Hema Easy Shine Lip Balm*

Hema Easy Shine Lipbalm

I think it’s pretty fair to say that chubby-stick style lip balms and glosses have taken the world by storm over the past couple of years. I’ve tried and loved crayon styles from Clinique to Clarins, but something they’ve had in common is a pretty high price tag.

Hema Easy Shine Lipbalm 2

Hema, though, have introduced their take on the Chubby Stick trend with their Easy Shine Lip Balm. Available in three shades – Red (pictured), Pink and Orange, they are a great option if you’re after a pop of glossy colour right in time for Spring.

Hema Easy Shine Lip Balm 1

When first applied, the Easy Shine Lip Balm feels super rich and nourishing, and the colour is beautifully glossy. The red shade is a lovely pink-toned red which is perfect for amping up a casual look. There is great colour payoff, and if you’re after a more intense look, the colour is incredibly easy to build. Although the wear-time wasn’t the very best I’ve tried, I easily got over two hours of glossy wear before I needed to touch up.

Hema’s Easy Shine Lip Balm costs £ 4.50 and is available here.

Hema Soft Eyeliner Pen*

  Hema Soft Eyeliner Pen

As I’m typing this it’s snowing outside. Not a pleasant flurry which makes you want to grab a cup of something hot and sit by the window, rather it’s a complete white-out complete with whistling winds. So, in an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, I’ve been practising my more dramatic eyeliner skills.

Hema Soft Eyeliner Pen 2

Rather than relying on my usual quick swipe of crayon in my waterline, Hema’s Soft Eyeliner Pen has been making my efforts rather enjoyable too! The Soft Eyeliner Pen comes from Hema, which I’m sure is going to be as big as H&M or Primark. What differentiates Hema from its competitors, though, is the quality. Although the prices are incredibly affordable, the makeup I’ve tried has been really great.

Hema Soft Eyeliner Pen 1

The Soft Eyeliner Pen might be my favourite; you can see how pointed the tip of the pen is, which means precise application is incredibly easy. The lightest touch leaves a jet black line, and it you can achieve a super thin or rather more dramatic line depending on how you angle the pen. Unlike a lot of felt-pen liners I’ve tried, I don’t need to re-draw any of my lines, meaning cat eyes can be drawn perfectly first time around. When I’ve worn the liner, it’s lasted throughout the day without a hint of fading. Instead, I get to enjoy inky black eyeliner all day long!

Hema’s Soft Eyeliner Pen is priced at £4.25 and is available here.

Hema Quick and Go Nail Polish*

Hema Long Lasting Nail Polish

If you’ve not heard of Hema yet, get ready! I have the feeling it’s going to be the next H&M or Primark. They’re a Dutch lifestyle store which launched in the UK last summer, and they have a rather wonderful beauty section. I was very kindly sent a couple of bits to try, and I was completely blown away with the quality. The first thing I thought I would share is the stunning Quick and Go Nail Polish.

Hema Long Lasting Nail Polish 1

The bottle is dinky enough to easily slip into beauty bags, so it’s a perfect choice if you’re off somewhere in the near future, and want to stay polished. I just love the colour – it’s a beautiful cool toned baby pink which just touches on looking candy pink in some lights. Seriously adorable! The formula was easy to work with – it took 3 coats to achieve a smooth, even finish, but that’s pretty standard for the colour. What isn’t standard? The price! It’s only £2.50 and is available here.

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