Hugo Boss’ Ma View Eau de Parfum – Runway Edition*

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Runways Collection

Can you believe it’s Friday already? This month is absolutely flying by, but I thought I would celebrate the up-and-coming weekend with one of my favourite fragrance discoveries – Hugo Boss’ Ma View Eau de Parfum which is the final member of Hugo Boss’ great Runway Collection trio. Like the Jour and Nuit fragrances, Ma Vie is decorated with a stunning Jason Wu fashion illustration, and the dusky pink bottle just looks so chic on my dressing table!

Designed with the idea of the ‘independent spirit of a woman’ in mind, Hugo Boss have created a really beautiful scent, which is an absolute joy to wear! Rather than the regular top, heart and base notes, Ma Vie’s scent is split into three categories:

  • Modernity: Cactus Blossom
  • Feminity: Pink freesia, jasmine petals, rose bud
  • Confidence: Sheer woods, cedarwood

The idea of using Cactus Blossom in such a feminine scent is an absolute stroke of genius – it gives the floral notes a real green freshness which is perfect if you’re looking for a great everyday perfume! I love how Ma Vie sits quite close to the scent; it’s not too rich or opulent to wear during the day, but it still feels like such a treat to apply!

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Runway Collection is priced at £64.50 and is available here.

Hugo Boss Jour Eau de Parfum – Runway Collection*

Hugo Boss Jour Runway Collection

To say that I was bowled over by the looks of Hugo Boss’ Runway Collection is a bit of an understatement! When you have a gorgeous fragrance coupled with chic fashion illustrations by Jason Wu, you know you’re onto a winner!

The Runway Collection is available as 50ml and 75ml bottles, and are simply new bottles for some of Hugo Boss’ best loved fragrances, so if you’re a Jour fan, this would be a perfect addition to your collection! Since I hadn’t actually tried any of Hugo Boss’ female fragrances before, I thought Jour would be a great start.

Described as ‘A colourful floral bouquet’ inspired by the first light of day, this is one seriously addictive perfume! Somewhat unsurprisingly, Jour is the perfect day fragrance thanks to the pretty mix of citrus and white flowers. When first applied, I got a huge whoosh of the Lime Accord and Grapefruit Flowers, it feels shower-fresh and super invigorating! Once the fragrance settles into the skin, the soapiness of Honeysuckle, Lilly of the Valley, and Freesia notes become stronger, creating a beautifully balanced composition. The longevity of the parfum is fabulous thanks to the base notes of Creamy Amber and White Birch, and it’s these warmer notes which really ground the fragrance, making it feel wonderfully sophisticated.

Hugu Boss Jour Eau de Parfum Runway Collection is priced at £65.00 and is available here.

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