Chanel Les Vernis Vert Obscur

Chanel Le Vernis Vert Obscur 1

So Chanel have been hitting it out the park with basically all of their releases. I couldn’t help myself splashing out on 99% of the Les Beiges Collection, and the Les Automnales Collection wasn’t too different.

Chanel Le Vernis Vert Obscur

Before hitting up my nearest counter, I had done a little poking about online, focusing mainly on Vert Obscur. Green polishes aren’t a shade a typically go for (although I have a few faves), so the idea of a blackened green seriously appealed to me!

Chanel Vert Obscur swatch

Like most of Chanel’s dark polishes, Vert Obscur has a quite a thick consistency, and is seriously pigmented. The first coat of the polish applies as a pretty forest green which is nearly opaque. The second coat really deepens the shade, creating an smooth, almost black which is super flattering. The green tint is only noticeable when light hits the polish, and it gives my winter-staple dark manicures a great new twist. I got two days of wear before I noticed chipping and peeling, so although it’s not the longest lasting polish in the world, it’s a stunning one!

Chanel Les Vernis in Vert Obscur is priced at £18.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Chanel Vernis – 505 Particuliere

CHANEL 505 Particuliere

To say I have no self control when it comes to Chanel’s beauty offerings is in no way an understatement. Every time I pass by those slick black lacquered cabinets I get suckered in, and it’s a rare day that I leave those lacquered counters empty handed. My most recent acquisition is the rather unusual, milk chocolate nail varnish in Particuliere.

CHANEL 505 Particuliere swatch

I had seen a few friends wearing the shade recently and completely fallen in love with it. For someone like me, who usually sticks to a palette of neutrals or super darks, Particuliere seemed like the perfect middle ground. The formula of the varnish is absolutely dreamy – opaque in a single coat, there was no streaking or bubbling, although I did opt for two coats just out of habit. I’m absolutely obsessed with the cool, milk-chocolate creamy brown colour, and the wear time for me was two days before I noticed chipping and tip wear.

Chanel Vernis 505 Particuliere is priced at £18.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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