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Ok, so I know that a new makeup sponge might not be the most exciting part of a beauty toolkit, but it’s a seriously important one! For the past 18 months or so, whenever I’ve not been using my fingers to apply foundation or concealer, invariably, I’m using my Dior Backstage Blender (review here). So, when I found out that the brand was releasing a brand new sponge to accompany their brand new Forever Foundation, I popped down to the nearest Dior counter to check it out!


Unfortunately, the Forever Foundation was too heavy for me, so I grabbed a bottle of my go-to Star Foundation and I was kindly gifted this sponge when I asked about it. Unlike the Backstage Beauty Blender, the Forever Sponge is white and it has a tighter, denser feeling. It’s also got a new shape, with a new, flat edge which is designed for getting into hard to reach areas. Unlike a lot of sponges, the Dior Forever doesn’t seem to suck up a tonne of product, although the fact that it’s white, means it does look super messy from the first time you use it.

If you’re at a Dior counter, I would definitely try it out, and see if they can give one to you too! If not, it’s priced at  £14.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)


Diorskin Star Concealer

Dior Star Concealer

A few weeks ago I let myself loose in the Dior beauty section at John Lewis, and as well as picking up my sponge, and a Dior Star Foundation (review to come) I had to pick up a tube of the new Diorskin Star Concealer. It promises to illuminate and sculpt eyes with light, so it’s perfect if you’re trying to cover up some festive late nights.

Dior Star Concealer-2

The concealer comes packaged like a little lipgloss, with a doe foot applicator. After a quick slick of base (I alternate between the Dior Flash foundation and my Estee Lauder EE Cream depending) I just brush a little of the concealer in my under eye area, as well as a little around my nose and mouth then blend it in. The formula feels silky smooth, and it dries to a perfectly matte finish without feeling too drying or powdery. Once you’ve applied the concealer, it’s not going anywhere! Thankfully, it doesn’t crease or pill no matter what I’ve been up to, and it also functions as a great primer.

The Diorskin Star Concealer costs £22.00 and is available at Debenhams and John Lewis

Dior Backstage Beauty Blender

Dior Backstage Beauty Blender

Even though I’m not the world’s biggest foundation wearer, I get super picky about sponges. Lately I’ve been relying on my Estee Lauder Enlighten EE cream (see here) for a natural day look, and the best way of applying it, I’ve found, is with my new Dior Backstage Beauty Blender.

I picked it up when I was grabbing a bottle of Dior’s Star Foundation (it’s great and a review is in the works), and since I’m already a fan of the Original Beauty Blender (this one) I figured I would give Dior’s a whirl.

First off, I love the fact it’s black. I absolutely hate it when you stain sponges the moment they hit foundation, so the black stays looking identically chic no matter how much base you smear on it. The sponge also feels great to use – it’s a little larger than the Beauty Blender, and it feels heavier and more substantial too. Unlike it’s pink predecessor, it doesn’t need to be dampened prior to use, so it’s perfect to use on the go too! With my EE cream, I apply the formula direct from the tube in a couple of lines onto my face (one on my forehead, and one either side of my nose – and yes, for a few seconds I look like a crazy person) then buff it outwards using the pointed end. The shape means that blending difficult to reach areas a breeze, and it doesn’t seem to suck up foundation either.

The sponge costs £12.00 and is available from Selfridges

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