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Halo Headband Camo 1

I’m something of a creature of habit, and it extends to everything from my makeup bag to my gym bag. When I’m heading off to the gym, I try and keep everything simple. That means, on any given day you’ll find a pair of black Lululemon leggings, a black V neck tee and my Nike Free Runs. It can get kind of dull. That’s why Halo II Headbands are perfect – not only do they work seriously well, but they look great too!

Halo Headband Camo

Made from two layers of Dryline fabric, the Halo II is brand’s best selling style, and it’s great, if like me, you have hair which you need to keep out of your face and eyes. Before starting a workout, I simply pop my hair up into a ponytail, and slip the Halo II Headband just above my hairline.

Halo Headband Camo 2

The underside of the bad has a line of yellow rubber which keeps the band in place and stops it slipping around no matter how hot and sticky you get! I have something of a big head, so sometimes headbands can feel a little tight on me or give me pressure headaches. Thankfully though, the Halo II fits snuggly and comfortably, and keeps me looking tidy no matter how red and out of breath I get!

The Halo II Headband in Grey Camo is priced £14.95 and is available here

Halo Headband*

Halo Headband

The weather over the past few days has been really beautiful – bright blue skies, and warm temperatures which make me want to spend every second enjoying it. Because of this, I’ve been sidelining working out in a stuffy gym, and instead enjoying what nature has to offer with long walks (and some slow jogs) along the beach, and some hiking around the trails where I live.

Halo Headband-2

Since I’m no longer in my little air-con bubble, I’ve been able to fully test out my gorgeous new Halo II Pullover Headband. It’s made of black Dryline fabric, which means no matter how sweaty you get, it stays out of your eyes, and it means that my hair stays put too! I have longer layers around the front, which usually frizz up and get in my eyes when I’m exercising, but my Halo keeps everything tidy, and it looks super sleek with a ponytail. Around the inside, there is a bright yellow band of silicon rubber which keeps the band in place without feeling too tight or uncomfortable.

Halo Headband-3

The brand was developed by two competitive athletes in the US back in 2001, and you can tell that they really know what they’re doing! The headband looks sleek, and it stays in place no matter how I bob my head around or how hot and sticky I get. I also love the fact you can get a couple to match your workout gear or sneakers – I chose black so it would look pulled together with my regular wardrobe of Lululemons and Nikes, but they also have the most gorgeous pinks, greens, blues and oranges if you want a fun pop of colour!

The hairbands cost £12.95 each and are available here.

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