Esqido Big City Nights Lashes*

Esqido Lashes 1

So I’m not sure that there is anything quite as luxurious sounding as mink eyelashes. And if you’re in the market for a pair, I would highly recommend checking out US brand ESQIDO false eyelashes. They’ve glamorised everyone from Victoria’s Secret Angels to J-Lo, and they give you lashes like you’ve only dreamed of.

Esqido Big City Lights

One of my newest sets from the brand are the Big City Lights style. Like all the brand’s lashes, they’re made entirely from ethically sourced mink. That means nothing fluffy was hurt in the making of them – the fur is just gathered after being naturally shed, then fashioned into lashes. The use of mink (as well as sounding wonderfully decadent) means that the lashes are so lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Esqido Lashes Big City Nights

Big City Nights are beautiful, fluffy lashes which are perfect for evenings where I want to look more done. I apply a little tinted moisturiser, bronzer and highlight like normal, then sweep a shimmery bronze shadow over my lids. I smudge a chocolate-y shade into my lash line, then add my Big City Nights. Using a little of the ESQIDO eyelash glue, I pop them into place and I’m good to go. The Big City Nights lashes give my makeup a real dose of glamour to an easy makeup look, and they can be reused for up to 10 wears.

Esqido Big City Nights Lashes are priced at $35 and are available here.

Esqido Amp it Up Lashes & Lash Companion*

Esqido Amp it Up Mink Lashes

When it comes to wearing false eyelashes, I’ve found a firm favourite in the form of Esqido. You know you’re onto a winner when you discover what the Victoria’s Secrets Angels sport on the catwalk! So, when I found out that they had just released a new product in the form of their Lash Companion.

Esqido Lash Companion

In a stylish lip-gloss-esque tube, the Esqido Eyelash glue is the absolute easiest way to get your eyelashes to stick, and since it comes from the geniuses behind Esqido false lashes, you know it’s going to be good! Since I’ve tried (and fallen in love with) a couple of the brand’s lashes, I thought I would go big to test out the glue, so I opted for ‘Amp it Up.’

Esqido Amp it Up Mink Lashes 1

Before you even get into the awesome-ness which is Amp it Up lashes, Esqido’s stunning packaging really deserves a mention. The mink lashes all come tucked up in their own special box, which means keeping them clean and tidy for reuse is an absolute breeze!

Esqido Amp it Up Mink Lashes 2

The Amp it Up lashes are definitely the most dramatic I’ve tried from the brand. In the box, they look luxuriously long and full, and on the eye, they’re the closest I get to feeling like JLo! The mink is incredibly soft, and importantly, lightweight, so you never get those droopy, heavy feeling lids other falsies can give you!

Esqido Amp it Up Mink Lashes

Instead, you get to enjoy gloriously black, long eyelashes which feel completely movie-star worthy to wear. To apply mine, I first measure the lashes against my own, then trim a little off the inside so that they are the perfect fit. If you do need a trim, it’s best to do the littlest amount at a time so you’re not left with lashes which feel too narrow.

Esqido Lash Companion 1

Then, holding the lashes with tweezers, I carefully coat the lash band with the brand new, latex free Esqido eyelash glue.

Esqido Lash Companion 2

Because Esqido are geniuses when it comes to all things eyelash, their new Lash Companion glue is the easiest product to use. The tube opens to reveal a super fine brush coated in glue, which you can just trace over the band. The narrow bristles mean that the glue is incredibly easy to control, and it goes precisely where you want and need it.

Esqido Lash Companion 3

Then, once the lash band has been coated, I give the glue a few seconds to get tacky. That means it’s easier to stick the lashes to my own, and I position them whilst looking down into a mirror. The Esqido lash glue gives the perfect amount of hold for the lashes, and keeps them perfectly in place. Once they’re on, there’s no sliding or drooping, instead, you just get to enjoy the most wonderfully glamorous lashes out there which are inky black and gorgeously full!

Esqido Amp It Up Lashes are priced at $38 and Esqido Lash Companion is priced at $10 both are available here

Esqido Voila Lash*

Esqido mink eyelashes

If there is something I turn to whenever I want to feel a bit special, it’s a great false lash. I think they are such a fab way to really turn up your makeup a notch, and Esqido false lashes are some of my favourites!

Esqido Voila Lashes 3

Even for a klutz like me, Esqido false lashes are an absolute breeze to apply – after I have applied my eyeshadow, I paint a thin line of lash glue onto the cotton band, and, whilst looking down into a mirror, I press the lashes into my own lash line. The black glossy lashes blend perfectly into my own, giving me a perfectly wide eyed look.

Esqido Voila Lashes 1

Esqido make all of their lashes from humanely sourced mink, so not only do they look amazing, they are incredibly comfortable to wear too! The fur is incredibly lightweight, meaning you don’t get that droopy eye feeling some lashes give you, instead, Esquido’s false lashes feel completely natural to wear! The lashes are also an absolute dream to re-use as the cotton band is easy to keep clean – Esqido recommend that you can get up to 25 wears out of a single pair!

Esqido Voila Lashes 2

Esqido Voila Lash are described as providing medium volume, so they’re a perfect way to update your makeup if you’re off somewhere special. I love to pop the Voila lashes on if I’m popping out for casual drinks or supper, as they feel dressed up without too much effort!

Esqido Voila Lashes

Esqido Voila Lash are priced at $38.00 and are available here

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