagne ganache.

Decorated with the cutest spring flowers, these make the most stunning gift, or, even table setting, if you’re inviting people round to the garden this weekend. The chocolates themselves are absolutely delicious, and are a fun twist on a seasonal classic.

You can get all your Betty’s eggs here.

Celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat*

When it comes to going all out this Easter, I don’t think you can do better than by heading to Hotel Chocolat. Whilst their stores might still be closed, their website is chock-full of goodies to help you indulge in over the holiday weekend.

I couldn’t resist trying the Extra Thick Patisserie Chocolate Egg – much more than your average Easter goodies, this behemoth has two different chunky chocolates halves, and is filled with the brands’ signature Patisserie chocolate truffles to enjoy.

An absolute feast of an egg, so it’s big enough to share, and the rich and indulgent chocolates are a real treat to enjoy. The fact that it comes in a beautifully fluted tin means that it makes the most perfect Easter gift too. I loved all the different flavours and textures, and it’s such a fun update to the classic egg.

I also got the chance to try their Dozen Quail Eggs – a collection of 12 delicious truffles dressed up as tiny eggs. With two of each flavour, it was a real delight to enjoy everything from plain chocolate to a fruity raspberry and heavenly chocolate. Best enjoyed with a steaming hot cup of coffee, one or two of these were the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

You can find these, plus a whole host of other goodies on the Hotel Chocolat website here.

Where to go: York

It’s not looking likely that we’re going to get to enjoy a normal summer vacation this summer, but instead of dreaming of far flung beaches and exotic city spots, I’ve decided to focus on where to go in the UK to really make the most of when restrictions lift. One of the first spots I think I’ll be heading to is York. From Edinburgh, it’s only about two hours away on the train, and if you’re driving, it’s just about three, so it’s an easy spot to reach for a night or two away, and if you leave early enough in the morning, you can have pretty much a whole day to enjoy and explore the city.

The city is far from one of the UK’s biggest or busiest – it’s easy to navigate on foot, and there are a number of beautiful hotels to enjoy. I stayed in the stunning Principal a couple of years back, and absolutely loved it!

The city is far from one of the UK’s biggest or busiest – it’s easy to navigate on foot, and there are a number of beautiful hotels to enjoy. I stayed in the stunning Principal York a couple of years back, and absolutely loved it! The hotel is stunning Victorian Railway Hotel, so not only is it incredibly convenient for travellers, but it’s right in the heart of town too! You could see the Roman walls from some of the hotel’s windows, and the stunning York Minster is only a short stroll away.

If, like me, you’re a bit of a culture geek, a guided tour around York Minster can’t be missed. When we visited we had a lovely chap who highlighted key elements of the art, architecture and windows, and it really allowed me a greater understanding of the building, which has stood in the heart of York for nearly 1500 years. When we were there last, we ran out of time before being able to visit the Fairfaix House – a Georgian townhouse museum, but I’ve been dying to get back to see it. I’ve also been wanting to visit the famous Jorvik centre since I was small.

If that’s too many museums for you, York is pretty enough to want to wander round. From their iconic Shambles street (it’s touristy, but a must-visit) to dawdling down the streets and parks, it’s the perfect way to soak in some summer sunshine!

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