Delilah Cosmetics Eye Line – Twig*

Delilah Cosmetics Eye Line - Twig

So, I’ve gone on before about how impressed I am by Delilah Cosmetics. The brain child of a group of friends; who included a makeup artist, beauty buyer and photographer, the line is the perfect fusion of gorgeous aethestic with must have makeup.

Delilah Cosmetics Eye Line - Twig-2

The Eye Line comes in a choice of two colours, black (coal) or brown (twig) and I love the fact it just needs to be twisted up rather than sharpened. I have twig which is a beautiful cool toned brown.

Delilah Cosmetics Eye Line - Twig-3

It’s the perfect choice for an easy, day look as the formula is perfectly creamy with great colour payoff. I like to use the Eye Line in my upper waterline, as it really pops my eyes without looking too formal or made up. Once the Eye Line is on, it’s on! I didn’t experience any smudging or fading all day – my eyes looked the same in the evening as they did first thing!

Eye Line costs £20.00 and is available here.

Delilah Cosmetics Brow Line*


Over the past couple of years, brows have become serious business, and personally, I’m so glad! I’ve always had brows which are pretty thick (not massive or caterpillar-y) and with the exception of one trip to a salon which threaded them into submission, I’ve been pretty good at maintenance. Seriously, my brows are the only thing in my passport photo which look presentable!


Delilah Cosmetics’ Brow Line pencil is absolutely everything you need to keep yours in check! The slick tube is double ended, with one side a spooky brush and the other the pencil.


When I’m doing my makeup, I tend to leave my brows until after I’ve applied my tinted moisturiser and bronzer. Then I use the brush to make sure my brows are looking tidy and uniform. I also tend to brush the hairs upward, since it apparently makes you look more awake.


Once my brows are tidied into the shape I like, I then fill them in with light feathery strokes. Delilah’s Brow Line in Ash is a perfect colour for blondes. The colour isn’t too dark or warm, so it looks completely natural and polished when I use it. What’s great about the pencil is that it is a self-sharpening wind up, which means I don’t need to lug around a sharpener when I pop it into my gym bag or if I travel.

The Brow Line costs £20.00 and is available here.

Delilah Cosmetics Blusher/Bronzer Brush*


I’m always looking for new makeup brushes – since I can be a little fussy, finding ones I like can be pretty hard. My new favourite find, Delilah Cosmetics may have solved my problem though!


Their Blusher/Bronzer brush, like the rest of the collection is impossibly chic – a long gunmetal handle topped with perfectly soft ombre head.


The bristles, although synthetic (therefore easy to clean) are perfectly soft, and leave an even coverage of powder whenever I use it. Although it’s marketed at a bronzer and blush brush, I tend to use it most for blush (with my Delilah one of course) and a quick swirl gives the perfect amount of colour. The brush’s size is also ideal for a little highlighter too! It’s been specially tapered to give the most professional results, and I can’t wait to check out more from the collection!

The brush costs £38.00 and is available here

Delilah Cosmetics Farewell – Cream Concealer*


On a day-to-day basis, I like to have a pretty natural makeup look. I don’t want to look like I’ve spent hours in front of the vanity mirror curling my eyelashes, and frankly, I don’t have time to fuss about. Because of this I have completely fallen in love with Delilah’s Farewell Cream Concealer.


Packaged in a sleek steel grey metallic pencil, similar to a Chubby Stick I love how chic it looks. Once you get inside, the concealer is shaped to a point meaning application is an absolute breeze. The formula is a complete dream – I choose the shade Linen and it completely disappears into my skin.


The pointed end means that all I need is a quick swipe under my eyes, and around my nose and any imperfections are covered, and redness disappears. The formula feels lovely and light to apply, but it works amazing well! Once I’m done, I just pop the crayon into my makeup bag for any on-the-go touch ups I need during the day!

The concealer costs £24.00 and is available here.

Delilah Cosmetics Colour Blush – Lullaby*

Delilah Cosmetics Blush - Lullaby

Whenever I hear about new cosmetic brands I get super excited, and when I was told all about new brand Delilah Cosmetics, I just had to try it!

Delilah Cosmetics Blush - Lullaby-2

The brain child of a team of makeup artists, creative directors and beauty buyers Delilah is the perfect mix of incredible products in the chicest packaging.

Delilah Cosmetics Blush - Lullaby-3

The first product I got stuck into was the Colour Blush in Lullaby. It’s one of three blushes, and it’s the most gorgeous candy pink.

Delilah Cosmetics Blush - Lullaby-5

Packaged in a gunmetal grey compact which opens onto a rose gold interior with a perfectly sized mirror in the lid – this is such a stunning blush!

Delilah Cosmetics Blush - Lullaby-6

To use, I simply swirl Delilah’s Blusher/Bronzer brush around the pan and apply to the apples of my cheeks, sweeping upwards towards my temples. The colour payoff is absolutely amazing! It has applies beautifully, with a sheer wash of pink. It makes me look fresh and wide awake, and it wears for 10+ hours without the need for a touchup. I am just obsessed with the blush – it’s gone right into my everyday box!

The blush costs £26.00 and is available here.

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