Aveda Smooth Infusion*

Aveda Smooth Infusion

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with keeping my hair as smooth as possible. Naturally my hair is wavy with a tendency to grow larger and larger in the heat, and since I wash and style my hair daily, I’ve been looking for something to combat the dreaded frizz, which seems to get worse in the summer.

Aveda Smooth Infusion 1

Happily though, Aveda have solved my fuzzy hair woes in the form of their Smooth Infusion, a style prep smoother which keeps my hair feeling lovely and soft, and it looks so much sleeker than before! After washing and conditioning my hair I smooth 1-2 pumps of the Smooth Infusion over my lengths and ends (with a little on some kinks I get at the front) then brush everything through. The formula is a light creme, which completely disappears into hair, and I love the light, slightly citrus scent which comes courtesy of the bergamot, certified organic palmarosa, Bulgarian rose and Australian sandalwood oils. It doesn’t just smell good though – the infusion benefits from an exclusive plant infusion blend derived from organic aloe, and maize which creates a smooth surface on hair. After brushing the formula through my hairs, I just blow dry and straighten as normal. Thanks to the light consistency, there is no residue left on my hair, and I’m left with hair which stays straight and smooth even after a vigorous gym session or walk on the beach!

Aveda’s Smooth Infusion is priced at £21.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US).

Aveda Foot Relief*

Aveda Foot Relief

After extolling the virtues of the recent good weather we’ve been having, I’ve been rewarded with a Wednesday that is as wet and rainy as it is as grey and pretty miserable. Secretly though, I quite like days like this. They force me indoors to tackle my to do list, and I get to try out new recipes as I tick my tasks off one by one (Martha Stewart’s chilli recipe is currently bubbling away on the stove).

Aveda Foot Relief 1

I also feel rainy days like today are perfect excuses to pamper yourself. I’ve got a bit of an at-home facial lined up, but I think I’m most excited (lame I know!) about giving myself something of a pedicure, where Aveda’s Foot Relief cream will feature prominently.

Packaged in an easy to use squeeze tube, Aveda’s Foot Relief is designed to soothe and moisturise feet thanks to a rich formula packed full of active herbs, exfoliating fruit acids and plant-derived oils like jojoba and castor. I’m obsessed with how nourishing the cream feels, and it’s almost cooling to apply, so if you’re on your feet all day, you have to try this out! The cream has a gorgeous, slightly herbal scent thanks to the use of rosemary.

To use the Foot Relief, I like to exfoliate my feet whilst I’m in the shower, using a really gritty formula (like my Gordon Castle Salt Scrub) and then once I’m out, I towel dry them, then give them a good go over with a large foot file (I use one from Sally Beauty Supply). Afterwards I file my nails and clip cuticles, then absolutely smother them with Foot Relief. The yummy scent coupled with the great texture means I feel like I’ve just visited a spa, and I then just pop on some cotton socks and head to bed. I then wake up with feet which feel like I’ve spent an afternoon at a spa, and then I usually just pop into a local salon for a file and polish, so that they look sandal-ready!

Aveda Foot Relief is priced at £19.50 and is available here (UK) and here (US).

Aveda Smoothing Body Polish*

Aveda Smoothing Body Polish 2

So I realise that summer is getting super close, so I thought I would share something that’s undoubtedly going to be a most reached-for item in my beauty cupboard – Aveda’s Smoothing Body Polish.

Aveda Smoothing Body Polish 1

I love the feeling of a good scrub, and Aveda is definitely one of the best I’ve tried. It comes in a super generous 250g tube, and it’s easy to squeeze just what you need when you’re in the shower. The formula is gloriously grainy thanks to the ground walnut shells, whilst kelp, aloe, lavender and herbal extracts keep skin feeling silky smooth.

Aveda Smoothing Body Polish

I tend to use the scrub daily on my legs, arms, elbows and knees, and I have to say, it makes such a difference! If you’re in the process of self-tanning, this is a must have – it completely evens out the skin, and it will create the smoothest canvas for your tan, and the scrub even leaves my skin glowing and so soft!

Aveda’s Smoothing Body Polish is priced at £25.00 and is available here.

Aveda Peppymint*

Aveda Peppymint

Sometimes there are products which feel so simple that you wonder why no-one else has thought of it, and Aveda’s Peppymint is definitely one of those! Aside from the adorable name, which makes me smile every time I pull the bottle out my handbag, Aveda promises that the little will not only freshen breath but perk up your mood!

Aveda Peppymint 1

Packaged in a tiny little dropper bottle, Peppymint is perfect for people like me who hate chewing gum. I’m not sure what it is, but I just hate just randomly chewing away, and I don’t think it ever looks too great either. Unfortunately, since I’m paranoid about preventing bad breath, it means I’m constantly inhaling mints, which cannot be good!

Aveda Peppymint 2

Instead, with Peppymint, I just need to pop a drop or two of the liquid onto my tongue, and I’m good to go! I love the taste – it’s not typically ‘minty’ but instead there are notes of mint along with aniseed and menthol. It tastes really like Aveda’s tea, which is delicious, and I’ve even read about people flavouring their water with some of the drops!

Aveda’s Peppymint is priced at £6.00 and is available here

Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser*

Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser

One of the few beauty rules I follow without exception is cleansing before bed. I just hate the feeling of having a tonne of makeup on, and if I’ve been in the city, it’s all I can do not to scrub everything off as soon as I get in my car home. Even though I’m big on cleansing, I also have quite sensitive skin, so I have to be careful what I use.

Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser1

My newest favourite is Aveda’s Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser which is designed to dissolve oil, makeup and skin impurities without stripping or aggravating skin. I love the easy to use pump dispenser – it’s so easy to use, and I use 2 pumps twice a day.

Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser 2

The formula of the cleanser is just dreamy – it feels like you’re massaging a cloud into your skin! Even though the cleanser is so light, it completely eradicates all makeup and grime. There isn’t a hint of irritation since I’ve been using the cleanser, and it’s cleared up a few little blemishes I had around my chin. This is a perfect cleanser to plump for if you’re after something new for Spring!

Aveda’s Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser costs £19.00 and is available here.


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