Lip Smackers Soda Collection*

Lip Smackers Soda Collection

I’ve been rather obsessed with Lip Smackers from a young age. When I was at school I hoarded the ones I gathered on holidays, and I rationed them out to enjoy on a daily basis. A few years later, not much has changed. I’ve still got a whole box of lip balms tucked up in my cupboard that I pick over on a daily basis. My favourites and most reached for balms are always those one from Lip Smackers. There’s just something about the balms, which feel light to wear and leave a flattering wash of colour that I adore, and the flavours and scents are always so fun to use!

Lip Smackers Soda Collection 1

This summer, Claire’s has a bumper pack of 8 balms which are all soda scented. There are the classics – Coca Cola, Vanilla Coca Cola, and there’s also fun new flavours like Sprite and Fanta Grape. With the 8 tubes in the pack, I’ve got enough to stash a balm everywhere from my car to gym bag – I’m set for summer!

Lip Smackers Soda Collection is priced at £12.00 and is available here.

Lip Smackers Festive Frozen Collection*

Frozen Lip Smackers

So I think I might be the only person in the world who hasn’t watched Frozen yet, but what I do know is that I adore Lip Smackers. I’ve been a little obsessed with them since I was teeny-tiny. When I was 5 or 6 most people in the UK had never heard of the brand, so whenever I hit the US I stocked up on them to a somewhat ridiculous degree. Since then, there’s been a steady stream of Lip Smackers in my stash and new for Christmas, they are releasing 6 new lip balms representing each of Frozen’s main characters.

Frozen Lip Smackers-2

I got to try out Sven (the moose) which is Berry Slush and Olaf (the snowman) which is coconut balls. Like all Lip Smackers balms, they are incredibly moisturising and really work to combat winter dryness.

Frozen Lip Smackers-3

Sven Berry Crush is a blue lip balm which smells super fruity. It’s definitely a blue jolly rancher type of fragrance and is super fun to use. Even though the balm itself is blue, it doesn’t tint the lips.

Frozen Lip Smackers-4

Olaf the Snowman is Coconut Ball scented, and it’s definitely a favourite fragrance. It isn’t too holiday-ish or tropical, but instead it’s a slightly deeper, more coco butter scent. Since the balm is completely clear and doesn’t give off any sort of sheen, it’s perfect for no-makeup days, and I’ve also been using it as a moisturising base for my MAC Snob lipstick (here) which tends to be a little drying.

I am obsessed with these new Lip Smackers, and they are available at Claire’s for £2.49 each.

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