Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Lipstick – Whoopee Spot*

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot

By my own admission, I’m something of a neutral lipstick hoarder. For day-to-day wearing, it’s always feels a bit easier to slick on a nude or a pink than head for a colour. But, when I caught sight of Lipstick Queen’s All That Jazz Collection, I just knew I needed to branch out into a more vibrant shade!

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot 1

Before I even selected a colour, I had absolutely fallen in love with the packaging. It’s like the lipsticks were made for evenings out – the cases are a slick black and dotted with the glitziest of silver sparkles.

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot 2

Out of the four available shades, I opted for Whoopee Spot, a stunning cool toned violet, which feels like such a fun colour to wear!

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz Whoopee Spot 3

In the tube it looks like quite a daunting colour to wear, but when applied the lipstick has a semi-opaque formula. I am just in love with how glossy it is, and the formula’s glitter sparkles and shimmers in the light. It’s definitely an attention-grabbing shade, but it’s easy to tweak the colour to suit the effect you’re after. On evenings where I want something a little different, I use a single swipe, which leaves lips with a glossy, sheer layer of colour. For occasions where I want something a touch more dramatic, I’ve been applying the lipstick with my trusty lip brush. It means I can really control the placement of the colour, and build up a beautiful opaque violet shade which lasts throughout the evening.

Lipstick Queen’s All That Jazz Lipstick in Whoopee is priced at £25 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Lipstick Queen Saint 10% Pigment Lipstick*


I always love Lipstick Queen packaging – it manages to be super luxurious, beautifully retro, and basically just dreamy all at the same time.


Since the weather has been brightening up, I’ve been looking for ways to change up my makeup without looking too try-hard. Thankfully, Lipstick Queen has come up trumps with their Saint 10% Pigment Lipstick in Bright Natural Saint.


In the tube it looks like quite a dark, warm rose, but the 10% pigment formula is beautifully sheer. It is completely perfect for a simple, easy daytime look. The lipstick is definitely a your-lips-but-better shade, and it feels gorgeously balmy when applied. I’m obsessed with the glossy finish, and it means I don’t need to tote around a huge number of products when I’m out and about! The lipstick has great wear-time too; I can easily wear this for 3 hours without having to check a mirror or reapply.

The lipstick costs £20.00 and it’s available from SpaceNK and here (US)

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick*


I’d heard rather good things about Lipstick Queen lippies. From bold, bright colors to hydrating formulas I was intrigued.


So when I had a couple of evening events this weekend, I knew exactly which lippie I would be sporting – Brat Pack. A true Hollywood Red; but before we get into lipstick-specifics, I think we should just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous packaging. It looks exactly how you want a lipstick to look, and it makes me feel as if I’m in some Grace Kelly movie.


Before applying Brat Pack, I thoroughly exfoliated and moisturized my lips (first I used a Victoria’s Secret Lip Scrub, and then I patted on a little Kiss Mix). Once I let the balm sink in a little, I then carefully painted on the shade using a lip brush, blotted, then applied again.


This is a serious lip colour – it’s the most beautiful true red, with just a touch of blue to keep my teeth looking pearly-white. Since it’s a matte shade, I did worry a little about my lips feeling a little parched, but really, I shouldn’t have bothered. It feels like silk to apply, and once this lipstick is on, it’s on! I barely had to look at my mouth all night, as this just sat looking pretty the entire night. Possibly the best part? It has a light, minty flavour and scent which kept me looking and feel great all evening!

The lipstick is priced at £35.00 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

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