Bomb Cosmetics Fleur Botanica & Vintage Velvet Candles*


Ok, so it might seem weird to be talking about candles during something of a heatwave, but I just love lighting one during the evening and relaxing in the scent. Two new favourites were sent over to me from Bomb Cosmetics, and I just had to share them with you!


Packaged in adorable little floral tins, the candles make the most perfect little presents, and I love to have a couple stashed in my drawer. Also, the fact that they have a lid means that the scent stays perfectly fresh, and have I mentioned that they’re absolutely adorable! I just love the little hearts that decorate the top – they make the candle look so pretty and really help them stand out from the competition!


The first scent I tried was Vintage Velvet which is described as truly luxurious and I couldn’t agree more! It’s a really high-end smelling candle with notes of musk, vanilla and woods which are lifted with rose and bergamot. Even though it sounds like quite a full on, heavy fragrance, it feels perfect for lighting on balmy evenings. I keep mine burning for 30-40 minutes and it gives the room such a gorgeous ambiance.


Fleur Botanica is the lighter, fresher fragrance of the two, and it’s just the thing if you’re looking for a super clean scent. The blue candle with the white hearts reminds me of fresh laundry for some reason, and I love how light the fragrance is! Notes of pineapple and lemon mix with grassy green notes as well as jasmine and lily. There is a subtle touch of white musk in there too, which gives the scent a real touch of luxe! I tend to burn this one during long afternoons where I want to relax a little and feel a little pampered. It’s the perfect accompaniment for some coffee and a great book!


Bomb Cosmetics tinned candles cost £7.99 each and are available here.

Bomb Cosmetics Ice Ice Baby Bath Mallow*


In the past couple of days, it’s really started to feel rather wintery. The temperature has dropped dramatically, and I’ve been planning Thanksgiving celebrations all week! To decompress I little, I added the adorable Ice Ice Baby Bath Mallow from Bomb Cosmetics into my bath last night. Unlike bath bombs, the Bath Mallow is chock full of Coco and Shea Butter to create a moisturising soak, and it has the loveliest sweet scent. Bomb Cosmetics describe it as Chocolate Mint, but for me it’s more of a warm vanilla.

The Bath Mallow costs £2.24 and is available here.

Bomb Cosmetics Lip Care*

Bomb Cosmetics Lip Balms

Whenever the weather picks up in the summer, I’m quick to down-size my makeup routine. My lip glosses are relegated to my storage containers, and I dig out my favorite balms. I always think it looks and feels so much better in the heat to have a subtle glow rather than full-on-sticky glosses. Recently, I’ve been reaching for my newest two balms which come courtesy of Bomb Cosmetics. They come in the cutest little pink pots, and they smell delicious – just like candy. Whenever my lips are feeling a little parched, a quick slick of the balm really works to hydrate and smooth, and the scents are just so fun!

What I also love is how affordable they are – they only cost £2.49 each, which means with such delicious flavors you don’t even need to choose!

The balms are available here.

Bomb Cosmetics Hawaiian Flower Soap*

Bomb Cosmetics Hawaiian Flower Soap

It’s been a super damp and grey bank holiday weekend. My lucky US based friends have enjoyed blissful Memorial Days filled with sunshine and summer fun, whilst us stuck over here have enjoyed a rather more indoors-based weekend.

Bomb Cosmetics Hawaiian Flower Soap 1

Not to worry though, Bomb Cosmetics have come up with a slice of summer, with their super-cute Hawaiian Flower Soap. Hand cut, and handmade even the postman remarked at the scent of this (you could smell it through the envelope!) It truly is a slice of summer – the scent is a gorgeous mix of pineapple and sweet mandarin, it then becomes rich with vanilla and coconut – not unlike a day spent at some blissful location. Once you suds up, close your eyes and you can enjoy a little mini-break before the day fully starts up!

A slice costs a teeny tiny £2.49 and they are available here.

Bomb Cosmetics Lip Scrub and Treatment*


I don’t think there is anything else in the world which annoys me as much as having dry lips does. I’m not really sure why, but it’s just the most uncomfortable feeling! Thankfully, Bomb Cosmetics has made it ridiculously easy, and most importantly, yummy to make your lips completely kissable!


First up is the Sherbet Lemon Lip Scrub – a little pot I usually turn to in the evenings, after I’ve cleansed my face.


The formula feels like a light balm, and you can feel the sugar particles which slough away any icky dry and dead skin and the balm stops your lips feeling dry. It also doesn’t hurt that this stuff smells amazing, seriously all of your wild lemonade fantasies don’t compete with how good it smells!


Once my lips are silky-smooth thanks to the Lemon Scrub, I move onto the Coconut Lip Treatment. In a word, it’s dreamy.


Like the scrub, this has the most divine scent, and it smells like summer thanks to the coconut. A quick swipe over my lips leaves everything soft and smooth, and it also tastes yummy too!

Both treatments cost (a teeny tiny) £2.49 and are available here.

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