DKNY Summer for Women 2016 *

DKNY Women Limited Edition

Now that we’re into May, it feels like Summer might just be around the corner. Sure it’s snowed, rained and hailed all in the past four days, but I’m always looking forward to the better weather!

DKNY Women Limited Edition 3

So it feels pretty perfect to be wearing the new, limited edition DKNY Summer for Women fragrance. It’s a super fresh, zesty fragrance which just aches to be worn in the sunshine! When you first apply the perfume, the tops notes of lemon and peach create a super feminine scent which feels so fun to wear. I always feel like DKNY’s summer scents are so beautiful, they’re exactly how you want to smell in hot weather!

DKNY Women Limited Edition 2

The bottle itself may just be the tallest one I’ve come across (I guess it’s styled after the New York sky line) but I’ll overlook the sheer scale of the bottle for the to-die-for scent. As the day goes on, DKNY Summer settles into the heart notes of light florals. There are notes of waterlily, violet and rose, which give the perfume a perfect sense of depth, and it’s a super easy scent to wear. I’ve been reaching for it daily as I’m pretty addicted to the freshness!

DKNY Summer 2016 is priced at £44.00 and is available exclusively here.

DKNY Bright Crush*


Every year DKNY releases a batch of limited edition fragrances, and this year, they literally, couldn’t be brighter! The first of the three that I tried is Bright Crush, inspired by the neon lights of New York City at night.


Packaged in the brand’s signature apple bottle packaging, Bright Crush is a soft, fruit scent which is perfect if you’re looking to update your perfume choice for spring! When first applied, the top notes mix honeydew melon, bergamot, plum and black currant which create a super juicy effect which is mouth watering! Then the heart notes of frangipani and peony mix to give the fragrance a lovely clean floral edge.


The base notes of vanilla, amber and wood give DKNY’s Bright Crush a surprising amount of longevity. It’s a really unusual mix of notes which are surprisingly easy to wear. It’s a great choice if you’re after a little beauty update for the better weather.

DKNY Bright Crush is priced at £37 and is available here

DKNY Be Desired Eau de Parfum*

,DKNY Be Desired 1

So this weekend saw me undertake one of my favourite chores – picking apples from our little orchard at the bottom of the garden, so I thought it would be the perfect excuse to try out one of my newest Eau de Parfums – DKNY’s Be Desired. I’ve been a big fan of DKNY’s Be Delicious scents for years – I bought the first one when I was away on a school trip many moons ago, and I think I’ve kept a bottle handy ever since!

DKNY Be Desired

DKNY’s Be Desired scent comes packaged in one of the brand’s signature apple shaped bottles, and it is such a pretty fragrance to wear! When first applied, the top notes are a sparkling mix of fruity notes – blackcurrant, iced grapefruit and orange which feel so fresh and flirty. As the scent warms up, the heart notes of rose and jasmine become stronger, giving the scent a wonderful grownup, floral edge. It’s these beautiful, almost soapy notes which cut through the sharpness of the fruit and create a scent which feels really unusual. The base notes include amber and cedar wood which give the fragrance a beautiful warmth, and longevity which most other fruity fragrances lack. It’s a such a beautifully balanced fragrance, you really must check it out!

DKNY Be Desired is priced at £69 for 100ml (pictured) and you can find it here (UK) and here (US)

DKNY Summer for Women EDT*

DKNY Summer for Women

Over the past week or so, I feel like spring has finally sprung. It’s been gloriously sunny, and blossom is framing the sky. Although it’s still a bit cold, I definitely think this is my favourite time of year! Another plus is that summer seems like it’s this close, and let’s face it, that’s never a bad thing!

So, in the spirit of celebrating almost-summer, I thought I would share DKNY’s newest fragrance – DKNY Summer for Women. It’s described as being ‘inspired by the vivacious energy and intensity of the summer heat’ and it really is just summer in a bottle!

The perfume comes in a very generous 100ml glass bottle which is so pretty thanks to the pink and orange ombre effect which just feels like some exotic sunrise. Even the atomiser is pink! Aside from some glorious packaging, the fragrance inside is just perfect if you’re looking to inject a little zing into your routine! When I first apply the perfume, I get a strong whiff of grapefruit and orange – it’s super fresh and just perfect if you need a little pep in the morning! Then, once the fragrance warms up a little, the notes of iris and lily become more obvious. The whole thing is made to feel quite substantial by the base notes of vanilla and patchouli, which blend together to give the fragrance a depth which is sometimes lacking in citrus based perfumes. The wear time of DKNY Summer for women was impressive too – after applying a light mist of it in the morning, I was still getting the freshness of citrus well into the afternoon!

DKNY Summer for Women is priced at £40.00 and is available exclusively here.

DKNY Fruity Rooty Review

DKNY Fruity Rooty

This month DKNY are releasing a trio of brand new fragrances for Spring called Delicious Delights. All three are inspired by the cool yumminess of sorbets, I was very kindly sent a bottle of Fruity Rooty to try out.

DKNY Fruity Rooty 2

Fruity Rooty blends top notes of blackberry, mandarin and blackcurrant with heart notes of candied apple sorbet, rose petals and violet flower, and base notes of orris, vanilla and musk. It’s a great choice if you normally love fruiter fragrances, since the musk and vanilla really round off the scent. Not to mention it feels incredibly Spring-like to spritz on!

DKNY Fruity Rooty 1

Fruity Rooty is a perfect choice if you already love the DKNY fragrance line, and if you’ve not tried it yet, this is a great eyry point. The perfumes feels really fresh and pretty to wear, and I was pleasantly surprised with how long it lasted once I applied – hours after leaving the house, I was still enjoying whiffs of blackberry and vanilla!

Fruity Rooty is limited edition, and is priced at £37.00 and are available at Boots.

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