Chanel Les Automnales 2015 – Les Vernis

Chanel Le Vernis Vert Obscur Chataigne

Remember earlier in the week when I said I had exactly zero self control when it comes to Chanel beauty? Well, I found myself looking at the gorgeousness of the Les Automnales 2015 collection, and I fell in love! I’m a big fan of dark polishes for fall and winter, and I couldn’t resist when I saw Vert Obscur and Chataigne. I’ve got some testing out to do before posting a review, but I just thought I’d share my new loves! The colours are limited edition though, so if you’re tempted I’d make an order quick!

Chanel Vert Obscur and Chataigne are priced at £18.00 each and available here (UK) and here (US)

Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer*

Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer

I have, what might be called ‘fussy nails.’ They don’t really grow too long, they don’t like certain brands of polish, and they chip super easy, so in my attempts to appease my oh-so-fussy nails, I stumbled apron the awesomeness which is Chanel Beaute Des Ongle Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer whilst I was browsing on the Click Fragrance website. It’s an absolutely genius site which has all of my favorite brands (think Chanel, Dior, Clarins and Bulgari among hundreds of others) at reduced prices. They have an amazing selection which includes everything from designer perfume to lipgloss all at cheaper than regular prices – you can check them out here.

Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer-2

It may not have the catchiest name in the bunch, but this is some serious top coat! It comes packaged in an achingly chic black bottle, complete with detachable cap.

Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer-3

For the past year or so I’ve been using the Chanel Protective Base under all of my polishes, so I thought it was high time I tried out the top coat too!

Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer-4

After applying a thin layer of my base coat, and two coats of my beloved Chanel Ballerina, I painted a layer of the Extreme Shine on top. It didn’t snag or pull on the colour, and thankfully there were no bubbles. Instead, I was left with gorgeously shiny tips which have remained chip free and super shiny for the past three days! (an absolute age for my picky nails) I am absolutely in love with this top coat, and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten round to trying it before now! The fact that I now know where to find cheap Chanel nail polish just makes me so happy!

The Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer costs £20.95 from Click Fragrance, and it’s available here.

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