Babybelle Body Buffer*


As somewhat of an exfoliation buff (pun intended) I was most intrigued when I read about Babybelle body buffers – a little machine which would transform my skin from rather rough around the knees and elbows to something silky smooth I was intrigued. So when one popped through the door, I literally couldn’t wait to get into it. It looks a little like a car buffer, all you have to do is pop a clean terry bonnet on the bottom (you get two in a pack), plug it in, and you’re ready to go.


What I didn’t expect was how much I would end up loving this little machine. Before we get into detail, I have to say, this isn’t just a way to keep a bit of dry elbow at bay. Nope, this is a masseuse and spa treatment, in one, which I can plug in on a daily basis. In a word, it’s bliss. BabyBelles are a slightly smaller version of BelleCore’s HoneyBelles, but they are just as powerful, and they fit easily into your hands, meaning you can tote one of these around easily (to the gym, or on holiday, or whenever you fancy really!) The babyBelle’s come in a complete range of colors, and they are seriously addictive to use. All you have to do is plug it in then press the little orange button – the bottom portion begins to spin, and you have a buffing/massaging dreamboat of a contraption. After I come back from the gym (and of course, hop out of the shower) I get to work with this – it’s amazing for massaging poor muscles, and it feels incredible if your stressed out. I’ve also used this when I’ve been juice cleansing to kick-start lymphatic drainage. Basically it’s dry-brushing, but on a level you’ve never ever thought about. I tend to build up tension around my neck and shoulders – so this is a complete godsend when deadlines ect start to kick in!

The babyBelle is priced at $295 and is available here.

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