Heaven Skincare Detox Oil*

Heaven Skincare Detox Oil

It’s been absolutely beautiful weather for the past couple of days, which means I’m wearing lighter clothes, and I want my skin to look its best. The newest addition to my arsenal is Heaven Skincare’s gorgeous Detox Oil. Whilst I’m in the shower, I give myself a good buff with exfoliator, and once I’m out I apply a generous layer of the Detox Oil to my arms and legs. It smells vaguely herbal, and it’s very grownup and spa-like. My poor, thirsty skin just drinks it up in no time, and it leaves me with a healthy sheen – perfect if you’re considering breaking out the short hemlines for the weekend. Not only does it hydrate your skin, but the patchouli and juniper in the formula act to combat any water retention, so if you’re planning your summer packing already, this is perfect for combating those post-flight cankels!

The oil is priced from £22.70 and is available here.

Heaven EllaJane Celebrity Face Wipes*

Heaven Skin Wipes1

I have a ton of bad habits – I pick at my cuticles, I drink too much coffee, but one thing I never do is go to bed wearing makeup. I haven’t since I was about 14, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to make it easier and quicker, if I’m in a rush, or if I’m exhausted.

Heaven Skin Wipes 2

Heaven’s EllaJane Celebrity Face Wipes are a great little purchase for popping into bedside drawers – each pack comes with a good number of wipes (I can’t seem to find an exact number, but it’s definitely a good number) and the wipes themselves are far more substantial than your regular face wipes.

Heaven Skin Wipes 3

The wipes are made with organic cotton, and they feel almost like the muslin cloths I use to remove cleansing balms. The wipes also smell incredible – minty fresh thanks to the peppermint oil which is used to control oiliness. Additionally, the wipes are infused with apple pectin which help with exfoliation, and they remove every scrap of makeup without feeling too drying once everything is off.

The wipes cost £7.30 and are available here.

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