Soveral Nourishing Oil*

Soveral Nourishing Oil 1

We might be slap bang in the middle of Sweater Weather, but I’m determined not to let my skin get forgotten about under layers of cashmere or merino, no mater how chilly the weather gets. One of the most spa-like ways I’ve been babying my skin, is with Soveral’s gorgeous new Nourishing Oil.

Soveral Nourishing Oil

Packaged in a super chic, dinky little pump-top bottle, the Nourishing Oil doesn’t only loos good, but it’s an absolute dream to apply! I only need a pump per arm, and I’m obsessed with the scent. The formulation of the oil feels like it works magic – Pumpkin Seed and Castor Oil are ultra nourishing whilst the aromatherapy properties of Roman Chamomile and French Lavender feel incredibly calming and restorative. I’ve been using the Nourishing Oil every evening, and it’s such a lovely treat to use – and I’m sure that the scent has been helping get to sleep every night. It feels like a little spa visit every evening, and my skin has never felt better!

Soveral Nourishing Oil is priced at £40.00 and is available here.

Soveral Mandarin Kiss Lip Restore Balm*

Soveral Mandarin Kiss Balm 4

I feel like the season is really on the turn (no matter how much I try to deny it) and one of my first bits of proof, is that my lips are feeling a bit drier than normal.

Soveral Mandarin Kiss Lipbalm

I really can’t stand that tight, hot feeling dry lips have, so I’ve been turning to Soveral’s gorgeous Mandarin Kiss Lip Balm. Before I even get started on the balm itself, I have to gush over the packaging. The lip balm comes tucked into a super chic white box, with is adorned with the most beautiful butterflies all over the inside. It feels so special to unbox!

Soveral Mandarin Kiss Lipbalm 1

The balm itself comes in a gorgeous little glass jar, and the formula is specially designed to deliver a serious dose of moisture.

Soveral Mandarin Kiss Lipbalm 2

Containing a seriously powerful mix of Mango & Cocoa Butter with the stimulating power of Mandarin Peel, Mandarin Kiss Lip Restore has been specially designed to get lips in as good condition as possible. The genius mix of organic antioxidants and butters gives the balm a glorious silky texture, and my lips just drink it up!

Soveral Mandarin Kiss Lipbalm 3

I’m also absolutely obsessed with the scent – the Mandarin Peel gives the balm a perfect subtle citrus scent which feels refreshing to use, and since it popped through the letterbox, I haven’t been without it!

Soveral Mandarin Kiss Lip Restore Balm is priced at £17.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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